My Precious Mate

Chapter 21

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The Life They Deserved

Molly was running around like a headless chicken, her house and garden was full of food. They were currently having a celebration, Harry had given birth yesterday and was bringing her honorary grandchild here for a celebration. Not only did she have that to celebrate but a lot of other things too. Hermione and Ginny were pregnant too, with their spouses children. Ginny had gone through the vampire changing and mating a month into Harry's pregnancy. She had finally convinced Heath that its what she wanted more than anything else. Even Fred and George had settled down with girls, much to her surprise. Pots and pans were cleaning themselves as she made the finishing touches to everything as Severus, Harry and the little one apparated into the house.

"Harry!" said Molly, normally she would shriek but she didn't want to scare the baby.

"Harry," shouted various different names from different directions, all of them coming forward eager to see the new addition to their family.

"Coffee Severus?" asked Molly a smile of amusement on her face.

Severus looked around quite shocked, he could never get used to this. This was quite a spread she had put on, it was even worse than the wedding of Ginny and Ron.

"I wouldn't mind Molly," said Severus gratefully.

More wand waving began as she making coffee for everyone.

"Ah, Severus you're here, maybe now Molly will calm down!" said Arthur a smile of happiness on his face. He had his family together, they were whole and happy and survived the war. Nothing made Arthur happier.

"So what did you name her Harry?" asked Hermione, holding the little girl.

"We thought about the usual names Lily, Eileen, thought about hope or faith." said Harry quietly.

"And?" asked Luna eagerly.

"Faith Lillian Eileen Snape." stated Harry softly, a look of utter adoration on his face as he looked at his daughter. She had been worth the pain and wait, nine months he had waited on her and she was truly worth it.

"It's a beautiful name," said Hermione nodding her head, "Welcome to the family Faith Snape, and may your life be a peaceful one." she finished rocking her back and forth.

"It is mate," agreed Ron.

"I just can't believe I'm happy," sighed Harry it seemed all too unreal to him. Even after nearly a year of peace it truly was still all so new to him.

"Look how happy he is Severus…I always feared he would remain unhappy," said Molly staring at Harry love for her 'adopted' child shining in her eyes.

Severus stared over at his mate and his child, his little girl and smiled. He too always thought he would remain unhappy. His mate couldn't have come of age at a better time. And so the celebration continued well into the night, the presents mounting the table were never opened until they got home.

They attended two more in the next year, Ron and Hermione have a little girl they named Rose Weasley and Ginny having a little girl she named Lily in honour of Harry's mother. She felt without Lily, there would never have truly been peace in the world, and that her sacrifice would never be forgotten or in vain. It made Harry feel slightly guilty about not naming his little girl after her (first name). That was soon washed away, with the knowledge that people did still remember his mother, and that she hadn't been forgotten in the whole 'Boy who lived' crap.

The world was finally moving on, and those affected by the war, wanted to make sure their children weren't, that they remained pure and Harry. Always remembering what had happened, so they didn't take what they had for granted.

Not that any of them did. Especially Harry. He lived every day to the fullest, enjoying every moment of his immortal existence with his family.

Severus never forgot just how precious Harry was, as he lay down next to Harry each and every night. He kissed him, and curled up beside him and once he was sure Harry was asleep, he'd always whisper "My precious mate," into his ear. That was exactly what Harry was Precious not just to Severus but a precious soul in a world full of past darkness and future lightness.


There we are ladies and gentlemen, the end of my precious mate :) a job well done and its finally finished hopfully more will follow as you can see there wont be a sequel to this story unless its a short one of faith Lillian Eileen Snape coming to hogwarts :P i hope you enjoyed it did you? R&R and take care byee!