It's like a drug, her blood is. So sweet, so satisfying. Yes, her blood was like an addictive drug. Zero finally came to this conclusion after drinking her blood more than twice. He just couldn't get enough of it. It was like a priceless wine that wasn't for sale or something. It was one of those things he couldn't live without, he figured out.

The first time he smelt her blood was not that night when she caught two day class girls outside at night, one of them bleeding, and soon after came the two troublemakers of the night class. No, the first time he had smelt her blood was a long time before that. Long before she knew what he was.

He didn't remember it clearly, but it was during training with the chairman, and she had scraped her knee while working with her staff, Artemis. All he remembered was that sweet, sweet smell that he couldn't resist. He made the first excuse he could think of, and got out of there as fast as possible.

Good lord, after that, he really did feel like a monster.

Then that night when Aido drank her blood; that was the next time he smelt the sweetness.

His addiction started with the smell. That irresistible smell that no vampire could pass up. Whenever he smelt it, he almost couldn't contain himself. It finally came to the point of no return where he could even smell her blood when there was no sign of an open wound. That went on for months and months until he finally broke down.

The next stage of his addiction was the taste. Oh, it tasted just as sweet as it smelled, if not even better.

The first time he bit her, it was heaven to him. What she did not know was that in his mind, a raging battle was occurring. His conscious was fighting his will, and his will was winning. It was by his own free will that he finally broke down and drank Yuuki's blood that night, and he degraded himself for it.

The next time he drank her blood was not of free will, though he protested. She had been the one who offered herself to him of her own free will this time. He tried to say no, but it was impossible to resist her. He had his fill that time, and didn't need anymore for quite sometime.

There were many things he enjoyed about these situations other than the addiction to her blood's taste. It was as if there were other small addictions within the addiction. Such as the way her skin tasted as he laved his tongue over the twin piercings that he made. Or the way he held her body close to his, praying to whatever gods would listen that she wouldn't notice how he kept his hand on her waist for a good while. Oh, it was wonderful.

After quite some time, he finally realized that it was not only her blood that he was addicted to, but her entire being.

No, that didn't sound right. He had never been addicted to her blood. That supposed addiction had evolved into the strong desire he had of her.

He was not addicted to her blood, no.

He was addicted to her.

The taste is even sweeter than that of the smell.

But the best thing of all is not the smell, or feel, or taste.

The best thing of all is her.

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