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Title- Flawless

Summary- He didn't ask for this! He was forced to stay at his shrink's home. And worst of all, he hates her 'perfect' daughter. So why does he feel attracted to her?

Genre- Romance/Humor

Chapter 1: Excuse me?

He sighed out of frustration.

This was just a bunch of bullshit!

He sat lazily on his seat as he waited for his name to be called. He yawned loudly, ignoring the glares people sent him. He didn't care what other people think about him. What matters is what he thinks about himself, right?

I mean, it's you who has to feel comfortable about yourself, regardless about what others think. To put it short: The hell with the world!

So why was he here. . . .again?

His name was called by a monotone, tired voice out loud, from the door that leads to his annoying location.

He sighed in somewhat relief because he was starting to get annoyed with the stares people were sending him. And it also means the sooner he gets this over with, the sooner he can leave.

But the real question is. . . .where is he to go?

But that's another story.

Causally getting up from his seat and taking his time walking to the door, he enters the hallway.

"Right this way, please," said the same voice, and he realized it was the nurse who was talking to him. He followed her to one of the rooms.

"Please wait here," she simply said as she exited the room, closing the door.

He eyed the room, it was a lot nicer than other ones he has been to. This one seemed more . . . cozy?

It was like the ones you see on televison. Clean and relaxing, two -what seems very comfy- sofas, a huge window where you can see the streets, and a desk on the right side of the room.

'Nice desk. . . . chair seems comfy,' he thought. 'Does it spin fast?'

A small smirk appeared on his lips. When he was about to take a step, the door opened.

He frowned but it was quickly replaced by one of his 'I don't care' expressions. He turned around and raised an eyebrow.

Before him was a middle-aged woman with short, slightly curly hair combed neatly and a black suit which was simple, yet, professional. Her face was heart-shaped, her eyebrows were neat and clean, her brown eyes were surrounded by very light wrinkled, bringing her down to her small, slightly flat nose, and to her thin lips.

She didn't seem any different from the others but she was smiling and that little thing kinda freaked him out.

"Hello, please have a seat over there on one of the sofas," she said professionally and politely, her index finger pointing to where the sofas were.

He nodded and did what he was told.

'Yup, they are comfortable,' he thought as he sat down.

The woman sat on the other sofa which was across from him and crossed her legs. She was reading through papers that held his information.

He sat, patiently, waiting for her to speak and tell him what he has already heard from many other professionals such as herself.

"Well, first of all, I would like to introduce myself," she said setting the papers down on her lap, smiling once again. "I am Dr. Higurashi."

He nodded and cleared his throat. "Well there's no point in saying my name since you obviously know it," he said in his usual tone.

Dr. Higurashi smile faltered just a little but regained it with a soft chuckle.

"I must say that I do, Inuyasha," she said in a casual tone which seems sort of warming in a way.

Inuyasha didn't say anything, but just sat on the sofa.

Dr. Higurashi sighed. "Do you know why you're here?"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Kinda obvious, wouldn't you say? But I'm fine. I just don't get why people don't listen to me."

Dr. Higurashi raised a brow. "After what happened, you think you are just 'fine?'"

Inuyasha nodded. "Yeah, pretty much," he said casually. "People tend to have different reactions, I just happen to be the calm one."

"A sense of humor, I see," she said as she looked through the papers once again. "Not quite the same reaction I get from every foster child I meet."

Inuyasha remained calm in his position.

Dr. Higurashi looked up once again. "I see this is not your first visit to a psychologist, am I right?"

Inuyasha nodded. "I don't see why I have to keep on coming," he muttered.

Dr. Higurashi nodded, looking back at the papers. "Probably because every home you have been in you were either abused, gotten into fights, or they just couldn't handle you."

Inuyasha sighed. "Happens all the time to people like me."

Dr. Higurashi shook her head. "And yet, you have never talked to any professional properly."

Inuyasha ran his fingers through his hair. "There's nothing to say," he said, annoyed. "Maybe if you guys pay more close attention the people you sent us to and stop making excuses on blaming foster children then I wouldn't be here. But like I said I am fine."

"Is this why you don't talk to any psychologist, because you believe you are fine?" she asked.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "It is not that I believe I am fine, it's because I know I am fine!"

Dr. Higurashi nodded. " I was warned about your temper, Inuyasha."

"See I don't get it. I'm always sent to stupid psychologists when I know I am perfectly fine and healthy. I'm not crazy. However, there are other foster kids who do need this but you guys just love to waste your fucking time on nothing when there is someone with something wrong who needs your professional help!" Inuyasha snapped.

Dr. Higurashi nodded, once again. "I see. Do you know anyone who has a problem, Inuyasha?" she asked seriously.

Inuyasha rubbed his temples. "Too many to count. But then again, it's their fault for not opening their fucking mouth because they don't wanna talk."

"Sounds like someone I know. But then again you are fine."

Inuyasha glared at her. "Yes, I am."

Dr. Higurashi smiled softly. "You do know why you're here, right? This isn't like any ordinary place you've been to."

Inuyasha looked around the office. "The place is a lot nicer and I bet it cost a lot more but the people working in here are not very different," he snorted.

Dr. Higurashi eyed him with mischief. "I see. And you say you're fine."

Inuyasha let out a frustrated sigh. "For the last time already, I AM fine! Why don't you pick on someone else other than me?"

"Because not a lot of foster kids say nothing when they were just held at gun point, Inuyasha," Dr. Higurashi retorted.

Inuyasha bit the inside of his cheek and crossed his arms. His lips then turned into a smirk.

"So because I was held at gun point they send me to some fancy psychologist's place. This is a bunch of bull shit," he spat. "Why can't they send someone else with a real problem here?!"

"Because it seems that you do have a problem and you just keep it all inside," she said.

Inuyasha shook his head. "This is the same crap over and over."

Dr. Higurashi pulled out a pen from one of her pockets and started writing in the papers on her lap. "I came to a decision," she said firmly. "You're going to a new foster home."

"No shit," Inuyasha mumbled sarcastically.

Dr. Higurashi smiled at him. "And that would be my home."


Dr. Higurashi raised an eyebrow. "Problem?"

Inuyasha glared at her in disbelieve. "You can't be my foster parent. You're my psychologist!"

Dr. Higurashi stood up and walked to the desk and went through the drawers looking for God knows what. "I am also a foster mother for foster kids and like I said this is not like any ordinary place you have been to."

Inuyasha rubbed his temples. "You got to be kidding me," he mumbled.

"Your house is a shrine?" Inuyasha asked in disbelieve as he got out of the car.

Dr. Higurashi nodded. "Yup. My father, who lived with us, was a priest and gave me the shrine when he passed away."

Inuyasha nodded as he carried - what he had left - a bag of his belongings. Dr. Higurashi and he started walking up the many stairs to the house.

"Don't you get tired walking all the way up here?" he asked.

Dr. Higurashi shook her head. "I learned to get used to it."

"You have kids?" he asked again. She did say earlier that her father with 'us.'

She nodded. "Yes, they should be home by now from school. I have a son who is twelve and a daughter who is seventeen. That your age, right?"

Inuyasha nodded. He paused for a moment. "What about my schooling?"

Dr. Higurashi looked at him with a smile. "That's taken care of. You're starting school tomorrow."

Inuyasha scrunched up his face. "Tomorrow?"

Dr. Higurashi let out a light laugh. "Yes, you are. I don't want any excuses."

They reached the house and entered. Inuyasha took in everything he saw. The house was once again. . . . cozy. This seemed like the ideal house everyone would like to have.

'Strange place for a shrine,' he told himself.

"Mom? You home?" a young, male voice was heard.

"Let's go to the kitchen," Dr. Higurashi said. Inuyasha followed her.

They were greeted by a boy who sat at the kitchen table watching television and eating an apple.

The boy raised a brow. "Who's that?"

Dr. Higurashi pointed with her thumb. "This is Inuyasha."

Inuyasha just raised a brow as he stared at the kid in front of him. Somewhat tall, short, black, messy hair, and brown eyes.

"Another one?" he said, bluntly.

Dr. Higurashi glared at him. "Be nice," she warned. "And show him to his room."

The boy sighed and stood up from the chair. His mother went walked toward the sink. "The dishes are clean," she stated.

The boy nodded. "Yeah, Kagome did them already and everything else."

Dr. Higurashi nodded somewhat satisfied. "Homework?"


Dr. Higurashi nodded, again. "I'm going to make dinner now. And tell your sister to come and help me. Where is she anyway?"

The boy eyed the foster kid in front of him. "Upstairs. I'll tell her to come down."

"Thank you."

The boy sighed. "Come on, I'll show you to your room. It's next to mine and across from Kagome's."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes as he followed the boy upstairs. He kind of likes the kid since he has some spunk in him.

"The name's Souta by the way," he called out.

"And I'm guessing Kagome is the sister," Inuyasha said.

Souta nodded.

"Here's your room," Souta said as he pointed to the door. "It's plain so you can customize it any way you like it."

Inuyasha nodded.

"The door to your left is my room and across from you is Kagome's room," he said pointing to the doors.

Before Inuyasha could say something Souta's door from his room opened. What Inuyasha saw left him in awe.

There stood what seemed one of the most beautiful girls he has laid eyes on. His eyes traveled her every detail. Her mid-back length, raven hair, her supple body, her beautiful, clear, clean, porcelain skin, and not only did she have the perfect curves but her face was beautiful as well. Her brows were neat and clean and perfect angle and shape. She had these beautiful blue eyes that stand out. Her nose was small and cute. Her cheeks held a natural rosy touch. Lastly, her plump, petal soft lips were rosy as well.

'She could pass as a model,' Inuyasha thought. 'Even in those clothes.'

Kagome was wearing baggy jeans and a simple white top. And she was barefoot.

"Souta, I fixed your computer," she said in a soft voice that Inuyasha felt shivers down his spine.

"Sweet!" the boy smirked. "Oh! This is Inuyasha. A newbie. And mom wants you to help her with dinner."

Kagome nodded but her eyes were studying the other older boy in front of her. She walked out of the room and her brother walked in, closing the door. Now she stood outside, staring at the boy.

She noticed how he held exotic features. He looked like he had every thing a girl could ask for in a guy: toned, tan skinned, handsome. But that wasn't what caught her attention. He had amber eyes and silver hair, probably longer than her hair. He could pass for an albino but he isn't. He also had these cat-like dog ears on the top of his head.

"Like what you see?" Inuyasha smirked.

Kagome looked him straight in the eye. "Don't flatter yourself," she said in her soft voice.

"Then what's with all the staring?" Inuyasha asked, not liking her tone of voice.

Kagome tilted her head. "You're a half demon."

Inuyasha scowled. "And?" he growled.

Kagome stood quiet for a moment before shaking her head. "Just stating the obvious," she said walking slowly pass him.

Inuyasha couldn't believe his eyes. She's walking with such grace, like a ballerina or maybe he's just losing his mind.

He ran his hand through his face and sigh. "I'm losing my mind," he mumbled.

"Is that why you're here?" he heard. He looked up and saw Kagome on top of the stair case.

He frowned. "Mind your own business. I don't got any problems."

Kagome raised an elegant eyebrow. "Then maybe that's your problem," she said as she walked down the stairs.

Confused, Inuyasha scratched his head and sighed once more as he walked to his new room in his new home.

He was for certain that there will not be any abuse here.

Or starvation.

Or people saying they can't handle him.

Or worse.

But . . .

'I hate that wench already,' he thought as he laid down in his new bed. 'I knew something was gonna go wrong.'

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