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Life is good. Sara and I are spending almost all of our free time together, getting to know one another better.

While in some regards we are complete opposites, we also have a lot of things in common.

We are also getting good at reading each others moods. She can tell when I'm getting frustrated with a case and I can tell when she needs to step away from a case for awhile to clear her head.

When she first caught the Harris case, everything was normal but as the case has progressed I can tell that there is something very wrong.

She has been working even more overtime than usual and she has been a little distant with everyone, even me.

Tom Harris was murdered in front of his eight year old son, who so far, is too traumatised to give a statement. Even though the police found Anne Harris tied up in the couples living room, Sara is convinced that she killed her husband and tried to make it look like a home invasion.

With my shift finished for the day, I head over to the crime lab to pick Sara up for breakfast. Watching her go over some evidence in her favourite layout room, you don't have to be Einstein to see that she's out on her feet.

Closing the door behind me I join Sara at the table, "how about we pack this stuff up and go and get something to eat."

She doesn't answer straight away, "no thanks, I'm close to finding something here."

From the look of her, the only thing that Sara is about to do is collapse from exhaustion.

I reach over and take the file she is reading and flip it closed, waiting until she looks at me before I say anything more. "Baby, this can wait until you get something to eat and catch some sleep."

She is about to protest, but I don't give her the chance, "come on Sar, you're no good to anyone when you're this exhausted. Come back with fresh eyes after you've rested a little."

After a moments silence her shoulders slump and she nods her head. I think she realises that I'm not going to take no for an answer.

After packing everything up and dropping it off at the evidence room, we pick up some food and head back to Sara's.

As we settle down on the couch, Sara picks at her food, obviously distracted. After a couple of failed attempts at starting a conversation, I decide to drop it for now.

I keep an eye on Sara as I continue eating. Apart from the occasional mouthful she hardly touches her food. Once I finish, I take all the containers into the kitchen. When I return to the couch Sara is staring off into space looking lost.

Gently taking Sara's hand I pull her to her feet. "Come on, it's time you got some sleep."

I lead her to the bedroom and guide her to sit on the bed. Kneeling down I undo her boots, removing them along with her socks. When I look up at her, she reaches forward to cup my face in her hands. When she speaks her voice is barely above a whisper. "Will you stay with me tonight?"

My heart aches at how sad, how broken she looks. "Of course I will Sar."

I help her take her pants off and as she gets into bed I strip down to my t-shirt and panties before joining her.

As I get comfortable on my back Sara snuggles into my side, laying her head on my chest. I run my hand through her hair before taking a long strand in my fingers and twirling it.

We lay in silence for a few minutes, the feel of her body against mine turning me on, even though I know this is not the time for my libido to take over.

Just as sleep begins to claim me Sara's body starts to tremble. I'm suddenly wide awake as she begins to talk. She begins with her childhood, they had once been happy she tells me, once upon a time. But then things changed. She doesn't hold back anything, she lays it all out for me, warts and all.

Outwardly I try not to react. I continue playing with her hair with one hand and with the other I reach for one of Sara's hands, the one playing with the hem of my t-shirt.

She lets me take it and I lift it so I can brush my lips against her knuckles before I interlace our fingers.

When Sara finally stops talking I don't know what to say. I move so that I'm laying on my side facing her. I wonder if she's ever told anybody as much as she's just told me, somehow I don't think so. She's sad and defeated and I realise that she is probably expecting me to get the hell out of here.

I wrap my arms around her and pull her so that our bodies are pressed together. Brushing my lips against hers I whisper to her, "thank you for trusting me with all of that Sar."

I press my forehead against hers and hold her tight as I get a grip on my emotions. I am filled with even more love for her. She has gone through all of that and still turned out to be the amazing woman that she is.

In the pit of my stomach is a burning anger at those that have done those terrible things to her and I'm filled with a certainty that I will do anything to protect Sara, anything.

While I have been thinking things over Sara's body has relaxed against me as sleep has claimed her. This may not be the way I pictured our first night together to be, but in some bizarre way I wouldn't change it for the world.

The End of Their First Night Together.