Paula yanked Ashley back down for the third time in less than five minutes, the two had hid behind a broken down car, stripped by common thugs for money. Arthur was talking quietly with Glen as Christine kept trying to keep Spencer's attention off them and on her seeing as the girl was shaking in fear at the sight of her father.

"Will you just hold on," Paula growled latching her hand upon the young girl's upper arm restraining her from moving.

"We can't just sit here," she sighed aggravated that this situation was getting worse and worse and a solution just seemed to far off in the distance.

Paula half smiled at the venom dripping from the teenager's mouth, she reminded her of herself when she was younger in the way Spencer reminded her of Christine when she was young, the two had met in summer camp although when they figured everything out they made sure their husbands knew nothing of the earlier meetings. Ashley had fire burning in her soul, the need to protect and care for those that held her heart which was few. Those who dared try and take advantage or hurt the ones she loved would never see the lion attacking so to speak and this was no different, the young brunette was ready to attack her own life be damned as long as those she tried to protect were safe.

"I know you want to go out there guns blazing but if you do that they are dead," she appealed to the part of the girl that didn't want anything bad to happen, "Let's just listen for a minute and figure things out okay?"

Ashley bit her lip, glancing between the hostages and the woman in front of her before she settled her brown eyes upon the blonde and nodded slowly. She wasn't ever going to put Spencer into harms way if she could prevent it and same went for her mother, even though her heart felt like a bird flapping its wings to fly from her chest she sat on the balls of her feet watching the semi freaked out expression on her girlfriend's face, her hands getting splinters of glass as she gripped the broken window with all her might. Blood trickled down the car door, metal and liquid meeting, Paula noticed and immediately made her let go of the car with a glare that was met with a apologized shrug the two glanced back over trying to hear something that would help them.


Glen scratched his head, feeling his hair slid easily through his fingers, he didn't know what to do. He knew he didn't want his sister dead as his father was suggesting, there was no way Spencer was as evil as he was told but than again she had been hanging with Ashley and their mothers so it was a good assumption that their thoughts were transferred to her.

Arthur rolled his eyes and yanked his son's arm to make him look back at him, "We have to do this Glen it's the only way to take the evil from this world,"

Biting his lips his eyes flickering back and forth, "But...can't we save her?" Desperation dripped from every word indicating how much turmoil he was in.

"Could we save Clay?" Arthur asked with a raised eye brow but he didn't wait for an answer, "You know what had to be done there and it was easy, you took out Clay and Chelsea."

"What happened to the baby?" Glen choked it wasn't as easy to kill his brother and sister-in-law as his father made it out to be.

Images flashed quickly through his head, remembering the blood on his hands and the screams from both of them while Krissy cried in her play pin, at the time it was like he was in a trance. Not controlling his actions, it felt like a nightmare, a dream he was stuck in as his fist hit Clay over and over again, never feeling pain in his own fists. Glazed over blue eyes watched as his brother went down for the last time but yet he still slammed his foot across the man's ribs and face. Chelsea smashed a vase over his head but again he felt nothing for in dreams you feel nothing, he than proceed to beat her to death as well. Soon his body slumped against the wall, head nodding down until his chin touched his chest which rose and fell steady.

If someone saw Glen while it was happening, his glassy eyes, steady breathing and lack of feeling would think he was sleep walking.

Glen remembered waking up against that cold wall well after the sun set behind the trees and mountains in the distance, a slight hue of orange and red dowsed the room in a soft glow enhancing the blood splashed across the carpet and walls even some droplets upon the net of the play pen. Blinking his eyes in shock he struggled to get to his feet, mouth dry he glanced around, Clay was twisted horribly on the floor his brown eyes now a dull gray staring at nothing, a blood vessel had broken giving one eye a red tint. Chelsea was sprawled on the floor head facing the play pin, arms reaching out as if trying to reach the young girl. He dropped to his knees feeling his stomach turn, the bile rose quickly spilling from his lips to the ground mixing into the blood staining the carpet. Wiping his lips he stood shakily, now feeling pain in his side, arms, legs and his head, reaching up he felt a gash running from the hair line to his left eye.

He remembered stumbling over to the play pin watching his niece sleeping, curled up with her thumb stuck firmly in her mouth, sucking away. He was unsure how long he'd been out or even how long ago this vicious attack had occurred, he wondered briefly if she was hungry or needed changing but he shook all thoughts from his head as he bent down and picked the little girl up into his arms. Slowly with out waking her, cuddling her against his chest, he walked out of the room and to his car where he met up with his father. Arthur took the baby, locking her in a car seat in the back of another car parked behind Glen's SUV, than proceed to tell his son to get cleaned up and meet him down town in the park.

He did just that. Hopped in the shower scrubbing away the filth and grim and guilt surrounding him, the hot water gripped every muscle as it slid down caressing and massaging. Laying hands upon cold tiles, leaning on them, head under water he let the tears flow out. Never feeling this ache before, the one that clenches so tight on to the heart with a pain of searing swords, minutes ticked by to an hour and if it wasn't for the phone ringing he was sure he would have been in their for much longer. Toweling off and dressing he found himself passing the scene yet again, tightening his teeth to keep from allowing any emotion take hold he walked out, closed the door and locked it. Flipping the keys in the palm of his hand he stuffed them into his pocket than drove away to meet his father in the park.

Arthur placed a hand on his son's shoulder bringing him out of his mind and back to the situation at hand, "She's fine Glen, I left her with a very good friend of mine." The smile seemed genuine but the blonde could never be to sure.

Glen turned to his sister, she was sitting there with her hair pulled back and fear on her face, "I guess we have to then," he sighed his shoulders sagging as the fight left him.

"Good man," Arthur smiled slapping him across the back with a small laugh, but Glen wasn't laughing and didn't know if he ever would again.


"Stop looking at him!" Christine sighed laying her hand upon the younger girl's cheek; the soft touch shocking her but her eyes never wavered, the brunette applied slight pressure and turned the blonde's head toward her, "Spencer..."

Unsteady blue eyes blinked not seeing the woman in front of her but at the same time was solely focused on the woman.

"Spencer snap out of it..." Christine shook her a bit which got her a reaction albeit a tiny shiver but the girl was more focused on her, "You back?" she chuckled.

Spencer blushed, although she didn't know why, but shook her head any way indicating that she was indeed back.

"Now how are we going to get out of this?" Christine wondered out loud glancing around them. There wasn't anything they could really use; a rusty old car to the right, a fire escape up above but both to short to even try and reach it and their guns had been taken so that left the boxes they were sitting on and a broken bottle with some yellow liquid which both women prayed wasn't piss.

"I don't know," she whispered out letting her eyes dart back over to her brother and father.

"Spencer I swear if you even glance over there again," Christine spoke harshly she needed back up and that was Spencer, the girl had to get over what ever Arthur had done to her and stand up or at least start thinking things other than he big.

"Sorry," she shook her head and turned her back on the two guys so she didn't even chance a glance over there, she had a feeling Christine meant what she said even if she didn't elaborate what she'd do if she looked back.

"It's okay," she assured while scouting the area not coming up with much.

"On your feet," Arthur spoke loudly as the two approached, hand gun in each of their hands.

Gulping Spencer did just that keeping her eyes down on the ground, the older woman stood by her side, wrapping her hand around hers.

"So what now Arthur?" Christine's voice traveled through Spencer's ears, the stern tone reminded her of her mother for some reason and this pang of guilt and longing washed over her, she wanted her mom.

That concept was new to her, wanting the love and attention only a mother could bring, wrapping her strong safe arms around you letting you know it's alright and nothing is as bad as it seems. Spencer tried to remember the last time she had that strength directed at her and cringed at the fact she couldn't even glimpse it in her mind, early on she trained her self to forget all the stuff before they found out she was gay.

"Now you go away," he shrugged as if it was no big deal.

"That's it, just shoot us and toss away, you'd do that to your only daughter!" the older woman was livid, could be the fact she was about to die or the thought of the man before her not really caring about his own flesh and blood but what ever the reason she wasn't in her right mind as she yelled at him.

Arthur lifted his hand slamming it against her face, blood trickled down her lip as she gaped at the man, "Don't you dare talk to me like that...I'm your superior."

This earned him a snort from both women, surprising all three. Christine and Arthur since neither expected it and Spencer who didn't believe she let the noise pass her lips.

"Can we get this over with," Glen sighed his shoulders seeming to hug the ground with how much weight fell upon them.

"Glen?" Arthur said gaining his son's attention, "Give me your gun," with a raised eye brow the boy did jus that. His father holstered the weapon than twisted back to the women, "Now Glen, raise your gun!"

Two things happened at this command, the girl's noticed he didn't have a gun since it was taken from him and two his eyes lost focus and color. He was hypnotized just like Spencer, probably the only way he was held under the man's control for so long.

"Take them out," he flicked his hand as if they were to bugs needing to be wiped off the windshield after a long drive.

Glen began walking but stopped as another blonde and brunette stepped out of their hiding spot, no longer able to sit and do nothing, even if they had been trying to figure out a plan.

They stood in front of their counterparts, blonde protected brunette and as well as brunette protecting blonde.

"Finally things are working out," Arthur smiled, "Thank you for showing up, now I don't have to search for you."

"So sure you can kill us," Ashley rolled her eyes tired of this man, or monster, already.

"So sure you can beat me," he replied without hesitation.

She nodded.

"And why is that?"

"We have something you don't,"

"Oh don't tell me its love, so cliché even for you," he shook his head with a snarl.

Ashley smirked, "I wasn't going to say that but..." she tapped her chin for a second, eyes facing the sky, "It's still probably cliché but we have loyalty with out disrupting the other persons mind, that can be a lot stronger than your wimpy little spells."

Her hand had reached back latching on to her girlfriend's, this seemed to give Spencer the courage to look at her father, for some reason he shrunk with every pass of the brunette's thumb across her soft skin, until he was himself, a normal human size. Relief flooded her body.

"You think loyalty will save you," he laughed genuinely and evilly. Basically you could call him an asshole which all of the woman did, "Glen kill them already,"

That sentence about loyalty for some reason really irked Spencer, enough for her to take action, she stepped in front of Ashley the first person Glen was heading for, "No..."

"What did you just say?" Arthur seemed furious at this act as if his daughter would in her right mind stand up against him and let Ashley's words of loyalty mean something.

Blue eyes slowly traced the ground, his legs, stomach, shoulders and finally settled on his brown, "I said no, you're not going to kill us and neither is Glen!"

Her words sounded strong and in a sense they were. See when she is pressured her brain reacts first, it thinks a million different things and one of those was the cave. How not Christine or Paula but her and Ashley's words, tears, confusions and truths set off the stones, the stones representing earth, wind, fire and air.

"How so?"

"Because you're not the heir, you need that sword for power, if you didn't have it you wouldn't have the energy coursing through your body now."

"That's a lie," he barked wanting her to shut up, he didn't believe her and he didn't want her to believe that either.

She smiled, finally seeing the sweat on her father's brow as he realized she might be telling the truth, "That's why you want us gone isn't...Ashley and I are the true heirs, we're female. You said it your self the heirs to the power were two daughters,"

Ashley gasped, "Is that why you wanted us to open the sealed door, because you couldn't?"

"No, it was just easier," but his words faulted slightly, "Now kill them Glen, I won't say it again!"

Glen nodded and reached for Spencer but Paula reacted slight faster by grabbing his wrist before he could grasp at her shirt, "I beat you once and I'll do it again!" she punched him square in the nose, his body reacted by taking a few steps back but it looked as if he didn't even feel the pain or the blood dribbling down his possibly broken nose.

"Glen stop!" Spencer demanded causing the boy to blink once, blue spreading across his eyes but slowly the dull grey took over again and he stumbled forward.

"You will not stop him!" Arthur bellowed trying to get her fear back but the more his grew that she figured it out the less control he held over her or her brother. Realizing this he gripped the colt, the one he stole from Glen, in his gloved hand, raising it to Spencer's chest and again the blonde felt the horror take over her entire body.

She watched the finger jerk slightly applying pressure, the loud boom cascaded off of every surface she squeezed her eyes and waited since there was no way to avoid a speeding bullet.

"Nooo!" that voice made her open her eyes but wished she hadn't. She had no choice but to watch the love of her life jump in front of her, slow motion like the girl floated in the air for half a second before the bullet lodged itself in her chest, tearing flesh and making a hole where none existed moments earlier. Ashley dropped to the ground taking Spencer with her, newly made strong arms wrapped protectively around the quivering girl's body as blood gushed from the wound gaping right above her heart but who knew if it somehow drifted down and pieced said heart.

"Ashley?" Spencer whispered her lips barely brushing the quickly cooling skin of her lover's forehead, "Why?" she rocked back and forth as tears spilled from her newly dimmed blue eyes.

"Spence..." Ashley choked out with a painful cough, reaching up she placed a bloody hand upon her girlfriend's cheek, smearing her life line on pale white skin marking her for probably the last time.

"Don't speak," she breathed out even though she desperately wanted to break down and demanded Ashley never stop talking to her, never stop breathing.

"I..." the words wouldn't come, she meant them but her mouth felt numb, the vision before her as much of an angel it was began to slowly fade, ""

"I know Ash, I love you too..." she leaned down and placed her lips softly on her girlfriend's chilly ones, blue with death.

As they kissed a white glow ascended around them amazing all around, eight eyes widened as two figures appeared with in the lights, a tear stained Spencer glanced up Ashley gone limp in her arms, shallow breathing the only indication that she had any life with in her at all.

"You stood up to the evil," one of the women said.

"That was all that was needed to give us entrance," the other smiled.

The two figures faded into orbs of light swirling around in the air, drifting down and settling upon the two girls on the ground. Spencer closed her eyes letting the warmth and light surround her; the memories of her past ancestors flooded her mind.

Protecting the doors.

Keeping the sword of power from any male heirs, the true evils, the ones never faulted for being the ones to start the fight between their sisters. Hidden through out time as not existing in the tales passed on from generation after generation.

Wars, small to major, fought out side the gates always won by the light side who'd bury the dead with in the circle of contentment to give them safety in their death as it was the male heirs who raped their minds and sent them wave after wave to die in the fight that wasn't even there's to begin with.

She realized she didn't need a protector.

Ashley didn't need a protector.

They are the protectors of...


Ashley's wound began to heal from the decent of the ghosts of their past, the same memories plague Spencer began to fall upon her mind as well.

Seeing this Christine and Paula backed up, ducking behind the car unsure what would happen with this new predicament.

Glen seemed to snap out of it as his dream like eyes settled on the glowing white light; he too found a nice safe distance from any harm, around the corner of an old antique shop.

But Arthur screamed in fury at seeing his handy worked reversed, he charged the gun firing again and again but each bullet bounced off the light field around them or disappeared inside as if it didn't exist. This just caused him to get angrier, he threw the gun away and started slamming his fists on the field but it would never budge, caving in slightly before bouncing back out. A vain surged in his temple as he fought against the light.

Once Ashley was healed she stood helping Spencer up, she may have realized neither needed a protector but she would always keep her baby safe. The two as if on autopilot spun around to face the poor man, well in Arthur's case, any one else knew he deserved his fate. He started back tracking but they caught his arms, the three disappeared leaving Christine, Paula and Glen to wonder what happened to them.

Glen slowly came out of his hiding spot, when his mother say him she stalked forward ready to maim him, she heard what Arthur said, this matter how much blood she shared with him killed her other son, killed her daughter-in-law and her ex husband had the child hidden somewhere.

"Mom..." he held his hands up dropping to the ground, what ever spell on him gone along with his father, "...I'm sorry!" he whispered childishly up at her with hands clasped together.

Paula lowered the gun she had picked up from the ground, the one Arthur threw, "I don't know if I can ever trust you again..." she saw him sob harder, tears splattering the ground as he remembered what he did to his brother and his girlfriend, against his will or not he had done it, still feeling the blood caking his hands, "...but you're my son and it seems your father is no longer controlling you so...I'll try"

She dropped to the ground and wrapped her arms around him allowing him to cling to her with heart wrenching sobs, Paula knew he would be in therapy for a long time to come to terms with what he did and what his father did to him.

"Where'd they go?" Christine spoke pulling Paula from her thoughts, the brunette was examining the area the three had stood minutes ago, when she glanced at her friend all she got was a shrug so she walked over and wrapped her arms around the two blonde's trying to give as much comfort as possible.


The ancestors deep inside their souls dictated where they went and gave them answers to what they needed to do but it was the soul decision of the two girls that lead to Arthur being thrown into the twin doors that the blonde and brunette opened up by their blood. His screams of protest heard through tunnel after tunnel as he pounded on the now nearly closed door. He knew what it meant, he was trapped with no way out, no food and no water, he wouldn't last very long and he'd die here where his male ancestors forced their grandmothers to die.

Still he pleaded for his life, praying his daughter had a change of heart, what ever it was as long as he got to keep his life but his answers fell upon deaf ears as the two casually walked away with out regret. This however was the feelings of the ancestors trapped with in their souls, once out of the caves and tunnels, safe in the world of light once again the souls dispatched from the teenagers taking the memory of Arthur trapped in the small room knowing they couldn't leave with them selves if they knew.

Blinking several times the two realized for the first time that they were no longer in the alley way in Los Angeles. Looking around they wondered for a brief second how they got back to the forest but with everything that had happened they easily dismissed it not wanting to dwell on the past. Some how they knew Arthur was gone and so was the threat so instead of wondering anything the two embraced, slow passionate kisses laid upon cheeks, lips, necks and noses, whispering loving words in each other's ear as well as their fears of losing each other and the hopes for a better future.

When all the truths were out in the open, they walked back to the cabin, their minds showing them the way as if they'd been living there their whole life. Stepping inside, closing the doors the two headed for the bed room, to their new lives as...


The End.