Title: What Was Left Behind

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do own Roswell or its characters.

Summary: It's been exactly a year since Max, Isabel and Tess left the planet to go back to Antar and things are starting to change. What happens when they come back to the people they left behind? What happens when they realize, the people they left behind, are not the people they are coming back to? How will Max deal with the after affects of what he did on Planet Earth?

Pairings: Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Isabel/Kyle

Warnings: This fic is set a year after 'Departure' Except Isabel, Max, and Tess did leave back to Antar. Michael did stay and Alex is still dead. Everything that happened in the 2nd season applies here. The third season never happened. On another note, Italics mean it is a journal post.

What Was Left Behind

May 24th 2001

"It's been a year, a whole year, and yet, nothing has happened. I didn't think I'd make it through when I watched the spaceship carrying the man I love, his alien wife, his child and his sister fly into space. It broke my heart and yet, here I am, still alive, still breathing despite all my thoughts that my life was over, I lived on. Funny huh? I'm Liz Parker and even though I am still breathing, I don't remember what it was like to live."

Liz Parker bit her lip and put her pen down slowly. She couldn't believe it had been a year exactly since Max had left her. She shivered and pulled her sweater around her. Even though it was close to summertime, Liz felt cold.

She closed her eyes and felt a small jolt run through her body. She looked down half expecting to see her skin rippling but it looked normal. She had felt herself changing the past few days. She didn't know what it was or why it was happening but it felt safe.

Liz closed her journal and left it out on the chair on her balcony. She climbed back into her room and laid on her bed. She was tired and tomorrow was a Saturday. She would sleep in and forget all about Max, and his alien child.

Even though she knew that it was a lie, that she would see Max in her dreams, she allowed herself to believe that for a second, her life could be normal.


"Liz!" A loud knock on Liz Parker's bedroom door caused her to stir.

"Liz...Babe! Wake up!" Maria, Liz's best friend, continued to pound on the door.

Liz rolled over on her side and groaned, she couldn't remember the last time she had been allowed to sleep in past 8 A.M.

"What Maria?" She called out in a scratchy morning voice.

"I need to talk to you. Open up! It isn't like I haven't seen you in your pajamas before."

Liz sighed and threw off her blankets, she trudged over to the door and unlocked it, allowing her friend to open the door and enter her room.

"Oh, babe, come on...I know that finals took a toll on us all but this is just sad." Maria exclaimed looking Liz over as if she were a small child.

"Maria!" Liz grumbled as she threw herself on her bed. "Stop."

Maria just nodded and sat next to her looking sadly down at her friend. She knew this time of the year would be hard on Liz; it was hard on her too. But one major difference remained, the love of Maria's life stayed, while the love of Liz's life went to another planet with his unborn child and his girlfriend. And what was worse than all that was that the mother of his unborn child was the alien responsible for the death of their best friend, Alex.

Maria sighed and began to softly stroke her best friend's light brown hair. She frowned when she felt that it was greasy and very unlike how Liz used to wear it. Liz's hair was always smooth, silky and soft, now it was brittle, had split ends and was a bit on the greasy side. Maria bit her lip and reached down to bring her friend up to a sitting position.

"Liz, when was the last time you showered?"

"You know, your audacity never ceases to amaze me." Liz replied with a small wavering smile.

"Come on, tell me." Maria pestered.

Liz thought for a while and looked down not wanting to meet her friend's eyes.

"3 days."

"Oh no girlfriend, this will not do. Hop up, it is time for a shower, then I am taking you out to breakfast. You can practice your Valedictorian speech on me." Maria softly stroked her friend's cheek.

It pained Maria to see her best friend this way, she always looked sad, broken and even though Liz acted as if grades were all that mattered, Maria knew what was on her mind, Max Evans.

"Maria I--" That was the last thing Liz managed to say before she fell back down on the bed and saw a world of darkness surrounding her.


"Liz...Oh my God!"

Liz felt her body being shaken as she struggled to open her eyes. She heard Maria's cry of relief as she let the sunlight shine down on her.

"Liz, what the hell just happened?!" Maria exclaimed as she helped Liz up into a sitting position.

"I don't know..." Liz trailed off trying to remember the last thing she had done. "All of a sudden I felt dizzy and weak, and then...nothing" Liz answered after a few minutes. She took the glass of water that Maria offered her and she sipped the water slowly still trying to make sense of what had happened.

"Why didn't you get my parents?" Liz asked weakly as she set the glass down on her bedside table.

"Well...you..." Maria looked down at Liz, her eyes full of worry and confusion.

Liz glanced down and gave a small shriek; her body was emitting green sparks and electric currents. With a small burst of energy Liz jumped off her bed and ran to her mirror, they were everywhere.

"Maria...what--" Liz stopped, unable to say anything. She continued to study herself in the mirror. She looked up and saw Maria behind her looking scared.

"We need Michael."

"He'll know what to do."

"You don't know that, how could he possibly know what to do?" Liz questioned as Maria drove like a mad woman towards her boyfriend's apartment.

"Cause he's an alien. He has to know what to do." Maria exclaimed pushing her foot down on the gas as far as it could go.

Liz threw her hands up and pushed the sleeves of the jacket she had thrown on to hide her electric green body from her parents. They had asked what she was doing going outside during the summer wearing pants and a jacket but Maria just shoved Liz out and sped away before the Parkers could question any further.

As Maria turned a sharp corner onto Michael's street, Liz couldn't help but look out the window and up towards the sky. 'What would Max do if he were here?' she wondered. Even though it had been a little more than a year since he had left back to his planet, Liz still wondered what life would be like if he had decided to stay. Suddenly the car jolted to a stop and Liz was pushed forward in her seat.

"Out!" Maria shouted as she struggled to take off her seat belt. Even though Liz was just as scared as Maria it was funny to her to see her friend in such a state of frenzy. Liz slowly removed her seat belt and smiled slightly as she heard Maria shout at her to hurry. As soon as Liz opened the car door to get out Maria yanked her up and pushed her towards Michael's apartment.

"Michael! Spaceboy, open up!" Maria shouted pounding on the door.

Michael Guerin hadn't even woken up yet but hearing his girlfriend's shrill worried voice made him wake up instantly. He jogged towards the door and opened it; a frazzled looking Maria and a creepily calm Liz greeted him.

"Michael Thank GOD!" Maria exclaimed while Liz gave a quiet "hey."

"What is going on?" Michael asked giving Liz a once over. "And why are you wearing a jacket?" He questioned the short brown haired girl.

"That is why we are here." Maria shouted not giving Liz a chance to answer. "She is green!" Maria pointed to Liz then proceeded to practically rip the jacket off of her friend.

"What the…?" Michael let out as Liz's skin came into view.

All over her arms there was small green electric looking currents coursing through her veins and they showed through her skin. Michael stepped forward and reached out for Liz silently asking for permission to touch her. Liz gave a small nod of approval and she too reached out her hand. As soon as Michael came in contact with her skin Liz let out a shriek of pain. Jolts of electricity flew through her body. Pain tore through her and caused her to fall on the ground.

"Oh my God, Liz!" Maria cried throwing herself on the ground and comforting her fallen friend. "Michael what the hell did you do to her?!" Maria asked cradling Liz in her arms.

"I don't—I saw something." Michael said looking down at the girls.

"Saw something? Michael you could have killed her!" Maria shouted.

"I didn't know that would happen!" Michael protested. "I'm sorry Liz…but I saw…I saw you using powers…and I saw Max heal you."

Liz's body was already in pain but when Michael said Max's name her heart started to ache as well. 'Why did Michael get to see Max when that is all Liz wanted each and every day?' she thought as she gave Maria a small reassuring smile. She stood up and looked at Michael wincing at the thought of the pain he just caused her.

"What did you see?" Liz asked he voice cracking. It felt as if her throat had been scorched and she hadn't had any sort of liquid in a year.

"You, using the currents running through your veins to blast this door down…and Max, on that day at the Crashdown when he healed you. I don't quite understand all of this…but I think Max transferred some of his powers to you when he healed you." Michael finished.

"You mean…" Maria started looking from Liz to Michael "You mean…Liz has powers? Like alien powers? Powers like you?" She said pointing to Michael.

All Michael could do was nod and Maria slowly lowered herself onto the couch. "I need my seed oil…" she whispered bringing a hand to her forehead.

Liz didn't say a word.

She looked down at her hands, the green currents still coursing throughout her. She had a part of Max inside her, and suddenly she felt sick.

"What am I supposed to do? I…I have green sparks coming off me!" Liz questioned looking at Michael. All he could do was shrug.

"I don't know Liz…maybe you should lay low for a while." He claimed walking over to Maria and placing a hand on her shoulder while she rocked back and forth.

"Lay low?! Michael, I am the Valedictorian! Graduation is in 4 days! I can't lay low! People are expecting me…I worked too hard for this."

"What am I supposed to do Liz? It wasn't me who got you into this mess, it was your precious Maxwell." Michael shot back at her.

Michael had never fully gotten over the fact that Max had left him, Maria, Kyle and Liz for their planet. He knew that Max had his responsibility to Tess and their child, but he was hoping that in the end, he would come to his senses and stay. It just didn't feel like home without Max and Isabel on Earth.

Michael sighed and sat on the couch next to Maria covering his face in his hands. He had taken care of the girls ever since the others left, he had watched over them making sure nothing was to harm them. He loved them both but he had no clue what to do about Liz's situation.

"Parker, maybe you should…stay here a few days. If this thing doesn't go away by tomorrow then…well let's just hope it does." Michael finally said.

Maria's breathing was all that could be heard while Liz pondered Michael's offer.

"Okay…I'll stay." Liz said softly.

She felt lost and confused and alone. Maria had Michael and who did Liz have? She needed answers and yet there was nobody on Earth who could give her any.

Maria ended up going back to Liz's house to grab some of Liz's clothes and shower stuff, she also brought back Liz's diary per her request. As Maria drove back to Michael's with Liz's diary in the seat next to her she bit her lip and considered reading it.

She had never been allowed to read the diary because that was Liz's private life, her private thoughts and even though they were best friends, Maria was not privy to all that. Maria sighed and suddenly hit her hand hard on the steering wheel. '

"Damnit Max!" She cried out, a lone tear sliding down her face. "Why aren't you here for her? She needs you more than she needs any of us…" Maria trailed off trying to stop her tears from falling.

She remembered the day they all left, Liz and Maria had figured out Tess had something to do with Alex's murder. But, when they asked Kyle and their suspicions were solidified, it was too late. By the time they were half way up the cliff, the ship burst out of the Earth's atmosphere. The three friends had thought all hope was lost until they saw Michael walking down the cliffside.

Maria remembered her heart soaring as she realized he had stayed for her. But even in her euphoria of happiness she couldn't help but feel betrayed for her friend. Max had promised her his heart, but he had left. The three of them had told Michael right away what they knew about Tess, but it was still too late. The other three aliens had left back to Antar and to an unknown fate.

It was a little over a year later and life had gone on as normal. Well, as normal as possible. Liz, Maria, and Kyle started their senior year of high school while Michael repeated his junior year. Liz, Maria, Kyle and Michael all grew closer and closer with each passing day. Still, none of them discussed what had happened, with Alex or with the other three aliens; it was just too painful.

Maria watched as her friend retreated into a zombie like mode of studying, studying, and studying. Liz was almost always found in the library or in her room curled up with a book. Maria knew that is how Liz dealt with the pain, but still, it was hard to watch.

Maria's Jetta pulled into a parking spot and she began to gather up Liz's things. Suddenly tears began to flow freely from Maria's eyes. She was so scared for Liz and about what was happening to her. Wiping her tears away she looked into the mirror to make sure her eyes weren't red.

"You have to be strong for her DeLuca." She said firmly to herself in the mirror. "This is no time to panic."

Maria got out of her car and took Liz's stuff inside.

Liz and Michael had been silent most of the time Maria was gone. They just didn't know what to say to each other. Michael kept seeing the vision of Max saving Liz and it was tearing him up inside. He not only saw what Max saw that day, but he felt what Max felt.

Michael never fully understood why Max did what he did that fateful day of the shooting, but now, he did. He felt all the love Max felt for Liz and suddenly Michael understood.

A few minutes before Maria came back Liz decided to call Kyle. She walked over and dialed his number.


"Kyle, it's Liz, can you come over to Michael's? There is something I need to show you." Liz rushed.

"Sure, just give me an hour. I'll be over soon."

The line went dead and Liz turned off the phone, she knew that she should feel loved and protected with these three people who cared so much about her but still she felt alone. She did love the other three dearly and she would do anything for them, but they could never love her the way she wanted Max to.

"I'm back." Maria called from the door as she pushed her way inside with Liz's stuff.

"I just called Kyle." Liz said jogging over to the door and taking some of her stuff from Maria.

"Good, here, I brought your journal like you asked, and a lot of clothes. I didn't know how long you might have to stay here. I talked to your dad and he said that he thought a mini-break from life was just what you needed before graduation." Maria smiled and laughed. "I am an amazing actress. I had him fooled." She closed the door and handed Michael the rest of Liz's bags.

"Here, Spaceboy, take these to your room." Maria said waving Michael off.

"My room? Why the hell would I take them there?" Michael asked looking at the bags.

"Because…" Maria said slowly giving him a small glare. "You don't expect Liz to sleep on the couch now, do you?"

Michael narrowed his eyes and scratched the back of his head.

"No, of course not, yeah, I'll take these to my room."

Liz looked at Maria and laughed.


"No problem Babe. You can always depend on me." Maria stopped and gave Liz a hug. "Always."

Liz nodded and squeezed Maria hard.

"So, do you have any of your infamous Liz theories as to why it hurts you when Michael touches you but not me?" Maria asked pulling out of the hug and walking over to the couch.

"The only thing I can think of is that he is an alien. Which makes sense…" Liz claimed sitting next to Maria.

Michael came back in the room and sat on the sofa across from them.

"Liz, you know, I was thinking, if you are getting powers because Maxwell healed you, doesn't that mean everyone he healed will start getting powers?"

Liz bit her lip and sighed. She knew they would have to address this fact sooner or later, but she had hoped to just deal with this one step at a time.

"You know, that is a big possibility…one that I don't want to think about right now." Liz said leaning back on the couch.

"Here, why don't you go shower before Kyle gets here, I bet you will feel better." Maria said touching Liz's arm. "Ah, chica, you're burning up."

"Yeah, I realized that right after you left, it's as if my whole body is getting warmer and warmer. Probably a side affect to whatever is happening to my body." Liz said standing up. "I am going to shower, I'll be back out soon…"

"You know what freaks me out more than the fact that she has green electricity flowing through her veins?" Michael asked Maria. "It's that she is so calm about this!"

Maria nodded and laughed.

"But that is Liz, she is always like that. Calm, cool, and collected Liz Parker…she never freaks out. It's one of the reasons we are so close, we are so different." Maria said looking at Michael.

Michael patted his leg and motioned for Maria to come over to him. She stood up and walked over sitting on his lap. She felt him wrap his strong arms around her and suddenly she felt safe and complete. She wanted to live forever in this world, the word where Michael was there, and that was all that mattered, sadly, it wasn't that way. Her friend was in potential danger and it scared her to death.

"Michael what are we going to do…if this…if you…if she…" Maria stuttered trying to get the words out but not wanting to think of the possibility of such a thing.

"If she…dies?"

All Maria could do was nod. Michael didn't say anything he just pulled Maria to him and he stroked her soft hair. They would think about that later.

After her shower Liz didn't go back to the living room with Michael and Maria. She had so much to think about and not a lot of time alone. She sighed and grabbed her journal. She sat on Michael's bed and opened it to her last entry that she had written the day before.

She uncapped her pen and glanced over her previous journal entry. Funny, how a day can change so much stuff.

May 25th, 2001

"On September 19th, Max Evans saved my life. On May 24th, he nearly killed me by leaving. And now, I have this power coursing through my body. Yesterday, I wrote that nothing had changed that nothing had happened since he left. Maybe, I should have waited a while before writing that. This energy flowing throughout me isn't bad…I know that. That doesn't stop me from worrying. I am going to stay here at Michael's till, hopefully, what ever is going on inside of me subsides, or at least hides. It's May 25th, and I am changing because of something Max did to me almost 2 years ago."

A soft tapping at Michael's bedroom door stopped Liz's writing.

"Yes?" She called out closing her journal and recapping her pen.

"Liz, Kyle is here." Maria called through the door.

"Okay, I am coming."

Liz set her journal down and jumped off the bed. She was anxious and nervous to show Kyle what had happened to her.

"So you're telling me that Evans transferred his alien weirdness into your

body the day he healed you?" Kyle asked after receiving the full story from Liz.

"Now, you are turning slightly green and you are letting off these weird currents of electricity…"

Liz nodded.

"And…Michael hurts you whenever he touches you…but if a human touches you, it is ok."

Liz nodded again. Kyle ran his hand through his hair and plopped on the couch next to Maria.

"Well, Buddha, help us all." He exclaimed raising his hand in the air and looking up at the ceiling.

Liz smiled and walked over to Kyle cautiously bringing her hand to his shoulder. She was worried she would hurt him.

"I am not hurting you am I?" Liz asked quietly looking down at Kyle.

"No, why would you be hurting me? Human? Remember?" Kyle asked pulling away from his touch.

"Yes I know, but…Kyle, Max healed you too."

"No no no no no. You are not thinking that Mr. Alien King transferred his powers into me too do you???" Kyle asked a worried look covering his face.

Liz just shrugged and sat on the floor next to him. Maria looked at Kyle then Michael; she knew that Kyle didn't want to even think about the possibility that he might change too.

"We just need to be careful…he healed you a while after he healed me. So, you might not start changing for a few more months." Liz said reaching up and grabbing Kyle's hand to give it a comforting squeeze.

Kyle pulled his hand away and stood up.

"No, I am leaving. I am not going to change, not now, not ever." He started walking towards the door.

"Kyle, please…" Liz pleaded standing up and going after him.

"NO LIZ." Kyle yelled whipping around to look at her. "I've had enough! First Max Evans stole you from me, then he pushed his alien freakness into my life, now, he is gone! And what? We are here. We are here forced to live with the after effect of his actions! And why, because he decided to screw up in the first place? Why should we suffer?" Kyle opened the door and looked back at them. "I don't know who Mr. E.T. thinks he is messing up our lives and then leaving but I am tired of it. I am leaving Roswell. I don't ever want to hear the word alien again." And with that Kyle slammed the door and stormed to his car.

Liz winced when she heard his engine turn on and his car peeling out of the driveway. She slowly turned to see Maria staring wide-eyed and Michael with his head in his hands.

"Well that was great." Michael said sarcastically. "What an ungrateful little asshole." He continued. "Does he know where he would be without us? He would be dead!" Michael got up from his seat and kicked the stool near his counter.

"Michael, this is not time to get upset…he is just scared…I know I am." Liz said walking towards Michael.

"Look, Liz, I know he is scared, but that doesn't give him the right to—" Suddenly Michael's eyes closed and he felt dizzy. He leaned back on the counter for support. A vision of an alien ship landing in the desert came to him and he found himself being slapped awake by Maria.

"Michael!" She said still slapping him. "What the hell? Not you too! I can't lose my best friend and my boyfriend…I just can't!" Maria screamed feeling herself start to lose control. Liz softly pulled Maria off Michael as he came back to reality.

"Michael…" Liz whispered so only she and him could hear. "What just happened?"

"Did you see it too?" Michael whispered back.

"Yeah…" Liz's eyes darted around the room.

"They're back."


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