Title: Young Blood

Fandom: Supernatural, somewhere S1; most likely after Shadows.

Disclaimer: The characters used are not owned by me. They are owned by the CW and its creator Eric Kripke.

Characters: John, Dean, Sam

Warnings: Contains spanking (though not this chapter) and swearing. If that doesn't appeal to you, please don't continue to read:D

"Dude, calm down."

"You want me to calm? Really?"

Sam sighed. Yes, it would be nice if his brother could calm down. But, for once, he really couldn't blame the guy. He'd probably be throwing a fight right now if it was him.

"Look, just go use the bathroom and I'll…" Sam had a grim look on his face he really hadn't wanted to result to this, but it looked like there would be no other avenue for them.


"I'll call Dad."

"Thank you."

Dean stomped his way to the bathroom and then closed the door with all the force that he could muster.

Sam sighed; he grabbed his cell from his coat and lied down on the bed the first bed, usually reserved for Dean. It was really hard to prove their independency if they kept calling their father for help. It would be nice though if he finally called them back.

John made his way through the forest to his truck. He had finally killed the damn thing that he had been chasing the whole damn week. The only thing that he wanted to do right now was get to his motel room and sleep for the next two or three days.

Sighing heavily, he tossed his bag into the back of the truck and opened the driver's door.


John looked at the ritually silent cell that rested on the passenger's seat. He slipped in behind the wheel and then closed the door, all the while staring at the ringing little contraption.


John grabbed the cell and looked down at the name.

"Sammy?" Shaking his head in disbelief he then pressed the green button.

"Winchester," he relied into the cell, trying to sound casual as he turned on the truck and began to drive over to the highway.

"Dad? It's, um, It's Sam."

"Sammy? What's wrong? You boys okay?"

"Technically, yeah."

John sighed. His youngest son really could be difficult.

"Sammy, what's that supposed to mean? You hurt? How's your brother?"

"We're okay, physically. But-"

John waited for Sam to continue. He could hear the kid groaning and trying to find a way to speak. John entered the highway and sighed heavily, it never had been easy talking to his youngest. Especially when he had no idea what they were after and he couldn't see his facial expressions to know whether or not he was lying to him.


"Yes sir?"

"Sammy, what is it? What were you after?"

"Don't know," Sam muttered softly into the cell, obviously hoping that he wouldn't hear the response.

"What! Oh god, Sam! What the hell! What the first thing I taught you boys?!"

"That you had to be extra careful with jeans' zippers?"

He could hear the amusement in Sam's voice.

"Samuel," he said instead, hoping that the stern voice would still carry over the line.

"That we should know what we're after, before we walk into it."

"That's right. Before. Not when something's gone wrong afterwards. Now, what went wrong?"

There was a little commotion on the other end and John thought he heard Sam talking with someone; probably Dean, thought the voice sounded odd to be Dean.


"Still here," John replied as he took the exit to his motel.

"Ok, you gotta promise not to get mad, or laugh."

"What? Sam, you know I don't like playing these games. Tell me what's going on, now."

"No," came his youngest' stubborn reply. "You've got to promise, that's just how it is."

"Ugh, fine. I promise. Now, what is it?"

"Last night, Dean got cut up by the creature that we were after. Tonight, he woke up and he was seven."


"Dad, Dean's trapped in his seven year old body. The worst part is, his mind's just the same."

To Be Continued...

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