Author's Note: This story is dedicated to my good friend, Kat. Our late night conversation has led to this madness. I hope you enjoy this spin on the Fairy Tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarf mixed with the 7 Deadly Sins. Thanks for reading and as always I live for your reviews and welcome any advice.

Dean and the Seven Deadly Vixens.

Once upon a time there were two brothers, Sam and Dean. On the 13th of December, in a place known as Hooterville, the brother's were taking a much needed rest (also known as hiding their asses out from the FBI for over 2 weeks, but that's another story). During the worse snowstorm, when the snowflakes were falling like white blinding bomb from the sky, Sammy sat beside the window, clicking away at the computer keyboard. Dean was busy composing the next great rock tune using a knife and a fork upon the wooden table. He only stopped every once in a while to guzzle on a whisky bottle.


"Nope." He continues clicking out a repetitive loud drum rhythm adding a stamp of his boot to the wooden floor.

"God, you are such a child."

Stopping to take another gulp, Dean waited for Sam to calm. "Ha ha…Sam, I'm so bored. He stopped drumming for a moment as he relished the time with his drink just long enough to be extra annoying before he started tapping again.

"DEAN!!!! Just do something."

"I am. I'm playing a drinking game."

"Looks like you are playing with a knife and fork for no good reason."

"Oh, that's just something to do while I wait."

"Wait for what?'

"Every time you sigh, I take one shot. If you wrinkle your nose, I get two. If you happen to get the least bit animated, I'm chugging the bottle."

"Dean, that is the stupidest idea I have ever heard of. Who makes up games up about watching other people?"

"TV shows have them all the time. Since the TV is broken, I only have you to entertain me. So far, I say you pretty much suck as quality entertainment. So…. what are you doing over there that is so interesting, anyway!"

"Just doing some creature research. Don't want us to not be prepared for any type of evil."

"Sounds thrilling. " With that being said, Dean began adding beatbox to his makeshift drum ensemble.

"DEAN…why don't you read something for a change."

"I read!"

"The bathroom wall doesn't count as reading, Dean."

"At least I know what Debbie does on a first date."

"Dean, if you say Dallas, so help me, I'll kill you."

"Oh Super geeky wonderboy what are you reading that is so damn important I can't have fun."

Sam ignored Dean and kept reading the pixels on his screen.

Rolling his eyes before he jumped up to the kitchen sink, Dean grabbed the last pack of ho-ho's. Popping the first cake in his mouth whole, Dean prepared to annoy Sam to a new level. Strutting his way to Sam's corner spot, Dean jerked the computer from his brother before Sam could protest.

"Let see what kind of Porn you're looking for, Sammy Boy." Dean was sprinting behind the table as Sam lunged to retrieve his computer.

"Give it back Dean! NOW!"

"Ahh, Sammy. You're supposed to share with your brother. Come on, let see...Sam's porn de jour is...Dwarfs… The title on the screen makes Dean stop. Snow White and the Dwarfs...??? Sammy boy…I'm disappointed."

Grabbing his computer, Sam defended his search as Dean's last scared ho-ho fell to the floor. "It's the Grimm Brother's Fairy Tales. Lots of their references aren't like the Disney versions. There is some good intell in their works."

"You watch Disney!!" A broad condescending smirk spread over Dean's lips.

"Ah… shut up. You are such a spoiled BRAT sometimes."

"Ahh, Sammy. Thank you, I try. Hey, you made me lose my ho-ho.

"I am not touching that one."

"You wish you could find a ho-ho to touch, you freaking monk... Hey, if you run upon Ho White, let me know."

"Stupid Jerk!" Sam stormed off to his remote corner to continue.

"Pansy Bitch!" Dean chuckled, taking his seat upon the table once more. With one heavy metal head nod, Dean returned to his knife fork drum solo again.

With that Sam could take no more. Jumping from his perch and closing his screen. "Fine, Dean. I'm taking a walk." Tossing his computer aside, Sam grabbed his coat and jutted his arm into the sleeves. "Why don't you play with yourself for a while!" Sam said as he slammed the cabin door.

"Ahh... come on, Sam! Don't be like that. I was just kidding. Come back. It's cold out there."

Sam didn't answer as he had started his nature hike in the snow. Becoming worried that Sam would get caught in the storm, Dean grabbed his coat to follow. He took a step upon the ice covered doorway. Before he knew it he was doing a perfect 10 score of a swan dive down to the cabin floor. His eyes rolled back and the lights faded out.

Dean wasn't sure how long he had been out, but he felt his body being dragged from the cold open doorway. He felt softness beneath him. His first thought lingered upon what could be soft and on the ground. Man, I hope this is a bed. Blinking slowly, Dean opened his eyes to an Utopian vision- seven stunning women. Oh, I died and have gone to heaven.


In our next installment Dean meets the vixens: Hungry, Horny, Freaky, Bitchy, Fickle, Needy, and Sleepy.