Its been about 4 years since Sasuke left. Naruto has become a member of the ANBU and well Sakura…….hasn't recovered like everyone thought she would. If she wasn't out training with Tsunade, she was at home crying, sleeping, or studying. Naruto had been worried from day 1 but now hes worrying more then usual, because Sakura just seems to be getting worse….well according to Tsunade anyway since, Sakura didn't talk to anyone anymore.

Team Gai is holding a party for all the teams and Naruto is trying to convince Sakura to go. But its kinda hard since she won't open the door and he can't really hear threw the thick door.

"Sakura please open the door" Naruto pleaded.

He heard a muffled noise and was pretty sure it was yet another no.

But then to his surprise the door opened and a red eyed Sakura stood in the door way.

"Sakura….." He couldn't bring himself to say anything.

"What" she snapped " are you coming in or not".

"Oh yea" he said stepping in.

For Sakura being a wreck, the apartment was still intact and pretty much clean except for the occasional pillow or blanket on the couch or chair.

"I came to tell you that you are invited to go to the Team Party tomorrow" He said turning to Sakura.

"No" She snapped suddenly.

"But atleast think it over…." He began.

"I'm NOT going….AND you can't make me" she sneered.

He sighed. Sakura can be sooo stubborn at times.

"Your not gonna change your mind" He asked.

"NO" she literally yelled.

"Well I tried" he said sighing, he turned and opened the door.

"It would be nice to see you there" He said and walked out the door.

Sakura slumped down against the wall.

What did I do…..My best friend and I……

She began to cry.

Maybe I should go

She thought about this idea.

Yea I'll go to say I'm sorry to Naruto

She knew she could have always gone to see him at Ichiracku(Is that how you spell it??) but she wanted to see all of her friends…..She knew they all needed to be apologized to….I mean sure they do she shut herself away from them for 4 years god….

She went to her closet and pulled out a pair of short jean shorts and a black tube top. She put a pair of matching black heels with the outfit when she put it on the back of her computer chair. She crawled under the covers of her nice warm bed. She thought about what might or might not be at the party….

One thing is for sure I won't hafta face Sasuke……

Or will she???

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