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A fan finds herself trapped in the Supernatural universe! Does she have the will to escape? Or will she stay with Sam and Dean forever? Horror! Mystery! Suspense!

I'm writing this for all those fans out there who've ever dreamed of meeting those Winchester boys! Warning: may contain gruesomeness and curse words! Meant for older teens (or anyone who thinks they are mature enough). To up your reading pleasure, I suggest pretending to be the main character. ;)

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Alexis Nightwalker found herself feeling numb and drowsy. And on the floor.

What the--?

The smell of old shag carpet filled her nostrils. She tried to open her eyelids but they weren't complying.

Ugh… I know my carpet doesn't smell like this. Disgusting. Did I sleepwalk? Was I kidnapped? What was I doing last night?

Alexis probed into her memory. She was lying in her bed late in the night watching her favorite TV show, Supernatural. She just had her eighteenth birthday and for a present she had gotten the Season 1 DVD set (complete with special features such as commentary, gag reel, and behind the scenes!). Rubbing her favorite necklace (a black bead necklace with a cross her uncle had brought her from Haiti; one of her most favorite possessions), she contemplated on which Winchester boy she liked best. The DVD still playing halfway through "Home," her mind wandered vaguely about ever meeting them in real life before finally falling asleep.

I must be dreaming then--


Something heavy fell on top of her body. Oh, and it hurt just a little, too. The suddenness of it threw Alexis out of her subconscious state; her eyes flew open at the sound of somebody else's grunt of pain.

She was staring straight into Sam Winchester's face.

He awoke with the same suddenness as Alexis did and for a moment, he seemed confused, as if he were still having a strange dream. Then he blinked and shook his head to throw off the invisible veil that prevented him from concentrating. His eyes focused and grew wide.

Then things started happening very fast.

"Dean…? Dean!" The younger Winchester stood up quickly, keeping his eyes locked on the strange girl lying between their beds in their cheap motel room. Dean woke eyes wide open, grabbing the large knife he kept under his pillow.

What the --?!? Alexis' mind was reeling. Before she could finish her thought, the older brother had grabbed her by the collar of her nightshirt and, almost painfully, brought her onto his bed and pinned her down, holding the knife to her neck.

"How did you get in here?!? You some kind of demon??" Dean was looking into her eyes, searching for a reason just to kill her now. She could have done something to Sammy. Sammy yelled his name and that was enough of a reason to. He didn't even think about the rings of salt in the doorway and windows. Alexis' eyes were wild and Dean had figured it as fear because he had caught a demon in the act; he smirked. "Caught ya, didn't I?" He lifted the knife and brought it down. Alexis let out a shriek.


The knife stopped just above her skin, barely nicking it. "What?"

Sam held out an open hand and was thinking quickly, " H-hold it. I think I know her." Dean saw the concern in his little brother's eyes and knew.

"Is she from one of your visions?" Dean loosened his grip on the frightened eighteen year old. She lifted her body and sat across the bed and stared in shock at the scene before her, trying to make sense of it all. She was in a motel room. With the Winchesters. Alexis rubbed her neck; the small cut hurt. Hurt. That's not right. If she were dreaming, she should have woken up by now. The past threat to her life should have done that, despite the circumstances of being on a bed with a half naked Winchester. Alexis face flushed and she felt like fainting, but she held on.

Oh my, my, my, my, my….

Sam looked her over again and shook his head. "Yeah-- well, no. But I have this strange feeling that I know her. I don't get the sense that she's evil though…" He walked over and took a closer look, and then with a caring face asked, "Are you alright?"

Alexis stammered, "Umm, um--uh, um." She fell silent again. Alexis felt like she couldn't breathe. Sam could tell that she had no idea what was going on. Sam gave Dean a "how could you?" look and placed his hand on her shoulder knowingly. Dean replied with a look that said "what? You're the one who yelled."

"You're alright. You're alright.." He had such a gentle look on his face; Alexis looked into his eyes and started to calm down. Sam brought her face to his shoulder in an embrace that felt so warm…. Alexis breathed in deeply and closed her eyes. "You're alright… You're alright…"

I still don't know what the hell is going on, but I feel so safe now…

Then she fell unconscious.

Sam and Dean looked at each other and both wondered what in the world just happened.




Alexis groaned. She had a pounding headache and didn't want to open her eyes just yet.

Ugh… what an ugly dream…

She clenched the bed sheets and brought them under her chin. She took in a deep breath. Then she coughed almost spastically. Her sheets smelled horrible. The last time she smelled sheets this bad was when she went on a road trip and had to stay a night in a lanky motel room…

Motel room?!

Alexis shot up as if someone had just placed a hot iron rod to her skin. She looked around and took in her surroundings. Papers strewn about. Salt laid across the windows and doors. She was sitting up in 'Dean's' bed. She could hear the sound of someone taking a shower. Other than that, she was the only one in the room.

I can't still be dreaming, right? It's either that or somebody's playing one hell of a prank on me.

Mulling over the prospect that someone could have the resources to conduct such a trick on her, she reached to rub her neck. Somebody had placed a bandage to the place "Dean" had cut her. The memory scared her a little, and then her face flushed.

on a bed with Dean on a bed with Dean on a bed with Dean--

The sound of the bathroom door opening broke Alexis from her trance. It was Sam. He was wearing nothing but a towel. When he noticed that the girl he fell on top on the night before was no longer unconscious, he blushed. He quickly grabbed some clothes from his sack and went back to the bathroom.

"O-oh, sorry." Then he shut the door.

Alexis noticed that her nose was slightly bleeding. A moment later, Sam walked out of the bathroom fully clothed.

Sam noticed her nosebleed. "Oh, are you alright? You're face is completely red." Just after his comment, Dean came in through the front door. He saw that Alexis was awake.

"Oh, you're awake hmm? We could've shared the bed last night, but I thought that you would think that I was being too forward." Dean gave his best flirtatious smile. Sam rolled his eyes. Alexis just looked at Dean blankly. She remembered the cut he had given her. Dean's smile quickly faded away.

This is just too weird. Some crazy person must have kidnapped me, flown me to Los Angeles, stuck me on the set, and somehow got the stars of Supernatural to play along. That must be it.

Alexis was just a bit angry.

"Okay, give it up! I don't know who you think you're fooling, but I'm not stupid! Respectable actors such as yourselves shouldn't play along with some sicko's game! Now if you please, I'd like to meet with whoever put you up to this and give him a peace of my mind!" Alexis stood up and got face to face with 'Sam.' She was shorter, but that didn't matter; both of the young men just stood there, stunned.

Then she noticed that she was in her nightclothes. They were lingerie (a lacy tank top with a built-in bra and some lacy shorts), but it wasn't sluttish. But it was enough. Alexis then jumped in the bed and covered herself up in those nasty bed sheets. Her face was even redder, if that were possible.

'Sam' was the first to break from his stunned silence; he looked at his 'brother' and then back to the blushing girl. "Um-um, what?" He looked back at his 'brother' with a warning expression, "Dean, you didn't…"

"I don't know what she's talking about!"

"Are you sure? Her story sounds a lot like something you'd make up about us to get a girl."

"You're the one who brought her to my attention last night! Are you sure you didn't bring a girl in here? I mean, you were the one on top of her."

"What?!?" "Sam's" face started to turn red itself.

"Yeah! I wouldn't pull a knife on a girl I liked! Besides, you said you knew her!"

"That's not what I meant!!"


Both boys froze.

Alexis was awestruck. "You guys are some great actors." She pointed at 'Sam,' "I mean, Jared Padalecki, blushing on purpose is a great trick. I hope to learn it. And you," she turned to 'Dean,' "You, Jensen Ackles, impress me. I didn't know you could come up with good flirts without lines written." Alexis smiled.

Both of them looked at her as if she belonged to a psychiatric ward.

"Huh??" Both brothers spoke in unison. Neither of them had shown the slightest amount of guilt. Alexis thought that odd, giving her performance just before. She had prided herself at getting confessions out of people even when they haven't actually done anything wrong.

She tried again, "C'mon. Cough it up. Don't try to hide it anymore." They both still stared. "Really!" 'Dean' looked like he was about to reach for is salt gun. 'Sam' gave 'Dean' a look and stopped him from seriously injuring an innocent, if crazy, young girl.

Sam spoke, finally, "Ummm… I'm sorry but, who's Jared Padalecki?"

"Yeah, and this Jensen Ackles…" Dean smirked again, "I don't know who he is, but he must be one handsome devil if you're so sure he's me."

There's that dang smirk again. I swear, if I didn't think it was so cute sometimes, I would…oh, c'mon! What am I talking about?! Alexis could feel her heat rising, but she got the feeling that these two weren't lying. Then she remembered the pain in her neck. Something's wrong.

"Where's my necklace?"


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