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It rained that night. Every time he thought of that night he would still feel the rain pouring down on him. Like little beads of ice falling from the dark sky and the clouds. He was wet all over, his coat soaking wet, his hair plastered to his face. He could feel Gwin shuffle uncomfortably inside the backpack. In the distant it was like thunder roaring. It could have been an omen...

Rain had never been his friend. It had been dark that time. Sometime in the night had he come to them. To Silvertongue´s house. He stood in the rain for he did not know how long. Time seemed meaningless to him. Nothing else mattered while he stood there. Except for the cold. It crawled up from his feet, crawled down from his head, spreading from outside to the inside. He shivered and wrapped his arms around himself. If he could warm up just a little...But the cold semmed to come from his heart as well, a cold, burning feeling that made him shiver. It could have been an omen...

There was a strange sensation in the air, like a feeling in the night; he could not say which. A touch of destiny, perhaps; a whisper from an unseen source, a warning. It was like fate played a tune in the air. He didn´t recognize it, but it was something familiar to him. It made him shiver. It could have been an omen.

In a window he saw a shine. Fire! Someone had lit a candle! He supposed it was Silvertongue´s daughter." Reading by candlelight, what a surprise," he thought cynically. He kept his gaze locked upon the window, until he saw a small face. A child´s face, it seemed nearly white to him. He could have sworn that he looked directly into her eyes at that moment. They were blue. Then the girl disappeared from the window, probably going to find Silvertongue. He would meet him again.

Dustfinger did not know what he felt right now, a whirling mix of emotion was raging in his heart. Hurt, sorrow, hate, guilt, foregiveness, loneliness... all at once and none at all. He felt his heart skip a beat. It could have been an omen.

The door opened. Silvertongue called out: "Dustfinger? Is that you?" The voice...the voice...the voice. It had brought him into this world. Silvertongue could create images in the air with his voice. Dustfinger smiled bitterly. "It is me." While the light from inside the house embraced him, there was a cloud veiling the moon.

Was that an omen? He did not know...

author´s talk: This time I did not post a German version of this, realising that no one tends to read them anyway. Inform me if you would like to see a German version up, too. As always reviews are nice.

And I apologise in advance when I have not used direct quotations as I originally intended. I only own the book in German ( quite logically for me) and my dad borrowed it recently before I could reread the first chapter. I remember that Meggie remembered the rain as fingers tapping against her window, but that can´t count for Dustfinger.