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(First part told by Shilo)

Vampire's Ninja

The Vampire grabbed the boss by the neck, hoisting him high off the ground. I watched as the boss squirmed. I growled.

"You'll put him down, NOW!" I yelled at the creature.

It laughed.

"Now why would I do that? I have far more reasons to keep him then to let him go off with you, girl. You think you can win?" The vampire snickered, his white teeth flashing in a toothy sneer.

I tightened the grip on my katana before I raced at him. I was fast enough to vanish.

"Ha! Impressive trick girl, but it won't help you." He said and tossed the boss aside.

He had seen through my attack and grabbed me roughly by the neck with his left hand, his claws digging into my skin, it burned badly but I refused to let him hear my screams. His right hand grabbed both my wrist. He lifted me by my wrists into the air, high enough so that I could make clear eye contact, but that I refused too. I was shorter than the vampire; I was roughly the boss's size.

I squirmed around to see the boss bleeding badly.

"Master Marik!" I yelled.

The vampire pushed me against one of the alley walls and leaned so close that we were nose-to-nose. I tried to kick or knee him, but he had pinned my legs.

"You'll die a slow and painful death for this vampire-"I hissed at him.

He ignored me as his free hand went to my thigh and removed my pistol; he brought it close enough so he could see it.

"Heh, a girl shouldn't be playing with a boy's toys- what is this for? Kill vampires?" He questioned. He breath smelt like died blood.

"Yes- the bullets are pure silver-"I answered.

"You're lying, girl. Doesn't matter, you don't need this anymore-"

He slammed my gun into the wall right beside me. The bullets imploded and burned his hand as well as my cheek. His hand cured instantly. He withdrew an inch or two; bringing his free hand to his face and licked his thumb.

"Such a dirty girl- I'll fix that up-"the vampire replied as he brought his thumb to my cheek and wiped clean my scratch mark." There, all clean."

I spat in his face, meaning to hit him in the eye or somewhere else. It was about to hit his cheek when he caught it in his mouth. I watched in sickened horror as the vampire licked his lips and swallowed, a smug smirk crossing his face.

"Nice try-"

I spat at the ground between his feet.

"And that's in hate for your country you english asshole!" I spat at him angrily.

He only smirked. Releasing me, he took my hands in his.

"You'll be a wonderful ma-!" He wasn't able to finish before the boss shot him in the shoulder with one of my guns he had disarmed me of. The vampire hissed in displeasure and vanished, reappearing behind the boss. He let out another hiss before he grabbed the boss and vanished.

It's been a year since that day. I haven't forgotten about the boss, or my loyalty to him. I would have gone after him that day, but I thought myself too weak to even attempt to go after him. I sat there and cried myself to sleep in that alley.

Odion found me and took me back to the boss's hideout, where all the Rare Hunters gathered. That day, I left them all.

I walked out on the high rank of Rare Hunter Commander, walked out on all the things I had accomplished, walked out from my home in the underground and on to the surface.

They all looked up to me- those Rare Hunters- thought I was the greatest think since the duel disk. All I heard was that after I left, they all lost the will to stay as rare hunters, with both of their leaders gone. They split up, I haven't heard from Odion since. I'm sure he's doing well.

"Shilata! I hope you're ready, because here I come!"

I cast my teacher a side glare. He started to gather white energy in his palms, forming it into a large orb. It then expanded and took the form of a transparent tiger, roaring as my teacher yelled and charged at me with break-neck speed. He wasn't going fast enough to the point where he could vanish. I stood there, no weapons but my outfit and my body, I waited for him.

At the very right moment before he hit me, I jumped and jammed my knee into the square of his back.

"Too slow, Sensei" I said, purple thunder forming in my hands, I pointed my own energy attack at his back.

"Tsunami Thunder!"


I stayed where I was as I watched my own ninja move commence. The orb turned into a large transparent dark purple anaconda, it wrapped around my teacher and tightened its hold on him. Black electricity went although out his body until I put my palms on his back and used him as a spring board to propel myself away.

'HHEEEUUURRRAAAA!!!!!' The anaconda hissed as it uncoiled from my teacher, whipping him into the opposite wall of the school yard.

"AAHHH!!!!" He yelled and hit the wall hard enough to leave an imprint before he fell to the ground, badly wounded.

"Sensei Okura!" The other ninjas cried as he struggled to get up, when he did he laughed.

"Excellent, Shilo! You've improved greatly then when you first attended! Keep up the good work!" My teacher congratulated me. I bowed.

"Thank you." I said before I took my leave.

'Stronger- Ninja Sensei says I'm stronger.' I thought.

In Ninja school, you have to do your best if you want to succeed. I've already graduated with the average of 50/25. That means I'm 25 hundred techniques ahead of what I'm suppose to learn. I'm top notch. Today, I leave to see if I can improve my skills more.

"Shilo, could you come here please?" The principal, Mr. Kawasaki, asked.

"Yes, sir?"

"Shilo, you know we have a way to tap into our soul and get more energy, correct?"

"Yes, sir."

"Well, for doing so well, I'd like to give you this-"He said and reached into his desk. He pulled out a black box. "For centuries, there have been legends of the great and terrible Eye of Anubis, the dark Eye of Ra. And just as long, they have been saying it grants you special abilities. But it is also said that if given to the one who hopes for nothing but the strength to reclaim something, then it will shine the holder in the right direction-"

He opened the box, revealing a pendant. It was a pendant, a long silver chain connected to an amulet. A black cobra and an angel with demon wings, curled into a circle. In the middle was a large amethyst diamond. It was very pale in color.

"Yes- I know those legends." I replied.

"Here- take it- it's yours to keep." He said and handed it to me." May it bring you luck and protect you." He said with a smile.

"N-no, Mr. Kawasaki, I can't take the Eye of Anubis. It was given to you-!"

"To hold for you by the people who told me you would come and train here in the future when you were still a child. It's yours, you take it."

I looked at the amulet. I glowed gently when I looked at it harder. I finally nodded after a while and took it, putting it around my neck and slipping the amulet part behind my shirt, closer to my chest. I stood and bowed, thanking him, before I grabbed my things and left.


Marik was looking out the balcony. He looked to his left to see the vampire sitting there, looking at him.

"What are you thinking? I don't have the time to read your mind." The vampire said.

"I'm wondering how long I've been here- in this- place." Marik said, looking over his shoulder and around one of the rooms of the large castle.

"I've kept you here for a year, human." The vampire said absently.

"A year? Why?"

"How many times must you ask me that question? I've told you, I've kept you here for so long so that my little girl can grow up! I need her to think I killed you so she'll get strong, and then come out to the open so I can kill her." The vampire, Malik, said.

"You're going to kill MY Shilo?! Impossible! She's to smart to fall for your traps!" Marik protested loudly.

Malik had been crouching on the shingles of the roof, but now he jumped down and landed in front of Marik on the balcony. His arms crossed over his chest, giving Marik a glare, before he stepped down, making Marik take as step back.

"Fool! Why would I kill her? She will live, but then my plan goes into action. You see, she'll be so bent on killing me, that her mind will become clouded. When it does, I'll propose an exchange, your freedom for a worth while fight. That way, I can see how much stronger she's become and have more fun in toying with her. "Malik tilted Marik's chin. "Oh, she'll live, don't worry. It's only if she refuses to submit does she die." Malik finished before releasing Marik and walking out of the room, laughing at how brilliant his plan was.

Marik didn't say anything- he couldn't believe that a homicidal psycho had actually thought up something so ingenious.