Title: Eternal
Author: Cindy Ryan
Category: Xover,angst
Spoilers: All hell breaks loose pts. 1 and 2
Notes: This is my first attempt at an Atlantis fic but I just couldn't resist the idea of Dean and John Sheppard in the same fic
Timeline: Supernatural two months after AHBL, Stargate Atlantis: Season three alternate universe. I tried to mesh it with the current plotline of Atlantis and it just didn't work, so it's AU.
Summary: Looking for a way to help his brother, Sam stumbles across some text that in the end sends them on a journey to another galaxy.

Northern coast of Maine
Late summer

"That haunted fork in the road case we gave up to come here is looking better and better."Dean Winchester grumbled as he stood on a gravel road looking at a lighthouse.

Sam squinted through the driving rain as he started to walk from the Impala. So far his information was correct. Now he just had to pray that their good luck continued. They certainly hadn't had much of it lately.

"Afraid of a little rain?"Sam asked with a grin as he continued walking toward the east side of the lighthouse.

Dean glared at his brother as he closed the space between them. "Little rain? Sam, this is almost hurricane force."

"If it was hurricane force they would've closed the road."Sam returned shouting over the increasing wind.


Sam and Dean walked to an overgrown path that led down to the rocky shore. Dean frowned as he struggled to follow his brother on the wet slippery rocks.

Sam had only told him the bare facts on the lighthouse being haunted. Apparently in 1890 the wife of the lighthouse's keeper had been raped and murdered by a group of thieves who had wanted to use the lighthouse as a hide-away. The husband had lived about twenty years after that. The thieves had escaped and were never caught. The lighthouse had been abandoned after the husband's death. Over the past fifty years boaters say they still see the light come on and see a woman's form silhouetted against the light.

It'd been two months since the events at Cold Oak. Two months and their leads on the yellow eyed demon's army had all but dried up. There'd been a skirmish here or there but nothing big. The case they'd given up to come to Maine at least had a connection to finding the demon army. To Dean this was just a run of the mill haunting that could've waited. He didn't see why Sam had been so insistent that they come here now.

Dean nearly lost his precious handhold as he placed his foot where there was nothing. Cursing, Dean forced himself to concentrate on his footing. He decided to trust his brother hoping Sam had some kind of psychic thing he wasn't telling him about.

As he reached the bottom of the rocks Sam pulled out a flashlight and clicked it on. The waves crashing at his feet were getting a bit larger than he was comfortable with.

"What exactly are we looking for in this cave?"Dean asked as he reached Sam's side.

Sam kept his gaze fixated on the cave's entrance. He hated lying to Dean. But if this worked in the end it'd be worth it.

"The wife's bones."Sam shouted over the wind that had picked up again.

"Must've really liked the ocean to bury her here."Dean muttered as he followed Sam into the medium sized cave.

"Just a rumor that she's here."Sam stated as he walked farther into the cave wishing he had worn boots.

"Let me guess fire destroyed the town's records?"

"Yep. Spring of 1912 a nasty storm came through. Lighting struck several buildings in the downtown sparking a fire. Ninety percent of the town was destroyed including city hall."

As Sam's flashlight illuminated the walls he kept searching for the hieroglyphics he had seen in the text. The hieroglyphics would point to where it was buried. He picked up his pace he didn't like the way the waves and wind were picking up.

"Sam, not to doubt your source or your psychic whammy, but I'm not seeing any signs anything was buried here."

Sam ignored Dean as he continued to scrutinize the walls. Finally he spotted a very faint line of hieroglyphics on the left side of the cave just above the water line. Sam matched what he knew from the text he had found to the symbols hoping it was enough to translate it correctly. After gaining the information Sam shown his flashlight at the back of the cave. There Sam could see something buried in the wall between two clusters of stalactites.

"There."Sam exclaimed as he sloushed through the water to reach the rear wall.

"Even if she's here."Dean replied as he caught up to Sam shifting the strap of his duffle bag to his right shoulder. "We're going to have to get her somewhere drier in order to burn the bones."

"Yeah."Sam acknowledged distractedly as he cleared away some of the sand and dirt with his hand. More of the same symbols appeared along with something metal.

"Here."Sam said as he handed Dean the flashlight and used both hands to clear away more dirt from the metal surface.

"They didn't bury in metal in those days, Sam."Dean stated suspiciously as he took a good look at what Sam was uncovering. "What's going on?"

Sam remained silent as he cleared away about a foot. He started to move upwards hoping he could pull whatever it was out of the wall. Just as he had enough cleared to get a grip he saw that a row of the symbols were on the area he had cleared. He ran his finger along them wishing he could read whatever language this was.

Sam continued to make progress clearing away enough of the metal surface that they could see it was a small box. Sam planted his feet against the bottom of the wall and gripped it with both hands.

Whatever it was it'd been here awhile and didn't want to budge.

Sam made four attempts to free the object before he looked at his brother. "Just help me pull it out. I'll explain later."

"This better be good."Dean grumbled as he placed his bag and flashlight down.

He stood to Sam's right and gripped that side. After four more attempts the object finally began to loosen.

"Sam, is this thing glowing or……"

Whatever Dean was going to say was cut off as the cave was suddenly engulfed in a bright blue light.