In the life of Emmett

(The Comedy)

Prologue- Bad Kitty

"Emmett!" Rosalie yells from the kitchen. " Is there a cat in this house?"

Oh No,... " Um, NO! Why would you say that?" I ask her, walking in. She turns around, and stares at me.

" Um, maybe the fact that the receipt has cat toys, cat food, cat beds, and the dead give away..." She points to the sofa...

The brand new sofa. Scratches tear through the leather. Crap. Bat cat, bad, bad, bad cat!

Play it cool, I tell myself. "How did that get there?" Maybe she will believe me, this time...

"You are experimenting with the cat, aren't you? How many times have I told you not to experiment with animals? Let us remember the baby pigeon."

We stop, and I remember. The poor pigeon, it was only a baby. It had fallen from its nest, and broken both wings! So I bit it, being a vampire has advantages... Immortality, for one. nothing could hurt the bird. Other than Rosalie. After she saw it on the news, (It flew into the windshield of a huge semi, and broke the driver skull, not to mention the poor window.) She Went over to NASA, And bird-napped it. Then she put it through my bill shredder, and the took the long, flat strips, and through them in the fire place.

"Ok," I say, "No More Pets."

"Thank you." She says before walking outside.

"I'll just get a bat...Ha.." I mutter.

" NO ANIMALS, EMMETT!!!!! Don't make me tell Carlisle!" She yells stepping back in. I moan, and go to the game room. I turn on the Wii, and play whatever game is in it currently.

" What the ...?" I say. The Wii stopped working...

" Promise Emmett?" She says.

" Fine, electricity back on, please?"

I hear her evil cackle, and the Wii start to run again.

" Evil-vampire-she devil-creature." I mutter. The Wii stops working.

"What?" She yells. I hate her power. We recently discovered that she could make electricity stop, and start... All I have is my strength... Can you say boring?

" I said it was stupid to experiment on the bird!" I yell. And just like magic, the Wii starts working.

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