Disclaimer: George Lucas doesn't like to admit Star Wars characters can do adult stuff. Don't tell him I wrote this, okay? Bioware owns the characters.

Notes: Some dialogue and events from the game have been rearranged or reworded for the purposes of storytelling. Sometimes, to understand the narrative, you probably do need to remember the game.


Prologue: Endar Spire


It was obvious that what had woken her up were the explosions that made the whole place shake. As her thoughts cleared a bit she remembered that disorientation upon waking up was something familiar to her these days.

She was on her feet and looking for her clothes when a man rushed in. She had recalled enough to place herself on a Republic ship Endar Spire but the man she couldn't place. Ah, at least that was for a reason.

"I'm Trask Ulgo," he was explaining at her questioning stare, "we are actually roommates but work opposite shifts. Guess you've never seen me. Anyway, as you might have noticed, we're under attack. Sith ambush. We need to get to the Bridge!"

"Just let me grab my gear."

It wasn't much, a standard issue blaster and a spare medpac – never leave home without it. Oh yeah, some security spikes. Old habits die hard...

"Why did you come to me?" she asked while tying the gun holster to her thigh.

Trask looked back from the door where he was punching in the necessary codes to get out of the room, "I'm just a tech," he grinned, "can't do much to protect the VIPs on my own, but I read your file a while back and knew you'd get yourself out of this ship. Figured you'd get me too."

"Fair enough," she answered with a grin of her own and followed him out of the door.

"The first priority is toAAAAAAH!" his sentence was cut short by Sith troops.

Her blaster skills left some room for improvement but these drones she could take care of. Not like she could sneak by them with Trask to babysit, anyway.

"Damn! Everyone's dead," Trask mumbled as they'd made their way to the bridge. They looked at each other, and their personal communicators buzzed to life.

"This is Carth Onasi. Bastila got off the ship, that's the important thing. Head to the escape pods, everyone."

"Good!" Trask at least seemed happy but she would not feel she'd accomplished anything unless she got him to safety as well.

"You know Commander Onasi? He's the best damn pilot the Republic has. I'm glad he's still alive."

Trask had the layout of the ship memorised, and was leading them towards the pods relatively unbothered when suddenly their way was blocked by a figure in a black hood. Damn! A dark Jedi – she knew she was no match for him but was determined to hold him long enough for Trask to get to safety – but before she could move he acted on the same impulse.

Clutching a vibroblade he hardly knew how to use, Trask lunged at the dark figure.

"Go!" he was yelling, "you have a better chance of getting out than me!"

"Trask!" she found herself shouting at a locked door. "Bugger," she muttered, knowing that the young man was probably dead already. No point in wasting his sacrifice.

Well, at least she could make use of her sneaking skills now. She switched on the stealth mode on her belt and tiptoed round the corner, past some soldiers... a-ha! A computer terminal. She didn't have the access codes but one spike was enough to give her access to the security camera systems. She swore under her breath when the next room was shown to be full of soldiers. The two in this room she could handle but a whole squad? No way to sneak past them and no other way to her destination. Think, woman, think... What's in the room? Well, well, well... an abandoned assault droid slumped in the corner.

The soldiers in the room still noticed nothing when she sneaked by them again to get to the other end and surveyed the droid. Her repair skills weren't that great but she'd been tinkering on droids before and knew she'd be able to achieve the simple task of re-activating the droid and its weapons systems...

Gotcha! The droid happily shot the two soldiers in the room and advanced to the door the Sith on the other room had opened when hearing the shots...

Her communicator buzzed again, "Well done! I was just about to inform you about the crowd next door but you seem to have it under control."

She grinned, listening to the sounds of blaster fire and screaming.

"I love that droid! I want to take him with me."

"Sorry, I'm afraid we're out of room. Hurry."

"See you soon, sir," she finished, absentmindedly wondering why he wasn't using his rank in his communiques.

She grinned again, hurrying past the dead Sith cluttering the floor, and picking up a spare medpac or two that were lying next to their previous owners who hadn't had the chance to use them.

Beyond the next door were the escape pods... pod... oh dear. The man standing in front of them followed her eyes and grinned.

"Yeah, sister, I'm afraid that's the only one left. That's why I had to wait for you – we need to share."


"You're the last one alive."

She spared a quick thought to Trask Ulgo while raking her gaze over this tall, masculine form encased in orange and black, and thanking the stars for her own considerably smaller body.

"We should fit," she merely said before crawling in.

As he followed, she met the sparkling brown eyes from mere centimetres from her face.

"Hi! I'm Shin Cidon," she grinned, wrapping her arms around him.

"Carth Onasi," he answered and pressed the launch button. "I hate these things," she heard him mutter against her hair before losing consciousness due to the pressure.