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Chapter Fifteen: Alex Would Have Wanted You To…

(The Party: Part 2)

Isabel was gone. In fact she never even knew if she was ever there. She swallowed and allowed herself to get lost in the Alex memorial that had been set up at the graduation party. Tears welled up in the back of Isabel's eyes. She didn't know how she found it, it was tucked away in a corner, which surprised her; didn't Liz and Maria want him remembered?

She wiped her tears away and looked around. There were people all around, the Crashdown was crowded, music was blaring but Isabel didn't hear any of it. She looked around with wide eyes and a open heart; nothing. She didn't feel anything, she didn't hear anything and she didn't see anything except the memorial.

She reached out and lightly touched a picture of Alex-- it was her favorite one. He was with Liz and Maria, him in the middle and the girls in their uniforms. Isabel gave a sad smile and wiped away another tear that had made it's way past her nose already. She knew Alex loved the girls, he would have given anything for them and he did, she also knew that he loved her. Would he still? If he was alive and she had left, would he still love her?

That was a question that would never be answered and that didn't need to be answered but it was a question that plagued Isabel's mind every night. "Oh Alex, I wish you were here…" She whispered as she placed a hand on the bass guitar.

"I do too…" A voice from behind Isabel said.

Isabel spun around, embarrassed that she had been caught in such a sad state. "Liz?" She said as she quickly wiped the tears from her face. "Uh…I was…" She couldn't think of anything to say.

Liz just smiled and walked past Isabel to the memorial table. She reached out and grabbed the picture of her with Maria and Alex. She looked at it and instantly Isabel saw the sadness in her eyes. "I wish he was here too…Don't be embarrassed, I know you miss him too." Liz said as she placed the picture back in it's place.

"Yeah…" Isabel mumbled as she looked away. This was awkward and Isabel felt so out of place, like a traitor amongst friends.

"You know what?" Liz asked as she turned slowly to look into Isabel's eyes.

"What?" Isabel said softly shrugging.

"I'm sure wherever he is, he misses you too." Liz said giving Isabel a small smile.

Isabel's heart swelled up to ten times its size. Liz's words meant so much to her and suddenly Isabel felt better. She swallowed and looked down at Liz. "Liz…I…" Then, she did something she hadn't planned on doing; she hugged her.

Liz gasped when Isabel pulled her towards her. Isabel clung to Liz like she was clinging to dear life. Liz smiled into Isabel's shoulder and closed her eyes. "I know…" She said softly.

"I'm so sorry for what we did…I'm so sorry we took him away from you. I'm so sorry." Isabel said pulling back, the tears falling freely.

"You didn't. It wasn't your fault and Alex wouldn't want you to think that…" Liz said a lone tear sliding down her cheek.

"She's right you know." A voice that felt as if the person was standing right behind Isabel said.

Isabel turned around and saw no one.

"Are you okay?" Liz asked confused by Isabel's actions.

"Yeah…I just thought I heard…" She sighed and shook her head. It was ridiculous, she thought she had heard Alex's voice, but she knew that was crazy.

Liz smiled and turned away. "Well, try to enjoy yourself. Alex would have wanted you to." Liz said as she walked back out towards the crowd.

Isabel nodded and took one last look at the memorial before she walked back to the crowd looking around for Max and her parents.


Liz walked over to the counter and grabbed a tall glass of water. What a night it had been already. She looked over at the clock and wondered when Maria would be back down. She smiled and thought of how great it was that her friend had such an awesome guy. Michael had really come through with the whole graduation gift thing.

Liz sipped her water and remembered the day Michael had come to her fretting about what to get Maria.

"Liz! You have to help me!" Michael shouted into the phone.

Liz brought the phone a foot away from her ear and groaned. "Michael, you're speaking too loud! You're gonna bust my ear drum!" Liz shouted back into the phone.

Michael grinned sheepishly but ignored her comment; he lowered his voice and continued. "Liz, graduation is soon, and I have to get Maria a present!" Michael said in a frantic voice.

Liz smirked. "Did you come to this conclusion yourself…or did Maria drop one of her infamous 'hints' on you." She replied laughing.

Michael frowned. "Well, she sorta asked what I was planning on getting you…and then I realized, if I had to get your something, then I sure as hell have to get Maria something." Michael finished.

Liz laughed; she knew Maria only asked that so Michael would remember a gift for her. "Well Michael, first things first. You don't have to get me anything." Liz said smiling. "Next, calm down…we'll figure out something." She bit her bottom lip and thought for a moment.

Michael silenced himself and waited for Liz to say something.

"Well what do you think is important to her?" Liz asked after a while.

Michael thought for a while and then finally said, "You, me, her mom, Alex…" He paused. "music…"

Liz took a breath and nodded. "Okay, so, take that part of her and bring it to life…in the form of a material thing." She said.

"Bring it to life?" Michael asked confused.

"Yeah, bring it to life for her. Give her something that brings what she cares about to life." Liz said confusing herself. "It's up to you Michael…it's your thing. You can figure it out."

"But..." Michael was lost, how could he do that?

"I can help you, but it won't be as sentimental if I give you all the answers." Liz said softly smiling.

"What are you getting her?" Michael finally asked realizing that Liz wasn't going to give him the solution to his problem.

"I've made a scrap book of our four years in high school…with a tribute section to Alex…I made two, one for her, and one for me." She said.

"Sentimental stuff… and what is that bringing to life for her?" Michael asked.

"Well, our friendship in a way. Our high school years, Alex, you guys…everything we've been through these four years." She said looking around her room for the scrapbooks she had made.

"Alex…" Michael said, realization coming to him.

"Yes, Alex." Liz said confused now. "What are you thinking?"

"You said bring one of those things to life…"

"Yes." Liz said still confused.

"I think I have an idea…but I need to go think it through and I might need your help with details." Michael said getting a tad excited about his idea.

"Oh, okay, sure, details I can handle." Liz said smiling. "Good luck Michael." She said before hanging up.

A few days later she got another frantic call from Michael.

"Liz, I need a place that I can be alone with Maria during the party."

"Well, hi to you too Michael. Uh…I am sure you can use the backroom of the crashdown…or outside?" She said not really knowing what he needed.

"No, I need to be able to decorate the place."


"Yeah, with flowers, lights, candles…you know all that romantic stuff that Max—" Michael stopped mid-sentence. He slapped himself and covered his eyes. He was so stupid! Why did he bring that up?

Liz was quiet at the other end of the phone.

"Liz, I'm…"

"No, don't worry about it Michael. The romantic stuff that Max what?"

Michael rubbed his eyes. "That Max used to do for you…"

Liz nodded. "Okay, well you can use my room if you'd like."

"You're a doll." Michael said glad she wasn't mad at him.

Liz smiled. "Even my balcony if that works better."

"That is perfect. You're the best. I'll come over later and tell you the details."

Liz was still sipping her water when she came out of her walk down memory lane. She smiled and looked around. Isabel was with Max and her parents, Kyle was still flirting with cheerleaders, and Maria and Michael were still nowhere in sight. Liz stood up and decided to have some fun.

She walked up to Kyle and grabbed his hand. "Come on Kyle, I haven't danced with you all night." She said smiling.

"But but…" Kyle looked longingly at the cheerleaders. "Oh alright." He said when he saw Liz's face. "You better know how much I care about you when I leave a cheerleader to be with you…and I'm not getting anything out of it!" He said as Liz began dancing.

Max watched Liz and Kyle from his spot at the booth. He had been dying to talk to Liz all night but his parents and now his sister had occupied him. He wished Liz had come over and taken him away to dance with but he knew that she was more comfortable with Kyle anyhow. Max sighed and looked at his parents. "Uh…excuse me for a minute." He said before standing up and walking over to Liz and Kyle.

Max came up behind Liz and slowly slid his hands on her hips. Liz yelped and turned around. "Oh, Max. You startled me." She said smiling at him.

"Can I dance with you before the night is over?" He asked looking at Kyle.

Kyle looked at Liz and then stepped back. "Hey, I won't cramp your style…but I want her returned to me in one piece by the end of the night." Kyle said laughing. He leaned in a gave Liz a quick peck on the cheek and then walked towards where Isabel was sitting with her parents.

"Hey Evans." Kyle said waving at Isabel. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Evans." He said nodding.

Isabel gave him a large smile. "Hey yourself Valenti." She replied.

"So, you knew about this whole…" Philip looked at Kyle and pointed to Isabel.

Isabel rolled her eyes and gave her parents a stern look. "Dad, not here." She said shaking her head.

Kyle smiled and nodded. "Yes sir, I did."

Isabel sighed and looked up at Kyle. "So did you come here to talk about me? Or for another reason?" Isabel asked fluttering her eyelashes at Kyle.

Kyle's heart skipped a beat and he shook his uneasiness off. "Actually, do you want to dance? I think the D.J. is going to be done in a bit…and then we have karaoke and presents…so, I figured…" He let his question hang in the air.

"Yeah, that sounds great actually." Isabel said wanting something to get her mind off of Alex, and her parents and everyone pairing up. She reached out and took Kyle's hands in her own.

Kyle took in a breath and intertwined his fingers with Isabel's. He knew that they hadn't talked much but he felt a connection with her. He smiled at her and the D.J. played a slow song. He sighed and looked at her. "Still want to dance?" Kyle asked.

Isabel thought and then gave him a small smile. "I do if you do." She said.

Kyle answered by pulling her in closer to him. She was slightly taller than him but their heads rested next to each other. Isabel smiled as she felt Kyle's arms come around her and his hands rest on her back. Kyle breathed in her scent and smiled. She smelled so perfect, not too sweet but not too spicy--just right.

Kyle looked over and saw Liz with Max, Max's back was to him and his arms seemed as if they held Liz perfectly. As they danced Liz's face came into view and Kyle smiled, he knew she was happy and that was all he wanted. When the song ended the D.J. announced that he was taking any song requests and that he would be around for another half hour.

Kyle pulled away from Isabel slowly and picked up her hand to kiss it. "Thanks." He said looking up at her.

Isabel gave him a sad smile and nodded. "You're welcome…"

Kyle caught tears in her eyes as she walked away. He furrowed his eyebrow and sighed; women were complete mysteries to him.

Liz stayed in Max's arms a few minutes after the song was over and Max held her close to him. He never wanted her to leave; he wanted her to stay forever in his arms. Sadly, she pulled away and looked around. "Do you wanna…"

"Liz." A voice called out from the crowd.

Liz turned around and caught sight of Alex's dad. "Mr. Whitman?" Liz said walking towards him.

Max watched from his spot a few feet away.

Liz walked over to Mr. Whitman and gave him what looked like an awkward but very heartfelt hug. "I'm so glad you came…" Liz said pulling back.

"Me too…I think Alex would have wanted it. You and Maria were such great friends to him, I feel that if he was not able to be here…then he would want me to be here." He said looking down and avoiding Liz's eyes.

Liz smiled and nodded. "Thank you." And she truly meant it. Having Alex's father there looking all tall and gangly made her feel that Alex's presence was closer. "Let's go over here…" Liz said as she motioned to a booth.

Max watched and started following them but then hung back. How could he face the father of a friend that his ex-girlfriend/wife killed? How could he even think to look him in the eye? Max pulled back and walked back to his parents.

"Max, we're going to head out. Now, don't come home too late." Diane said as she gathered her things. "And stay together, no leaving with strange people."

Max rolled his eyes and nodded. "Alright mom…" It was going to be weird getting used to listening to parents and doing what they wanted. He waved as they walked out. He looked around for someone to talk to but didn't see anyone. He swallowed and turned towards the table where Liz and Alex's dad were sitting. He walked slowly up to the table.

Liz saw Max coming out of the corner of her eye and she slid over so he would have room to sit.

"So, how did you hold up this year?" Mr. Whitman asked Liz. He gave Max a small smile when he sat down. "Hi Max…" He said in almost a whisper.

Max nodded and reached under the table to hold Liz's hand. Liz gave him a quick smile and then turned her attention back to Mr. Whitman. "Well, it was stressful…but it's over now…how about you?" She asked her eyes opened wide with concern and sympathy.

"It was rough…definitely rough. I wanted to keep in contact with you and Maria more…it was just, when school started and Alex wasn't there…I could…I just couldn't bring myself to…" He said looking down.

Liz's bottom lip quivered and she bit it to stop the shaking. She reached out and gently touched Mr. Whitman's shaking hands. "Mr. Whitman, please don't feel bad for that. Maria and I understand completely. I know how hard it must have been for you…" She said giving his hand a squeeze and then pulling back and reaching for Max's hand.

Max looked away feeling uncomfortable. He wanted to comfort them both but what right did he have doing that? ["Liz, I'm so sorry…I don't know what to say to him." Max thought to Liz.

Liz turned and gave him a small smile. ["It's okay, you don't have to say anything." She thought back.

["You did it again." Max thought giving her a small smile.

Liz swelled up with pride; she was so excited that she had figured out how to talk with her mind. She squeezed Max's hand and then turned to Mr. Whitman who was putting his hanky back in his pocket.

"So, Max, how have you been? Last I heard you and Isabel had left town to find your real parents…your folks were heartbroken." Mr. Whitman said giving Max an uncomfortable smile.

Max nodded and swallowed. "Yeah, we did…but we're back now…" Max said quietly avoiding his eyes.

Mr. Whitman nodded and looked towards Liz. "I bet that tore you and Maria up, losing two more friends…" he said giving her a comforting smile.

Liz shifted uncomfortably in her seat. ["This is awkward." She thought to Max.

"Yeah, it was hard…" Liz said softly. "So, Mr. Whitman would you like something to eat? There are burgers and fries in the kitchen. And we're about to have karaoke if you'd like to stay and watch people make fools of themselves." She said smiling.

"No, I think I am going to take off…I just wanted to pop in and say hi and bring you and Maria this…" He said handing Liz a card and a small wrapped gift. "It's for both you and Maria, from Alex and I…" He said looking down. "Open it together please…and don't worry about thank yous…I actually am thinking of moving." He finished quickly.

Liz's heart skipped a beat. "Why?" She asked suddenly feeling dejected.

"Too many memories…" He said looking around. In all honesty he hadn't been able to step foot in the crashdown since Alex's death and every time he passed it all he thought about was how Alex would spend hours there every day, waiting for the girls to get off their shift or just studying. He couldn't stand hearing the news because there was always talk about something going on at Roswell High, a place his son would never graduate from. And as much as he loved the girls, seeing them broke his heart and even when they smiled at him, he wanted to cry.

"Oh…" Liz said feeling the tears start to well up in the back of her eyes. "Can I ask you a favor?" She asked.

"Anything." Mr. Whitman said giving her a weak smile.

"Before you do, can we go in his room…just to…you know, say one last goodbye?" Liz asked her eyes now full of tears.

Mr. Whitman stood up and looked down at her. He looked away and nodded. "Sure, anytime…just drop by…I'll be there." He said before walking towards the door.

Liz watched him and didn't have the strength to get up and follow him out. She then turned to Max and gave him a sad wavering smile. Max looked into her tear filled eyes and pulled her to his chest. He stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. ["Please don't cry…I know it hurts…" He thought to her wanting to calm her.

Liz let out a small sob and clutched to his arms digging her nails in. Max didn't feel it though, all he felt was waves of sadness radiating off Liz's small body. He slid out of the booth and pulled her up. ["Come on, I'll take you upstairs so you can get cleaned up." He thought as he pulled her through the crowd, shielding her from people who were giving her strange looks.

Kyle caught a glimpse of Max ushering Liz through the crowd and he gave a quick apology to the girl he was dancing with and he rushed after them. Max got Liz to the backroom and was taking her upstairs when Kyle burst through the doors. "Max what happened?!" He asked running up the stairs.

Max kept pushing Liz up the stairs as she continued to cry. "Kyle, it's fine, I've got it." Max said as he looked behind him. Kyle frowned and continued to follow them. When they got up the stairs and into Liz's room, they saw Michael and Maria climbing into the room via Liz's window.

"Liz?" Maria said when she heard her friend crying.

Liz looked up and Maria caught sight of her tear filled eyes.

"Oh my gosh Liz, what happened?" Maria asked.

Liz didn't say a word she just moved from Max's arms into Maria's. Maria held Liz close to her and stroked her wavy hair. Kyle moved past Max and to the two girls. He searched his back pocket and pulled out his hanky. "Here…" He said handing it to Liz.

Liz clutched on to Maria but managed to look towards Kyle. "Thanks…" She said as she continued to cry. Maria took the hanky from Kyle and gave him a smile.

"Will someone tell me what happened?" She asked growing impatient.

Liz took the hanky and blew her nose. She went to her bed and sat down. Maria walked over and sat right next to her. "Sweetie, what happened? Tell me." She said softly reaching for Liz's hand.

Liz gave her a small smile and then handed her the present that Mr. Whitman had given her. "It's a present…from Mr. Whitman. He said it was from him and Alex…he just came by…"

"Oh…" Maria said understanding now what had set Liz off.

"I was wondering when he would stop by, you girls would always call him…and he'd never get in touch." Michael said crossing his arms as he stood by the window watching the girls.

"He said it was too hard…that he couldn't bring himself to talk to us." Liz said in between tears. "He also said he is moving…" Liz finished with a sob.

Maria's eyes opened wide. "Moving? He can't move!" She said standing up feeling herself becoming flustered.

Michael stepped forward and brought Maria into his arms trying to calm her down. Liz looked up and nodded slowly. "He said Roswell has too many memories for him…he is moving…"

"But, that's where Alex lived! He can't take that from us! He can't do it!" Maria exclaimed her voice becoming louder and more frantic.

Michael rubbed her arm for support and gave her a sad smile. Kyle walked past them and to Liz on the bed. He sat next to her and brought her closer to him. "I'm sorry Liz…" He said wishing he had been there with her when Mr. Whitman had visited. "I wish I would have been there…"

"It's okay…Max was there…" She said looking at Max who felt very out of place.

Kyle nodded and kissed her on the forehead. "It'll be okay." He said trying to reassure her.

Maria shook her head. "No, he can't leave."

"We're leaving." Michael stated.

The room fell silent.

"Yeah but when we come back…it's…he…" Maria stopped and closed her eyes. She would not cry, not now, not when Liz was so obviously upset.

"He said we could go visit…before we left." Liz said softly.

The room was quiet again.

Max crossed his arms and looked around. Michael was beside Maria, and Kyle was with Liz. He suddenly felt very alone. He rubbed his eyes and hoped that Isabel was in a quiet area. ["Is, where are you?" He thought to her.

Isabel was downstairs at the counter drinking water and wondering where everyone had run off to. She felt Max probe into her head. She sighed and closed her eyes. ["I'm downstairs. Where are you?" She sent back to him

["I am upstairs in Liz's room…make some excuse to come up here." He thought to her.

Isabel sighed and stood up. She started to walk towards the back but was stopped by Jeff. "You're Isabel, Max's sister correct?" He asked her.

Isabel gave him a pained look but nodded. "Yes, I am."

"Do you know where he is? Or Liz, or Maria? We are about to do karaoke and open presents." He said looking around.

Isabel smiled and nodded. "Actually I do, I'll go get them for you." She said as she walked past him and into the back of the Crashdown. When she walked in she saw Max by the door, Liz and Kyle on the bed and Maria and Michael by the window.

"So, the party's in here then?" She asked cracking a joke.

Liz looked up and through tear filled eyes gave her a small smile. Kyle gave her a lopsided grin and Maria glared at her from her spot near the window.

"Liz, your dad wants you guys." She said after a while.

Liz nodded and stood up wiping her eyes with Kyle's hanky.

"Wait…" Maria said stopping Liz. "We need to open this now." She said holding the gift up.

"Okay." Liz said eyeing the present.

Everyone watched while Liz opened the card and Maria opened the present.

["What's going on Max?" Isabel thought.

["This is a present from Mr. Whitman and Alex to Maria and Liz." He thought back to her.

Isabel stiffened and gave Max a side-glance. She bit her bottom lip and shifted uncomfortably.

"Oh my…" Maria said as she pulled a small photo album out of the wrapping paper. "It's beautiful…" She said softly.

Liz looked up. "What is it…" she said standing up and making her way over to Maria. When she got there she saw a small photo album with a picture of her, Maria and Alex on the front. She looked at Maria and nodded signaling her to open it.

Maria opened the album and instantly felt a tear roll down her face. It was a baby picture of Alex. As she flipped through the pages, they saw picture after picture of Alex when he was younger and then, as he got older. There were pictures of the three of them, pictures of him with his family, pictures of him with his band, pictures of him at the blind date concert, pictures of him at Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, everything.

Liz swallowed and leaned her head on Maria's shoulder. It was the perfect gift.

"What does the card say?" Maria asked turning to Liz.

Liz opened the card and found a piece of paper folded up in it. She took the paper out and read the card aloud.

Liz and Maria,

Congratulations on your big day! I know that you girls have a bright future ahead of yourselves. I am proud of you…Alex is proud of you too. I went through his stuff recently and found this song, which he wrote about you two. It 's about two beautiful girls and their dorky guy friend and the friendship they shared. It's called 'Friendship has no end' and he never wrote music to it, just lyrics. I know that if he had lived, he would have wanted you guys to hear it or at least read the lyrics. This is the only copy he had and I know he would want you guys to have it.

Liz paused to wipe a tear off her cheek and to gain her composure.

As for the other gift, that is from me. I have pictures all over of Alex and I wanted you to have some…I know that you girls will cherish them more than anyone and that you will keep him alive through it. I hope you girls like it. I will be moving soon…so anything of Alex's that you girls would like is for you two to take. I am sorry I have not kept in touch; it's just too hard. But just know that you have a friend in me. Good luck girls.

Liz finished the letter and closed the card. She grabbed the piece of paper and opened it. Her eyes scanned the song and she smiled. Maria came up behind her and put her chin on Liz's shoulder and she too began reading the song. Michael soon joined them, as did Kyle.

Isabel was frozen in her spot. She didn't know what to do or say. Max turned to give her a comforting look but nothing could comfort her. After a few minutes Max walked over to join the group in looking at the pictures and reading the song. Liz looked so sad to him, he walked over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Liz smiled up at him and looked around. "We need to go downstairs before my father has a cow…" She said trying to lighten the mood.

"I don't want to go to the party…how can we have fun now?" Maria asked sounding defeated. "I just can't go dance and sing…as if everything is fine…It's not fine…." She said softly.

"Hey, we can't be like that." Kyle stepped in. "Alex wouldn't have wanted us crying and feeling sorry for ourselves. He would have wanted us to go have fun!" He said looking at Liz and Maria. "You know he would have." He finished.

Liz nodded. "I know…" She said trying to smile.

Michael nodded and grabbed the guitar he had given to Maria earlier. "Here…maybe you can sing something tonight in memory of Alex. He'd want you to." He finished giving her a smile.

Maria nodded determinedly and took the guitar. "Okay, let's go have fun, for Alex." She said her mood brightening significantly.

Everybody agreed and began walking out. Finally everyone was out of the room except Liz who was putting the album on her desk and Isabel who was waiting by the door still glued to her spot. As Liz turned around she gave Isabel a quizzical look. "Isabel?" She asked as she made her way to the door.

"Liz, can I ask you a favor?" Isabel asked her voice breaking up.

Liz nodded.

"Can I look at the album?"

Liz's eyes opened wide and she nodded her head.

"Of course." She said as she walked over to her desk and grabbed it. She walked to Isabel and handed it to her. "Take all the time you need." She said as she closed the door and left Isabel alone in her room.

The rest of the night went smoothly. Liz, Maria, and Kyle received more presents than they have ever dreamed of. And the three of them went on the karaoke machine to sing "Whatta Man" by En Vogue. Everybody got a kick out of that one.

Max watched the girls up there singing and dancing while Kyle flexed his muscles and pretended to woo all the ladies and he couldn't help but double over in laughter. He looked around and realized that Isabel was nowhere to be seen. When the night was over he walked up to Liz's room and found Isabel asleep, her face was tear stained and the album was opened up to a picture of her and Alex at the prom.

Max shook his head and took the album from its spot on Liz's bed. He flipped through the pictures and saw one of him and Alex at Isabel's birthday party. He smiled sadly at it and closed the album setting it down on the bed. "Is…" He said reaching out and shaking her lightly.

Isabel woke up. She was having horrible nightmares about Alex dying and she had never been so happy to be woken up. She looked at Max and without warning grabbed him up in a hug. "I miss him…" She whispered as she gripped onto Max.

Max closed his eyes and held her tightly. ["I know." He thought to her as he pulled away.

"Let's go…" He said as he helped her up and walked back downstairs.

Everybody was cleaning up and talking animatedly about their plans. He waved at everyone and walked over to Liz who was cleaning up the counter space. He smiled at her and handed her a small box. "Here…this is for you." He said softly.

Liz opened her eyes wide in surprise and took the box from him. "Oh, Max, you didn't have to get me anything…" She said as she smiled up at him.

He shook his head. "I wanted to. Open it." He urged her.

Liz tore the wrapping paper off the box and gave a small 'oh' when she saw it was a jewelry box. She eyed Max and opened the box. She gasped when she saw the necklace inside. "Oh my goodness…Max…" She said as she stared at it.

Max smiled and took the necklace out of the book. He unhooked it and stepped behind Liz to put it on her neck. "It's a precious stone from our planet, Antar. It's the rarest stone there…a Cynrecitenth stone…and the shape is of our planet." He said as he fastened the necklace around her neck.

Liz fingered the stone and looked down at it. "It's beautiful…your planet is lovely." She said truly in awe of his planet.

"You know, Isabel used to tell me that, the human side of me loved you…and the alien side of me loved Tess even if it was in the past…but I think she's wrong." He said softly before stepping in front of her. He reached out and touched her cheek. "No, I don't think she's wrong, I know she's wrong. Both sides of me love you Liz…only you." He whispered as he kissed her forehead. "And I am sorry that I let you think otherwise…"

Liz's breathing caught in her throat. "Oh…"

"I want you to know this Liz Parker," Max said swallowing. He pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. "There may be two sides of me...but they both belong to you."

Liz closed her eyes and fought back tears; she was tired of crying. When she opened her eyes she saw him looking at her and even though she had her doubts before as she looked into her eyes she had not one doubt. Max gave her a half smile and turned to leave but Liz jumped on him and gave him a hug. He hugged her back and reached down to plant a soft kiss on her lips. She kissed him back and held his head to her. She never wanted to let him go and she definitely didn't want him to leave. "Do you have to go?" She asked softly as they pulled back.

He nodded reluctantly and sighed. "Yeah, my parents want Isabel and I to leave together…but, I'll see you tomorrow for sure. I'll call you." He said giving her one last kiss.

Liz smiled and released him. Her heart ached for him as she watched him say goodbye to the rest of the group. When he reached the door he turned back around to give her one last smile.

"So, I'm guessing that whole 'look into my eyes' soul mate thing is back huh?" Maria asked as she came up behind Liz to throw away a paper plate.

Liz laughed and shook her head. "We'll see…we'll see…"


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