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He ran. His throat ached with every breathe he took. He was panting as his arms swung wildly in an effort to run, to escape.

He slipped and caught himself midfall and his hand slapped against the wet concrete to keep his balance. He hissed in pain, then regretted it.

The footsteps, they were getting closer.

He pushed himself off the ground and took off at a speed he'd never known he could achieve.

It was so cold that night. The weatherman had lied. He would have worn a coat if he had…

The man almost laughed at how stupid his thoughts were. Someone was trying to kill him, and somehow his thoughts were on the weather. Typical.

His eyes caught something. A barrel!

He thought the warehouse had been abandoned long ago. How could a barrel be…?

Oh no! The footsteps!

The man forgot the reason as to why the barrel was still there and took it as a blessing for his predicament and quickly jumped behind it.

It was so quiet, except for the droplets of water that fell from the ceiling and splashed against the cement floors. So quiet, except for his erratic breathing that sent cold puffs into the air. So quiet, except for the constant drum of his pounding heart.

Had the assassin left?

He took a peek from behind the barrel. He saw nothing.

He rolled from behind the barrel and cautiously slid against the wet ground on his hands and knees. Perhaps the fates had shown him mercy this night. He should take their gift and….

Oh Gods! The footsteps!

He whirled and ran in the opposite direction. How? How could he have found him so quick…..?

He came upon a window and tried to slow himself despite the wet floor. He came to a squeaky halt in front of it. The man peeked down, and gulped.

It was at least a thirty foot drop. There was no way he could survive a fall like tha…!

The man stopped his train of thoughts. The hair on the back of his neck lifted and the goosebumps on his arms began to rise….and he knew why.

He was right behind him.

He swiftly turned and saw the assassin about fifteen feet away, just standing there in the darkness.

The man blinked as he came to a sudden realization.

He was waiting for him to make the first move.

He licked his lips as the assassin watched him…or was he watching him? He couldn't tell. The assassin was wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses? At night? How ridiculous was that!?

He gulped again when the assassin pulled his sword from its sheath.

There was nothing ridiculous about it.

The frightened man's eyes darted back and forth, looking for something, anything to help him. There was none.

He took a wary glance at the window behind him.

It was his only chance.

He turned back and saw the assassin still standing there, shrouded in darkness. He took a step towards the attacker then…,

Turned and braced his arms against his face as he took a flying leap through the glass.

The glass ripped at his skin and expensive clothing as he broke though it. The air was a welcoming reprieve from it all.

As he fell, he let the wind caress him and pull him into its embrace. It was so gentle, peaceful even. He could stay like this forev….

The ground jolted him back into reality with a rough punch to his face and gut. He felt his teeth move uncertainly from side to side in his mouth and his jaw jerk to an unnatural position. He lost feeling in both his arms and he felt an uncomfortable snap in his left leg as his body bounced and rolled across the pavement.

As his broken body came to slow halt, he tried to open his eyes, trying to break away from the pain that ripped through him.

Unable to open the right one, he slowly lifted his left eyelid and as his vision cleared, he saw that he was not that far from where his body must have hit the…..shattered boxes? Hmm. Well that explained the bouncing and rolling.

He gazed upwards at the window through his unbeaten eye and saw the assassin looking downwards at him. The assassin turned, then strolled away.

The man tried to sigh through his scratched trachea and instead got a whistling sound that was caused by his broken teeth. Well, this wasn't the way he planned it, but…..


The assassin gracefully jumped through the window and planted one foot on the top box and pushed off and thrice flipped before landing in a crouched position only ten feet away from where his body lay, helpless to escape.

The man whimpered and tried to crawl away as the assassin strolled towards him unsheathing the sword once again, but it was no use.

I'm going to die!

He looked up at the assassin through his good eye and tried to make his lips move…then stopped.

The assassin's hair was a dark almost chocolaty brown and it whipped against the slight breeze. The assassin was also adorning a blue necklace that had some sort of engravings on it. And although the killer was wearing all black, they could not hide that the figure was definitely….


Great, the man thought with the little sense he had left. I'm going to be killed by a woman!?

He jumped when he felt cold steel press against his neck. Blood dripped down his already stained collar. He gurgled as he tried to plead for his life.


His head slightly jerked at her voice. It was soft and gentle, like ocean waves, definitely not the voice of a cold hearted assassin!

He saw her shrug.

"It's nothing personal, mind you. I just do what I'm told."

Even though she wore sunglasses, he could tell her eyes had narrowed because of the dip in her eyebrows.

"And I was told to kill you."

She moved the sword away in a position as if she were about to go golfing. He stared at her, fear evident in his eyes as he sputtered and chocked, begging, pleading, she imagined, for her to spare him.

She sighed and lifted her sunglasses until they sat atop her head.

"I'm sorry."

As the sword collided with his neck and pain and eventually darkness overwhelmed him, he couldn't help but notice how beautiful her eyes were. They were such a wondrous shade of blue….such a dangerous shade of blue…..

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