Title: Eternal
Author: Cindy Ryan
Notes and Summary: See chapter one.

Dean forced his best smile. "I thought you enjoyed playing with me?"

The woman moved forward placing a seductive hand on Dean's left cheek. "I do,luv, I do. That's why you're still breathing."

"As a demon I know you don't know much about the military, but they're not exactly a cooperative fast moving bunch."Dean stated dryly. "Give me some time and I promise I'll get us home."

"I don't think so, luv."The Crossroad demon replied with a seductive smile as she ran her hands across Dean's chest. "I like the idea of having you close…."

Dean swallowed hard. This couldn't be happening. He still had six months. There was still so much he wanted to do. Still so much he wanted to tell Sam. How proud he was to be his brother…..how proud he was of the man Sam had become.

"This wasn't the deal."Dean protested trying to pull away from her. "I still have six months."

"Don't you know,darlin'? It's a woman's progrative to change her mind?"The demon purred as she wrapped her arms lazily around Dean's neck

"You have all of eternity to do what you want."Dean pleaded not wanting to believe he was losing this argument. "Let me have the six months. What's six months to you?"

"It's nothing."The demon replied as she played with a button of his shirt. "But my boss believes and I agree that it's time you Winchesters were taught a lesson. Accidentally or not you broke the deal. By leaving Earth…..to use a sports term….you stepped out of bounds. This, in the terms of the deal is a way to try to break the contract. Ergo all bets are now off and you are mine."

"What about Sam?"Dean asked his mind scrambling to find a way to protect his brother.

The Crossroad demon laughed. "Now that's the lovely catch isn't it? Do I want to uphold that little end of the deal now that I have you right where I want you?"

"Please."Dean begged not caring at how weak it made him sound. Not caring of how disappointed his father would be if he could see him now. "Sam deserves this second chance."

"Really? All of you Winchesters have been a thorn in our sides for far too long."

"Don't kill him."Dean pleaded the memories of Cold Oak coming back fast and furious. He could still feel Sam's blood on his hands.

The Crossroad Demon pulled away from Dean and floated a few feet in front of him, the flames just inches from her high heeled shoes.

"Now what fun can I have in return if I let Sam live?"The dark haired woman mused.

"I don't care what you do to me."Dean stated quietly as a bead of sweat trickled down his nose. "If you kill my brother I'll hunt you through eternity and make it as painful as possible."

The woman smiled at Dean's threat. "Now that could be fun too."

"Do you want to share with the class, Rodney?"Sheppard asked impatiently as he glanced over at the silent form of Ronon.
Dex had arrived shortly after Weir and had alternated from pacing the hallway to standing against the wall near the door. Hadn't said a word which was part of Dex's personality but this time it worried Sheppard. He hadn't been blind to the growing closeness of Teyla and Ronon over the last few months.

Rodney kept his attention on Weir ignoring Sheppard's sarcasm. "Didn't Vision Boy say that he saw her floating and fading?"

Weir nodded. "Yes."

Rodney took a deep breath. "Well if my studies of the energy bread crumbs are accurate and if we believe what he saw; I think Teyla was encased in some kind of energy field. She must've triggered it when she touched the tile. Whatever is or was in that room the Ancients didn't want anybody to find. So they set up this protection field that transported anybody in that got too close and encased them in this invisible energy field. An ideal prison, really when you think about it."

"Could drive a person mad."Sheppard muttered as he looked over at Teyla's still form."Don't know where you are, nobody knows where you are. Rescue can't see or hear you."

Weir nodded in agreement. "Rodney, you think that in an attempt to escape Teyla made this energy field overload?"

"Only thing that makes sense. It'd explain the energy bread crumbs."McKay replied quietly. "She could probably see us…..every time she hit the field in an attempt to reach us….it left the energy signature."

"And it didn't capture John because he has the gene."Weir surmised.

"Wonder if they cloaked what they were protecting?"Sheppard asked thoughtfully.

"I don't want….."Weir began but broke off as her radio crackled to life.

"Command center to Weir."

"Go ahead."

"We have an incoming video transmission from Dr. Jackson. He's requested to speak to the Winchester brothers."

"I'll be right there."


Weir turned back to Beckett. "Thank you, Carson for all you did to keep her with us. Let me know if there's any change."

"I will."Beckett promised before turning and walking back to Teyla.

"I'll come with you."Sheppard stated as he moved toward the door. "This could be an interesting conversation."

Weir nodded as she looked back at McKay. "Rodney, I need you, from a safe distance, to run scans on that room. We need to know if there are any other hidden little surprises."

"Understood."McKay replied and with a last glance back at Teyla he quickly followed Weir and Sheppard out of the infirmary.

"Dean, darling,"The Crossroad Demon called as she moved back toward the eldest Winchester. "I've decided to give your brother a reprieve."

Intense relief washed over Dean and he collapsed back against the rock wall. "Thank you."

The woman smiled. "You may not thank me just yet. I've given Sammy a reprieve, but if you want him to live a full life…..Dean, my luv, you'll have to fight for it."

To be continued in Shadow Play