Medicine Bow, South Wyoming…..

Andy could see her the moment he entered the basement. Skye was curled up in the corner, not moving, just staring at the walls with hollow eyes. He approached slowly, the way you would approach a spooked animal. Each footstep soft, his entire body language none threatening. " Hey…. Hey, you okay there?"

Nothing. Skye wouldn't even look at him. What the hell had he done? What had Ava done? Why hadn't he done more to stand up to her. God, he was pathetic. He sucked at this whole evil thing and it was going to get him killed if he wasn't careful. Big Yellow didn't really stand for anyone screwing things up and that's all Andy seemed to do lately.

Venturing forward a little more, he hesitated for a moment , then sat down beside Skye. " I'm Andy." He offered a brief, shy smile at her, hoping to elicit some sort of reaction from her, but there was still nothing. It was like staring at a hollow shell, until he leaned a little closer and finally caught the sight of a single tear slipping out of the side of her eye, only to hit the dirt and vanish. His smile reappeared and widened then, relief flooding through his veins and making him feel giddy for a moment, as if he'd taken one hell of a hit from a bong. But the relief was quickly dampened as he realised he was the cause of that tear. " Hey… I'm not here to hurt you. I promise. I just….I just wanted to say I was sorry. For what we did before. It…it was nothing personal. Honest. "

Still nothing. Not a flicker of life in the face, in the eyes. If it wasn't for the steady rise and fall of her chest, Andy would think he was sat next to a corpse.

" Cute kid."

There was a flicker of movement. Skye's gaze met Andy's for a brief second, then looked away again.

" Really. I felt really bad scary him like that. But I'll bet Dean's taking good care of him. He sure was protective of Sam when I first met them, can't see him being anything less for Connor, know? He's got that whole big brother things working overtime. Although not quite as overtime as Ansem did. Man, he really was a freak…" Andy said, sadness touching his words towards the end. This so wasn't working out the way Andy wanted it to. All he'd wanted was to offer some comfort, make sure Skye was okay. It had bugged the hell out of him, taking her away from the kid like that, especially since he'd been forced to frame Sam for it. The Winchesters had been good to him, had helped him save Tracey from his crazy ass twin brother. Andy hadn't signed on to help end the world. He just wanted to live out his life, un-noticed, getting whatever he wanted with his abilities. That didn't make him a bad guy…right?

Looking back down at Skye, he could see she was closed off again, that hollowness back in her eyes. They looked dead, lost. Andy couldn't bear seeing her that way. He'd heard Ava laughing earlier with Jake and Lily about what she'd told Skye, how she'd reacted. It was cruel and sick.

" Look, I'm gonna show you something, but you have to keep quiet, okay? Cause if Ava or the others find out what I'm doing? My ass is grass. They'll turn me into Big Yellow as soon as you can blink and then we're both in big trouble. So you have be quiet…okay?" Andy leaned down a little and tried to see if Skye would acknowledge him in the slightest. There wasn't even the slightest blink in his direction. " I'm gonna take that as a yes."

He took hold of Skye's hand, linking his fingers through hers without any resistance. This had to work, he had to give back the hope that had been stolen from her. " I've been working on this for a while now. It started out with me just being able to send thoughts to people, then it became images. Now?" Andy gave a small goofy grin and shrugged casually. " I'm able to be like some sort of weird conduit. Anyway…I just hope this works. I'm still kinda fine tuning it…so I'm sorry if it hurts."

Closing his eyes, Andy opened his mind and gently touched on Skye's, tapping into her thoughts and using them as the base for his contact…..


Connor was switching his attention between looking at the window and staring at Elise next to him, his feet kicking lightly as the music continued to thump through the car and kill any chance of conversation between John, the boys and Elise.

" Mommy?" Connor suddenly looked thoughtful.

Dean glanced in the rearview mirror, turning down the music. " You say something, little buddy?"

" Mommy!" A tiny trickle of blood slipped from the little boy's nose and ran down his lip.

" What the hell?" Dean went to swivel in his seat to get a better look, when a blinding headache slammed into his, his eyes squeezing shut in agony as he clapped a hand to his forehead. " Gah!!….Dad, take the wheel!"

John leaned over immediately and grabbed hold off the wheel, steering them towards the side of the road as Dean blindly hit the brakes to stop them. The moment the Impala was pulled over, Dean hunched over the wheel, his forehead touching the hardened leather of the steering wheel as blood began to drip from his nose.

" Dean! Dude, you alright? You with me?" John demanded, his hand reaching over to squeeze the back of Dean's neck.

The words were fading out as Dean saw Skye in his mind, laying curled up in some kind of basement. She wasn't hurt and for the briefest moment, she sat up and looked straight at him, tears appearing in her eyes. He could sense her relief at seeing him, feeling it flood through his veins. God it was good to see her. Know she was alive, unharmed. Dean wanted to tell her he was coming for her, that she was going to see Connor again soon. More than anything, he wanted to touch her…knowing he couldn't. A voice was calling to him…and Dean felt the connection breaking, pulling away as he called out to Skye.

" Dean!" This time it was Sam's voice, lined with full blown panic, his hand reaching over the backseat to rest on his brother's shoulder.

Dean sat back, blinking slowly and touching a hand to the blood on his lip, feeling the headache slowly fading. He turned in his seat as he heard a soft snuffling cry from Connor and found the little boy staring at him with sad eyes and blood dripping from his nose. " Mommy all gone."

" I know…I know, little dude. We'll see her soon, okay?" Dean gave the little boy a shaky smile, then hunted around in the front of the Impala for something to clean Connor up with, settling for some diner napkins that had been stashed in the glove box. He handed the napkin to Elise. " Do you mind?"

" Sure, mate…" Elise nodded, taking the napkin and gently dabbing it to Connor's top lip and nose with a reassuring smile for the boy.

" Dean, what the hell was that?" John demanded, watching his son carefully, concerned.

" I don't know. I saw Skye…."

" You saw her? Like a vision?" Sam asked, surprised.

Dean looked at his brother as though he was insane. " What? No! I'm not some psychic freak…I don't know what it was…"

"It sounds like a vision, Dean and it sounds like Connor had it too." Sam argued quietly.

" Yeah well, I don't know, Sammy. But I saw her…I have to find her, dude." Dean turned the key in the ignition again, feeling the Impala thrum into life beneath him.

" We will, Dean. " Sam told his brother, sitting back in his seat and looking at Elise. He felt her hand brush against his and without hesitation, let her hand link with his. " We will."


Skye was sat up now, still trying to take in what had just happened. She looked at Andy, still feeling the blood dripping from her nose as he pulled out a hankerchief and offered it to her.

" Sorry about the blood nose…like I said, I'm still fine tuning it." He gave her an apologetic smile.

" That was real? What I saw then? It was real? My son? Dean?"

" Yeah. I told you, Dean's probably taking good care of him." Andy glanced towards the door that lead out of the basement. " I should get going. Big Yellow is gonna be sending Ava down here soon to get you."

" Why?"

" Huh?"

" Why would you show me that? Why are you being so nice to me?"

" I'm not a bad guy. At least, I don't want to be. Me…Sam….we just got caught up in all this, you know? We didn't choose to be freaks. That was the Demon. He made us this way but that doesn't mean we have to like it." Andy told her, getting to his feet. " Look, I have to go. But I'm gonna do what I can to look after you."

" The others won't like that." Skye warned him, feeling sorry for Andy. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

Andy shrugged and gave a small, nervous laugh. " You know? I just don't care anymore. I'm not like them, never was." The smile that graced his lips was sad as he thought once again of his brother and how twisted Ansem had been. What would it have been like to have a brother like Sam or Dean? Would things have been different?

Skye watched Andy disappear up the stairs and a moment later, she was alone again in the basement, wondering what they planned on doing with her? Why Andy and Sam were able to fight what they had been made into…while the others had embraced it?

A smile appeared as Skye thought about Dean and Connor. They were together, safe. She had seen John and Sam there too. Dean had his brother and father with him and she knew, nothing would harm her son now. It gave her the courage to hold on.

Because Dean was coming. She knew that now. And when he found her? The Yellow Eyed Demon was so screwed……

The End….


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