My precious mate

Chapter 1

Harry Potter lay in his room, hurt, alone, and in terrible condition. He hated his life; he felt like he was dying, it was a welcome relief, to be honest. He had lost his godfather, and even though he had told them what the Dursley's were like and how they treated him, his friends had done nothing.

Harry could feel the life leaving him, slowly; he knew he was going to die. What was worse, he didn't really care; he wanted death to claim him, even though he had a world to save, according to a stupid prophecy. Harry didn't care, if the Wizarding world cared not for him, he would not care for them.

When he had gotten back, after the Dursley's were warned, his uncle was worse than ever. He was far from stupid however; forcing Harry to write letters telling them that everything was fine, and then took them from him. He had also taken Hedwig, and kept her in the garage.

She got food, yes but barely enough to keep her strong enough to fly. However, when she delivered the letters to the order, she began biting them, trying to make them understand that Harry was in danger; they didn't pick up on her warnings.

She was an owl, she could not speak and it frustrated her to no end. She got loads of food from the Order, and hunted before she went back, trying to hide a mouse in her cage in between her visits to the Order, which seemed to work,. so, Hedwig was all right, apart from the fact she was worrying constantly about her master.

As midnight turned, she felt her master's magic explode, not in a violent way, but a way that was strange to her. She didn't know that Harry was now finally coming off age, growing in his magic and gaining his inheritance.

Hedwig wasn't aware of it, but when a witch or wizard turned sixteen years old, their power grew; usually when this happened they had someone with them to help them though it.

Coming into your magic was dangerous, especially if you were a powerful wizard already. So here was yet another down side to being Harry Potter. Perhaps if he had not been beaten, he may have survived, but he had, so it changed everything.

His magic came into itself, trying to heal him, but there were just too many things wrong with him. His body started shutting down much quicker than it would have if he'd been stronger. Coming down with a magically induced fever from getting all his magic and the gifts he would have, didn't help.

Hedwig realized suddenly that her master was ,dying; the bond she had formed with him when he was eleven told her so. She could also feel his magic getting weaker, and even an owl knew it only did this when the person was dying.

She made a racket, flapping her wings wildly and biting at the metal cage trying with all her might to get out. Her master needed her; he needed help.

She bit down repeatedly on the metal cage, was finally able to bite though it. She quickly did the same with the other bits of metal; it took her half an hour to break the cage . Finally, the last metal bar was bitten and she head butted the cage and the cut bit fell away leaving a square big enough to allow her to escape cut out.

She let out a hoot of excitement, ; she had done it, and she would save her master if she could. She was more loyal than anyone ever realized, quickly going through the house, she flew to her master's room. She landed in the hall and quickly let herself in though the cat flap.

Harry was lying on the bed, looking paler and thinner than ever. He Finding that he had blood on his body, she quickly went over to him, . She had to get help, had to make them understand. She spread her wing out and let the blood smear on her beautiful snowy white wing. Hooting she quickly gave her master a gentle nip before flying to the window.

She struggled to get though the hole in the screen at the space between the bars, but she managed in the end, leaving some of her precious white feathers behind. She knew her master needed help, but immediately began hunting for something to eat, knowing it was futile to attempt in her weakened condition. Finding something quickly, she took off, eating it at the same time. She needed all the strength she could get to fly at the quickest pace she could.

Hedwig thought she was definitely the smartest owl in the world; as her beautiful white body flew at great speed. trying with all her might to get to Grimmauld Place before anything happened to her master. She knew that he was still alive; she would know his magical scent anywhere. , even though she was leaving him behind. How do you think owls found places? They found them because of the magic.


Severus, as usual, spent all day brewing potions, in his lab at home. His house was a rather large manor, ; the Snape manor had been in his family for many generations. The Snape family was rumoured to have Vampire blood in it, and as it happened, Severus ended up a full-blooded vampire, the first one in his family for a long time. His parents had been very proud.

Contrary to popular belief, they had not joined Voldemort, ; they had always kept to themselves. , and Severus had betrayed them when he had joined him, but soon came to his senses.

He regained his parents' acceptance by spying, not just for Dumbledore, but for the vampire council as well. The vampire council was very old, and were happy that a young vampire would spy for them. They had said Severus had great courage, and had the strength and power to one day become the king of the vampire council.

For nine hundred years, the vampire council had gone without a king. There had never been a vampire deserving or powerful enough to obtain the role. The council did everything, but of course, they would rather direct a king, it was their purpose to help the king, not make all the decisions.

Severus had been honoured;, he had read many books on the subject, and knew the honour they had bestowed upon him. However, he never really thought himself worthy of actually being king of the vampire world. No one else knew that Severus was a fully-fledged vampire apart from his parents and the council.

They didn't tell Dumbledore when he got his acceptance form for Hogwarts. There was no ,need; Severus was in extremely good control over his Vampiric instincts. He drank the blood of his mother and father still; they sent glasses full of it, so no one would find out. Otherwise, he would hunt, but with Voldemort and Dumbledore, it was just too dangerous for him to do so.

Will Harry be Severus' mate? Or will he find out too late? Will Harry die? Will Hedwig manage to save Harry? Will Severus not realize until Harry is in Hogwarts and it's too late? You decide!