Quality Time: The Catalyst
by PrettyGothGirl

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Summary: Rikku and Gippal spend some quality time together, alone, in a middle of a somewhat tense situation.
A/N:In a way, I guess you can blame Live Free or Die Hard for this, some Starship Troopers... you know, odd sources. Though the original idea has been pushed back to at least chapter four. Like, Peeking, this will be updated every week if I have the inspiration and I'm trying for over 1000 words per part.

Rikku looked calm. She sat in a single chair in a middle of a blank square room. She didn't seem to notice or care that her wrists were tied to the arms of the chair. She kept her ankles crossed and stared at a door. It was the only point of entry and egress to the small room. Since, she wasn't interested in blue walls. She was paying more attention to the sounds from the other side of the door, footsteps, shouts, the clank of metal. The sounds became louder as the sources became nearer.

The door burst open. And Gippal was propelled into the room by a hard shove to the back. Rikku could see the top of his head as he took a few steps bowed over. Her eyes widened and narrowed. Her face as conflicted as the emotions and thoughts running through her mind. She was a big girl, a woman. She could take care of herself. So, she was tied to a chair in a room in the middle of an 'enemy' stronghold. She wasn't in any danger. Yet, it was Gippal. He'd come after her. That meant he, in some way, cared. Dare she think that he might be attracted to her, enough to risk life and limb to come after her? Still, she had it under control. But, it was Gippal. Sexy beyond all reason, with a voice to make her shiver, muscles that it must be a sin to possess, Gippal.

She'd helped defeat Sin and Vegnagun with barely a scratch on her when they were through.

Gippal, sexy, Gippal.

Where was the trust?! As a woman, didn't she deserve some trust? Couldn't he give her some time to get herself out the situation stupidity had put her in? She was capable.

Exasperation and frustration won out. She could rescue herself.

All of this in the space of the time it took him to walk a few steps and straighten. He stopped a foot or two in front of her chair and grinned. "Hey, Cid's girl."

She grimaced and twisted her lips. She didn't want to go into the whole 'name' argument at the moment. The problem was he was here, supposedly rescuing her, but in chains. She could do much better than this. "Please, don't tell me this was your plan?"

He cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders. "Yeah, this was pretty much it."

She made a strangled sound of rage and tried to throw up her hands and ended up wiggling her fingers instead. He was absolutely hopeless. She was fine! She was going to escape tonight and here he was traipsing in like it was an afternoon picnic. Hey, Cid's Girl. She tried not to grind her teeth.

An Al Bhed in goggles, one of her, now their, jailors prodded Gippal in his back with a gun. She had never gotten their names. Gippal winced a little, but didn't move.

"Your sweetheart came to rescue you."

Her frustration and rage dimmed and she felt blood rush to her face and it heated. She moaned and sank into her chair. Gippal wasn't her sweetheart. Maybe she wanted him to be but- but he just wasn't. "He- we- I-" She tried to hide behind her braids. They weren't thick enough. Gippal's smirk made her flush worse. Her eyes drifted to the level of his manacled hands and those oh so long and clever fingers.

The door closed behind the guard. The guard was paying attention to her face and strangled noises. She was still watching Gippal's hands. His thumbs moved in a way that would make a person who wasn't used to it queasy as he disjointed them. The cuffs slid off his wrists and dropped to the floor. The guard didn't have time to notice. Gippal stepped to the left and back, tucking the gun under his armpit. He drove his elbow into the guard's gut. The guard keeled over and gasped. Gippal tugged on the gun and chopped the guy on the back of the neck. He finished stepping out of the way and let the guy fall, head at Rikku's feet.

She already had her hands free. Gippal wasn't the only one who could slip manacles. She stood and kicked the poor guard in the temple. He never had a chance to appreciate the turn in events. She took a deep breath in an attempt to cool her face and glared at Gippal from the tops of her eyes. He checked the gun over, safety, ammo, stock and the smirk never left his face.

She growled. She'd been doing just fine. She stalked past him towards the door, stepping over the guard. His arm snapped out and wrapped around her waist. He pulled her towards him and she knew she could fight or she could move. She moved, turning to face him and ended up nose to chest. It looked better up close than it did from far away, even covered by his lavender shirt. Maybe it was the knit. She huffed out her nose. No. She wasn't going to be swayed by his chest. She tilted her head back and glared up at him.

He wasn't affected by it at all. Or if he was he did a real good job hiding it as he leaned down. His hot breathe caressed her lips once before he kissed her. Her body stiffened, muscles rigid. They didn't have time for this. Her hands clenched into fists. Shouldn't they be, oh, escaping? Gippal didn't seem to care. He brushed her bottom lip with his, teasing her with soft and warm touches. And damn they made her tingle and ache. He was trying to elicit a response. She wasn't going to give in. She wasn't. No matter if he smelled like musk, and his body was hard and radiated heat. Or the way his hand spread across the small of her back, holding her gently. She wasn't going to respond.

He tasted her, licking her lips.

She darted her tongue out and tasted her lips too, strawberries and Gippal. Her eyelids fluttered closed, resolve broken. The warm pressure of his hand on her back spread through her body, uncurled her fingers and lifted her arms. She rested a hand on his shoulder, slipped the other one around his neck to play with the hairs at his nape. They slid between her fingers trapping them there. Her lips parted and she pressed her body against his. He slid his tongue into her mouth and she went up on tiptoe so she could respond better.

Gippal. Muscled, sexy, Gippal was kissing her. The stuff of daydreams come true.

She played her tongue along his rubbing them together and creating friction. He tightened his hold upon her. She moaned as he lapped at her mouth and their lips parted and met, parted and met, and parted.

"Gippal," she breathed. Suddenly remembering what she'd forgotten in the physical drowning of the last few minutes, escape. She'd been enjoying his lips way too much and his chest pressed against hers.

"We-" he nipped at her lips between words. "-need – to - wait."

"Oh." In that case, she closed the kiss again, letting him deepen it.

Thumps resounded on the other side of the door. They pulled apart and she licked her lips and tried to get her breathing under control.

The door opened. An Al Bhed female stuck her head in, one of Gippal's workers. "Sir, milady, area secure."

"Thank you, Naidia." Gippal nodded. He appeared cool and unruffled.

Naidia nodded in return and left. She pretended not to notice Gippal's hand casually resting on Rikku's lower back and how Rikku had her face pressed into the curve of his neck.

Rikku bit her bottom lip and inwardly cursed her body and her dreams, the betrayers, getting the better of her, letting her believe for a moment that this was true and not Gippal taking advantage of a situation. "Not a word about this to anyone." She blushed and refused to meet his eyes.

"Not a word." He leaned the gun against his leg.

"You promise?"

"I promise." He tilted her chin up. "Even if you did enjoy it." He paused. "Rikku."

She flushed harder and squirmed. "You don't have to make such a big deal of it." Of course, she enjoyed kissing him. What sane and rational girl wouldn't?

He rubbed his thumb in circles on her back. "Do so. I know I enjoy it." He ran his other thumb along her bottom lip.

She broke his gaze and looked down at his chest. He enjoyed kissing her? She leaned into him a little. Then- then why did he have to treat her so much like a- a- child, a nuisance in front of others. If he treated her this way, gentle, tender, loving all the time, maybe she wouldn't have said anything about not mentioning it. She just didn't want him to use this kiss as another avenue to pick on her. Her body trembled, ached. How hard could it be to be sweet to her in company?

He gradually let her go, brushing the backs of his fingers along her cheek. She closed her eyes and sighed. "I'm glad your safe." He murmured and picked up the gun. He stepped around her and her body tried to follow without moving. She heard the door open. "Coming?"

She opened her eyes. It was time to go back to reality, to the younger sibling treatment. She stiffened her muscles and straightened her shoulders, spun and followed him out.


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