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Not Another High School Story

Sakura sat on the uncomfortable green bus seat waiting anxiously for her first day at her new high school. She had just moved to Konoha a few weeks ago during the summer and it never even registered with her until a week ago that she would be going to a completely different school, have to make new friends, and completely leave the ones she'd made at her old village. A sigh escaped her lips thinking about Kana and Roki, her two best friends since kindergarten. She had missed them so much the past couple of weeks and this day was going to be extremely hard to get through without them. She had always hoped that they would get through high school together, and as soon as they enter Sophomore year, she has to move, disrupting all of her previous plans.

The bus skid to a halt and Sakura noticed that they were already there. "That wasn't even a 10 minute bus ride." She mumbled under her breath. She gripped her books until her knuckles turned white to gain enough courage to stand up, walk off, and kiss her old high school life goodbye.

My God…this place is gigantic. Sakura thought. There were 3 floors to the enormous high school of Konoha, but that's not what Sakura was referring to. She was talking about the mass of people running off the dozens of buses that escorted them. Half of them all intertwined in the center of the building, or on the front steps, talking to their old friends, while some just stood, staring in awe of the building. Most likely Freshman…Sakura thought to herself once more.

She had somehow made her way past the swarm of students and into the air conditioned hallway to try and find someone who knew where the hell Room 127 was. "Excuse me, where's ro-and you're not listening…" Sakura mumbled the last part under her breath in annoyance as the girl she was asking the question to walked away without a word. She sucked her teeth and kept walking around aimlessly for a good 10 minutes before her shoulder collided with a boy's in the hallway, knocking her books on the ground. "Just what I was trying to avoid"Sakura grumbled under her breath loud enough for the boy to hear. She knelt down to pick up her books and after a few seconds noticed he wasn't down here helping her. Ugh, what a jerk.. she thought again. The guy had a piercing in his ear, dark brown hair combed back into a ponytail and a look of annoyance of the whole situation written on his face. "Shika! Don't stand there like a lump, help her with her books!" a female's voice echoed the hallways. Sakura looked up to find a girl slightly older than her with 4 spiky blonde pony tails on her head and dark teal piercing eyes glaring at the boy apparently name 'Shika'. "I would…"
the boy sighed, and then stretched his arms over his neck "but it's just too troublesome." "The only troublesome thing here is your damn attitude!" the girl hissed and bent down to help Sakura with her books while the boy shrugged and said "See ya at lunch, Tem." and dragged off. "Sorry 'bout him, the lazy dope…he doesn't mean it, he's sweet." The girl said with a grin. "Oh, no problem. I'm Sakura." She said and held out her hand dropping the books again. The girl with the four pony tails stared at her like she had a 3rd eye at first, then sighed and smiled and shook her hand saying "Temari. Nice to meet ya Sakura. So, you new here or something?" "Yea, I just moved here a few weeks ago, actually." Temari looked slightly surprised "Really? Wow, big adjustment, huh? Hold on for a second I see my pal, TenTen. Hey Ten!!!" Temari screamed and Sakura flinched. She gathered that Temari was obviously not the kind of person to care about what others thought of her, especially when screaming at that volume and getting heated glares from people and returning those glares back with extra heat.

It had been about 15 minutes and after hanging out with Temari and TenTen, Sakura had met Hinata, whom was extremely shy, and Ino, who seemed a bit full of herself but very nice. The bell suddenly rang and the girls said there good byes and said they'd meet during 3rd lunch and Sakura gasped "Third lunch? But I have first lunch!" Oh awesome..the first friends I made here, and I cant even socialize with them at lunch She practically screamed in her mind. "Oh no…" Hinata sighed looking broken hearted "Well, this sucks.." TenTen chimed in. "Ugh…it's not big deal. See you guys later." Sakura said forcing her face to form a smile and the girls waved and walked off, but not before Ino informed her where room 127 was.

Trying to hold back tears, Sakura sat in a seat in her classroom. "Gah, why do I feel like I want to cry so bad?" she asked herself while rubbing her eyes. It was no big deal really, she'd just have to find someone to sit next to at lunch, someone new. "Just as long as I don't sit alone." She whispered to herself in determination. "Um..are you talking to yourself?" a voice asked behind her. Sakura's eyes widened and noticed that she had been and turned around to see a blonde boy with 6 lines on his face, 3 on each cheek, and deep blue eyes staring at her with concern. "Um…no, I was just...singing." "Oh..k. Well, I've never seen you here before. I think I'd notice someone with Cotton Candy pink hair. I'm Naruto DATTABOYO!" Sakura stared at him with a look of fear and disturbance. "Sorry….sometimes that just comes out." The blonde said lowering his head and turning red. Sakura held back her laughter and said "Im Sakura. Nice to meet you Naruto." and smiled nicely at him. Then, Sakura noticed a boy walk in, a boy that caught her eye like no one ever has. He had crimson red hair and sea foam green eyes with dark rings around them, eyeliner Sakura thought. He was wearing a dark red shirt, slightly darker than his hair, and black Tripp pants and was wearing a long black jacked over it all and took his seat next to Naruto without a glance. "Hey Gaara, didn't even see ya walk in. How was your Summer, dude?" Naruto asked with a smile "Alright." Gaara sighed opening his book and pretending to read just to silence Naruto. Omg his eyes are gorgeous.. Sakura thought to herself, not noticing she was staring at him. Gaara and Naruto exchanged glances at each other…glances that seemed to say 'the hell is she starin' at?'. Naruto practically jumped in front of her and started waving and screamed "Oi! Sakura! Watcha lookin' at!?" which snapped Sakura out of her daze to see that the red head boy was glaring out her with obvious annoyance. Perfect. She thought to herself with a sweatdrop behind her head.


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