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"Again, what the hell?"

"Okay, back there, I felt…" like a spirit. Yeah, I probably shouldn't tell them that. "…something wrong. I told you I memorized this whole show, right? Well, it feels like something broke. Like pieces are missing. And I don't know, but it also feels like time is running out."

Holy crap, why didn't I think of this before? What happens when I get to the end of the episode? I want to help, but now I don't know if I should..

"Dang, it's kinda like that Djinn episode…" Alexis muttered.

"Djinn?" Dean asked.

She stared at him for a moment. "Ummm….never mind. You'll find out later." She coughed. " C'mon we're losing daylight. Erm, nightlight. Er—let's just go." She walked pas them to leave when Dean grabbed her shoulder.

"Wait. I don't think you should stay here." True concern in his eyes.

Honest surprise. "What?" What if…

"He's right." Sam's eyes always show concern.

"We'll split up and Sam'll take you out." Alexis must have had worry in her eyes because before she could protest he said, "Don't worry, er can take pretty good care of ourselves." Dean gave her shoulder one last squeeze before handing her off to Sam and leaving the room with a nod.

Sam took her hand and walked her down the opposite direction. Before she knew it, they were outside. Then he held a salt gun towards her. She took it dumbfoundedly.

"Okay, this is just to be safe."


"We're just worried about you, okay?"

She nodded.

Then Sam turned back inside.

"Wait! Tell Dean 137!"

Sam turned back and nodded. Then he disappeared into the asylum.

She stared after him.

How'd I let that happen? Damn their perfect eyes!


"I should go back!"


"137?" Dean repeated.

"Yeah, that's what she said. Room number?"

"Why didn't she just tell us where to go?"

Sam shrugged. Then Dean's cell phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and looked up at Sam. Sam nodded. Dean answered.


"Hello...Dean? ...came back…basement!...scared…thought I could…need help!"

"Don't worry! I'm coming!" Then he hung up.


"That was Alexis. You go find out what's going on in room 137 and I'll go get her back."

"Why can't I go?"

"She called me. I'm the hero, remember?" Dean smirked. "Besides, you don't have your gun, remember?"

Sam gave him a look. Dean tossed one back.

"I'll be quick." Then Dean left.


Dean cast his flashlight across the dank basement hall, looking for any sing of the scared girl he'd become so fond of. Even if she weirded him out a little. She was brave and didn't think he was a freak. He walked carefully.


A sound. He turned.



His flashlight fell onto the rust boiler room door.

"It's always the boiler room…" Dean muttered to himself. He sighed, opened the door and walked inside. Relatively empty for a boiler room. Huh. He was about to search the rest of the basement when he hear a creaking noise behind him. Dean didn't even bother hiding his smile.

"Always in the boiler room." He stepped on through. Why did it always have to be so dark? Gurneys and instruments were strewn about. It all reeked with the smell of rot. Great hiding place. He held up his salt gun.

"Alexis? It's your knight in shining armor." He pushed aside a torn curtain. Just another gurney. Dean got just a little worried. A little louder this time. "Alexis, are you alright?"

Just then, his flashlight decided to burn out.

"Dammit." Dean pace his gun under his shoulder so he could check his flashlight. He just put batteries in it this morning. He instantly regretted it when something hard slammed him onto the nearest, grimy gurney, which then slammed in the nearest, grimy wall, head first.

Dean moaned. "Freak—"

Then pain. Barely a glimpse.

Then the words "Don't be afraid. I'm going to help you. I'm going to make you aaalll better."

Then blackness.


Sam shoved open the door to room 137. Papers and furniture were thrown everywhere during the riot and the police didn't feel like picking up, it seems like. He rummaged through some papers on a desk but threw them into the wastebasket. Sam shook his head and laughed at himself. It's a haunted asym, he didn't think the ghosts cared for cleanliness. Then he noticed a hole in the wall just behind the wastebasket. Upon closer inspection, Sam found a hidden compartment and pulled out an old leather log book. Sam sat down and started reading.

Dr. Ellicott was a nasty, freakin' b------.

Sam couldn't' help but imagine the tortures the good doctor put the patients through. Tied down to metal chairs… a nail shoved through the corner of their eye sockets straight into their brain, but it wouldn't be far enough, no, not enough… the patient can't escape… then Dr. Ellicott would bring back the hammer and


Sam nearly fell out of the desk. When had he closed the door?

"Dean! I really think you might want my help!"

Sam jumped up and opened the door. "Alexis? What are you doing up here?"

"Sam? What are you doing in Dr. Ellicott's office? Where's Dean?"

"Dean went to get you. You called him from the basement."

"No I didn't."

A pause. A long pause.

"Dangit! Sam, we need to get to the basement!" Without another word, Alexis rushed out the door. Sam clamored after.

It's been reversed!


It's gotten darker outside so the basement was pitch black, same for the flashlights Alexis and Sam held. Alexis could hear rats. She shivered.

Ohhh I hope these lights don't go out.

She could feel Sam step closer to her. It was comforting.

"Alexis? You okay?" Sam asked.

Alexis nodded and then put a finger to her lips, signaling Sam to be quiet.

Sam nodded.


For some reason, Sam put complete trust in this girl. Which was surprising, because there are only a few people he did, and they were lifelong companions. He'd only met her in the last three days and their first encounter hadn't been exactly normal.

He watched her as she walked ahead of him, while still keeping close. He kept the feeling in his chest a secret.


Alexis eyed the door to the boiler room nervously. She held her flashlight up a little higher.

"Dean?" Alexis reached for the door edge. "Dean?" Then she swung it open and flashed her light in.


"Hm. I thought for sure he'd be in here…"Alexis rubbed the back of her neck and turned back to Sam. "Yu think he went back—"

Her breath caught. Sam stood stock still. Dean stood behind him, holding a handgun to Sam's back.

Alexis held up a cautionary hand, speaking slowly and calmly, "Dean… it's going to be all right… you can put the gun down now…"

Understanding came across Sam's face. "Dr. Ellicott did something to you, didn't he, Dean?"

"I think you should shut up, Sam." Dean pressed the gun harder.

Alexis froze.

HOLY…Let's hope Dean doesn't choose now to be 'shoot first, ask questions later.'

Dean looked form Alexis to Sam, then back to Alexis. A strained, hurtful expression.

Then rage.




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