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The Way Things Are

Chapter 15

Naruto struggled in the grasp of his unknown captor. He had been pulled off the ground so abruptly that it almost made his head spin. Panic had begun to flow through his veins. Was this another attack from the Akatsuki?

"Oi! Brat! Stop wiggling like a fish! It's only me!" Tsunade yelled at the writhing mass within her arms. The blonde ceased his futile attempts at escaping at the sound of Tsunade's irritated voice. Naruto looked up into the Hokage's eyes and felt his jaw drop onto the woman's foot.

"HEY! Grandma! What's the big idea!? You can't just pick me off the ground whenever you feel like it! I'm too busy to deal with-" Naruto closed his mouth and took a deep gulp. There was an odd look on the Hokage's face. Something was different about the woman.

"Shut up, Naruto. I need to talk to you about a few things." Naruto felt his body slide from Tsunade's grasp like water. He landed on the roof of the Hokage's office with a thump that was so loud that the vibrations caused Shizune to drop a tray of syringes two levels down. Naruto stood up swiftly and looked around. He filled his lungs with a vast amount of air and prepared to scream at the Hokage. Before Naruto could cause any temporary deafness, Tsunade appeared before him and placed a tense hand over his quivering lips.

"This is no time for jokes, Naruto. I need to talk to you seriously for a little bit." Tsunade watched Naruto's shoulders fall slowly. The blonde's blue eyes filled with confusion. Tsunade sighed and bent down slightly so that her face was centimeters away from Naruto's. "You shouldn't keep secrets from your Hokage, Naruto. Why didn't you tell me he was here?" Naruto's eyes widened. He choked on the air in his throat.

"W-What do you mean? Who's he-" Naruto felt a sudden, unexplained pain centered in his abdomen. There were five points of pain; it felt as though each of Tsunade's fingertips struck a spot around his stomach. He flew backwards away from the Hokage. His body skid across the ground like a rock skipping on water. He clutched at the fast moving tiles and stopped his body from falling off the roof. A tender hand clutched at his gut. The smell of charred flesh floated into his nostrils.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" Naruto was silenced yet again.

"I know he was here before too, Naruto!" Tsunade revealed to the fallen ninja. "I thought that if I left the two of you alone for awhile that you would be able to get through to him." Tsunade growled in frustration. "But apparently all you two ended up doing was spooning! In one of my hospital beds no less!!" Naruto's face morphed into a tomato. He tried to speak but Tsunade's voice thundered on.

"I'm sure that you've heard that he's killed Orochimaru. We had enough worries concerning you with the Akatsuki! But now we have to deal with this." Naruto's mental question about what Tsunade meant by "This" was answered before the blonde could utter a word. "You're in danger with him around, Naruto. When he killed Orochimaru, he reversed his immortality jutsu. It's hard to explain, but, in the end, Sasuke retained some of Orochimaru's spirit." Naruto's eyes widened in shock.

"What?" A husk whisper stifled its way out of the blonde's mouth. Tsunade closed her eyes.

"Yes, it's true. I don't know if Sasuke has control over Orochimaru's spirit or not. However, even if he does have control over it, there is another who could threaten that control." Tsunade let a warm gush of wind finger itself through her long hair. She waited a few moments, allowing Naruto to take her words into his subconscious. "I can take a few guesses at who this person is, Naruto. But, whoever it is, there's no doubt that they are seeking revenge on Sasuke." Tsunade half muttered her next speech to herself. "They may even want to take possession of the remains that Sasuke contains." Naruto heard every word. "You and the rest of the village are in potential danger as long as he is here. I'm going to send out the ANBU to-"

"No." Naruto stood up and clenched his fist. "Please, don't. Let me handle him." Naruto's head stayed down. Tsunade sighed at the pathetic stance the blonde was holding.

"Naruto……Last time you couldn't do a thing to keep him under control. He nearly killed you when-" Naruto's head rose and his gleaming blue gaze shot into the Hokage's. Desperate pleas were written all over the boy's whiskered face.

"I know that I've failed before……But I won't fail ever again. Just give me two days. Please……I'll keep him under control. Don't send anyone after him. It will only send him farther away." Naruto cleared the agitating tickle in his throat. "Let me talk to Sasuke. I'll make sure that whoever is after him, never finds him. I know that if I try hard enough, I can get him to return to the village permanently." Naruto concluded and stared at the Hokage, waiting for a response.

There was a strange glint in Tsunade's eyes. It was there for a split second, and then Naruto watched it disappear as quickly as it had come.

"Fine, Naruto." Tsunade muttered unwillingly. The blonde's eyes lit up with giddy excitement. He turned swiftly and shook his fist in triumph before turning back to face the Hokage. "But I'll be watching you, brat. If there is any sign of danger I will be on the Uchiha's ass like-" Naruto chuckled.

"Geez, Grandma……I didn't know you had such feelings for Sasuke." Naruto rolled on the floor laughing. Tsunade's eyes lit up with fire. She lifted the boy off the ground by his hair and stared corrosively into his eyes.

"NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME YOU UNGRATEFUL-" Tsunade was again interrupted.

"Ok. Ok. Do whatever you want." Naruto felt the grip on his hair loosen. He fell to his feet and dusted himself off. Before walking away, he turned back to the Hokage and smiled weakly. "Thank you." Tsunade merely nodded at his words. "Uhhh…..Grandma? Could you do me one more favor?" The Hokage's lip shot at an awkward angle downward.

"What is it now?"

"Don't tell anyone else that Sasuke is here. If Kakashi or Sakura found out……" Naruto looked off into the distance. Tsunade uttered a final nod of approval. With that, Naruto bounded off the rooftop, the wind tearing at him wildly. He made a mad dash for what he was denied earlier. "Ramen!"

The Hokage watched the blonde move swiftly from the rooftop. An odd smile formed along her face, it was somewhat maniacal. "It seems that I'm still as good of an actor as I've always been. Or maybe the ninja of this village are all fools." Tsunade smiled at her fingertips. She could still smell the scent of slightly burnt flesh in the air. "Good. Naruto cares as much about Sasuke as Sasuke cares about him. That will make this much more interesting. One step is complete."

A strange amount of smoke appeared where Tsunade had once stood. The sound of the completed transformation resounded through the air with a poof.


Anko's perplexing words reiterated themselves like choppy song lyrics in Sasuke's mind. "What does all this mean?" Sasuke fingered the needle warily that Anko had left behind on Naruto's bed. It was taking Naruto far too long to return from food shopping. "You'd better be ok dobe." Sasuke scoffed in irritation. He began to feel like a prisoner in Naruto's apartment.

The needle danced about hypnotically in Sasuke's grasp. It reflected the bright rays of the sun that leaked in from Naruto's window. Its shimmering beauty seemed to entice Sasuke into testing his new found ability. It begged to scrape the surface of Sasuke's pale skin. "It'll just be a test." Sasuke decided. He began to give into the needle's temptation.

A spacious exhale wandered out of the Uchiha's mouth as Sasuke drug the needle bitterly up his arm. He watched the crimson substance that was his blood float into the opening of the long scrape. The thick liquid spilled sluggishly along his limb. It seemed afraid to move. Sasuke eyed his self inflicted wound closely. He watched his flesh wiggle slightly. His pale skin crawled together on either side of the red valley along his arm. The two sides of the skin touched together. The irregular looking flesh molded itself like clay until the Sasuke's arm returned to its normal appearance. All that was left was a long trail of blood.

"Sasuke?" Naruto's unexpected voice sent waves of worry down Sasuke's spine. Fearing that Naruto would spot the blood and question its existence, Sasuke pulled a cloth from his pocket and let his fresh blood soak into the cloudy white material. He jammed the cloth into his pockets and answered Naruto back with a grunt.

Naruto entered the room with a wide grin. In his hand, he carried a takeout basket. Sasuke didn't really need to wonder about the basket's contents. Anyone who knew Naruto knew about a certain obsession he had with a certain food. Naruto lifted the basket and shook it toward Sasuke as though the Uchiha were a dog.

"I got us some ramen." Naruto's eyebrows perked up in high arches. Sasuke huffed in dejection and rolled his eyes. He sat up from the bed and took a seat at Naruto's kitchen table. Naruto removed two bowls from the basket. He eagerly opened his and handed the other to Sasuke across the table. The boys ate in silence. (Except for Naruto's awkwardly loud slurps and occasional "mmmssss.")

Needless to say, Sasuke wasn't exactly in the mood to eat. Ramen had never been one of his favorite dishes anyway. His dark eyes looked up and stared at the blonde before him. Naruto's gaze stayed glued on the ramen. Sasuke felt a hint of jealousy toward the bowl of steaming noodles. Naruto's face rose suddenly, indicating that he had finished his breakfast. His cheeks turned a light red when he realized that Sauske had been staring. The blonde stifled out a silent grunt, signifying his awkward feelings.

"Uhhhh……Were you…..w-watching me eat?" Naruto asked with a furrowed brow. Naruto's words shot into Sasuke's ears, waking him from his musings like a slap in the face.

"N-No-I was just thinking…..that's all." Sasuke looked away quickly. From the corner of his eye, Sasuke watched Naruto's tongue flick out of his mouth and touch his top lip in contemplation. There was an uneasy glaze in Naruto's blue eyes.

"Sasuke." Naruto's tone sent an odd feeling through Sasuke's body. "I….I've been thinking a little too….." Naruto stayed seated but inched his chair next to Sasuke's. He touched the Uchiha's shoulder warily. "When you killed Orochimaru…..Did uhhh……D-Did anything weird happen?" Naruto moved his face closer to Sasuke's neck.

"Why the hell is he asking about Orochimaru?" Sasuke's mind panicked. "Did Anko tell him about what happened? Does he know………" Sasuke turned his head and met with Naruto's concerned gaze. He expertly hid any worry his mind contained.

"What do you mean dobe?" Sasuke slid his chair away from the table and stood up. He walked away from Naruto, hoping that the blonde would stop his questioning. He couldn't let Naruto learn of any of the secrets he contained.

"Uh…….Nevermind…." Naruto sighed and slumped in his chair. "I guess I'm just a little worried about you, Sasuke." Sasuke closed his eyes.

"You don't need to worry about me, Naruto." Footsteps drifted into the Uchiha's ears. Naruto approached Sasuke slowly.

"Yes I do, teme." Naruto touched Sasuke's limp arm. "You have to worry about the people who are most important to you." The boys' hands met with a nervous twitch. "Don't forget that I……T-That I care about you, teme…….ok?" Their fingers intertwined strangely. The subtle touches instigated a strange feeling of yearning inside both Naruto and Sasuke.

"Naruto……" Sasuke whispered tenderly as his lips brushed against the blonde's. Naruto shuddered as he pressed his mouth back against Sasuke's strong lips. They kissed each other very slowly. Their mouths opened and closed on top of one another at a lethargic pace. They needed to feel each other, but, weren't consumed with the same frantic desires as they had grown accustomed to. Something was different, and both of them sensed it. Naruto pulled his swollen, glistening lips away calmly.

"This is…..so weird." Naruto panted out. Sasuke knew exactly what the blonde meant. The new feeling wasn't a bad one, it was merely strange. Sasuke was sick of the constant confusion that swept along the shores of his mind. He was brought back to the heated moment when he felt Naruto's needy arms embrace his body.

"Sasuke? Do you feel this?" Naruto placed his head on the Uchiha's chest. The blonde seemed afraid of the surreal feeling. "I n-need something. I need you-I need more of you. But I know that I shouldn't….. What the hell does it mean? Why does it feel so weird?" Naruto looked up into Sasuke's eyes. He seemed to get lost in the comforting darkness of the shimmering ebony orbs.

"I think…..maybe that we're just still not used to this yet." Sasuke murmured half to himself. He felt Naruto's arms caress his back lightly. "Things have been moving pretty fast. We didn't exactly ease ourselves into this……….." Sasuke pondered about what word would best describe their predicament.

"Relationship?" Naruto exhaled quietly at the word. He considered the word to be the one Sasuke was looking for, but immediately began having second thoughts. They weren't in a relationship. Were they? They were still just friends. Weren't they? Naruto closed his eyes, half irritated and half relaxed. It felt to Naruto as though nothing in the last two days had ever happened. Sasuke had been correct, things were moving much too quickly.

"Nothing has felt real…." Naruto whispered out tentatively. His tongue wet his lips as he continued. "I mean, I know and remember everything that's happened…….but….It all just felt like a dream…..And now I feel like I'm awake." Naruto opened his eyes and stared into Sasuke's. He seemed confused and worried. "I feel like I woke up in your arms without any explanation. I feel lost….Like the last few years never existed……And that this is the reality I have missed out on." The blonde choked out a spacious exhale. His lips quivered and attempted to continue. "Everything is so messed up! Nothing makes sense! This is all just…..weird." The blonde's vocal chords shook violently as he grunted.

"Naruto….It's alright…" Sasuke tried to comfort the bewildered boy in his arms. He pressed himself softly against Naruto's flesh. "I know how you feel……..But I'm…..I'm here….with you….We're together." A husky murmur slid from his lips and trekked along Naruto's ear and neck. "Try not to think so much, dobe." Comforting others had never been something that Sasuke had excelled at. Still, he hoped to help calm Naruto down. He had begun to hate seeing Naruto so down. He tried his hardest to show the blonde how much he cared. "My feelings won't change. I meant what I said before and I still mean it. I'm in love with you, Naruto. Focus on that." Naruto's lips pressed against Sasuke's, stopping all communication from flowing.

Sasuke kissed the wet lips back intensely, hoping to drown Naruto in passion and lust. Sasuke felt his feet shuffling along the ground as his hands explored Naruto's eager body. Before he had known it, he and Naruto had landed on the bed in the room. He felt his shirt slide from his flushed body. He watched Naruto strip himself and began helping the blonde. Their clothes and hands moved in conjunction until both of the boys were clad only in their boxers.

In the frantic craze that had occurred, Sasuke had somehow ended up on top of Naruto. Naruto's abdomen swelled as he inhaled. His side rubbed apprehensively along Sasuke's straddling thighs. He clutched strongly at Sasuke's legs, teasing the area directly below the cloth of his boxers.

They moved their mouths back on top of one another's. Sasuke gripped the back of Naruto's neck before pulling away from the momentary kiss. His hands twitched at the waistband of Naruto's boxers. The blonde gave a peaceful, encouraging smile and leaned his head backward. Sasuke pulled Naruto's remaining clothing off of his twitching pelvis. The blonde's palms moved up along Sasuke's legs, briefly scraping across Sasuke's cock. He hooked his thumbs inside Sasuke's boxers and stripped the Uchiha completely. Sasuke moved the tip of his cock so that it brushed against Naruto's. He leaned his head down and placed his mouth next to Naruto's ear.

"Naruto…..Are you sure you're ok with this?" Sasuke's hot breath seemed cooler than Naruto's body. "After last night…..I didn't think that you would want to…." Sasuke trailed off, afraid of what to say. Naruto scoffed lightly and moved his lips along Sasuke's neck. Naruto sucked and licked slowly, enjoying the grunts that stifled from Sasuke's lips.

"Sasuke?" Narto leaned toward Sasuke's ear, mimicking the Uchiha. "Do you remember when you…..when you tied me up?" A bell rang at the base of Sasuke's cock from the intentions of the question. He nodded his head slightly. "Do you think you could…….." Naruto's pupils darted away as his cheeks filled with so much blood that Sasuke thought they would explode.

"Stay here." Sasuke instructed seductively. He went to stand and move from the bed. His length ran along Naruto's abdomen as he moved. It sent a shudder through his lips. Sasuke pulled at the ropes that he wore around his waist that lay on the ground by his shirt. He heard Naruto's body twitch and shuffle in anticipation. The bed shook slightly as Sasuke repositioned himself on top of Naruto. He pulled Naruto into a heated kiss.

As Naruto lay distracted, Sasuke began tying the blonde's wrists to the posts of the bed. His wrists were spread to opposite sides of the bed. Sasuke broke away from the kiss and momentarily admired the vulnerability of Naruto's new position.

"You might regret letting me do that, Naruto….." Sasuke's coo made Naruto's shoulder quiver in excitement and slight fear. The blonde played with his restraints briefly, testing their limits. His bronzed muscles contracted and squirmed under his shimmering flesh. Sasuke ran his hands all over Naruto's body, reveling at the look of frustration and neediness reflected in the blue orbs. Naruto sobbed lightly as his hands tried desperately to touch the Uchiha back. He was already lamenting his newfound fetish.

Sasuke's tongue teased circles around Naruto's nipples. It trailed its way down the blonde's body and swirled eagerly along the inside of Naruto's thighs. The blonde closed his eyes tightly and adjusted his pelvis numerous times. He whined at his failed attempts to get his twitching cock near Sasuke's fevering breaths.

"I hate you, teme….." Naruto panted out dejectedly. An amused scoff shot from Sasuke.

"I warned you….." Sasuke mocked back and his tongue immediately went back to its tedious work on Naruto's pelvis. Naruto's back arched reflexively.

"Just…..Give me….something…." Naruto pleaded. Sasuke took bit of pity on the boy and crawled up toward Naruto's face. He pressed his lips against Naruto's and was almost instantly consumed by Naruto's mouth. He tried to kiss the blonde back, but had no control over Naruto's hungry lips. Naruto whimpered into the kiss, realizing he couldn't get his tongue any farther down Sasuke's throat. Sasuke felt heated friction along his stomach. His eyes glanced downward and saw that Naruto was grinding his all too enthusiastic cock against his abdomen. Sasuke broke the kiss and sat between the blonde's twitching legs.

"Not yet, dobe." Sasuke closed his eyes and reached his hand underneath the tan body below him, rubbing as much of Naruto's backside as he could. Naruto only muttered and complained under his panting breaths. He shut his eyes tightly and focused on the feeling of Sasuke's hand brushing and caressing his body. He knew Sasuke would not let him cum for sometime and hoped he could force his cock to release its frustrations from fantasizing.

Naruto kept his eyes closed and realized that Sasuke had been paying a particular amount of attention to his ass. The Uchiha's hands massaged the soft muscles of Naruto's backside. He lifted the blonde's bottom slightly and began rimming his tongue along the outside of Naruto's now twitching ass. Naruto drew in a sharp breath at a new sensation he felt. Something was inside of him. He opened his blue eyes and realized that Sasuke had sent a finger calmly into his ass. Naruto's body stiffened, but when the finger didn't move, he gradually began to relax. Naruto began to find the sensation oddly pleasurable. Sasuke's finger pushed itself in deeper.

"Sa-Sasuke….." Naruto's breathy voice questioned. "What are you doi-" Naruto stopped talking and watched Sasuke gaze at him in a way that was strangely comforting. "Is this….I-Is this how we…..?" Sasuke gave a slow nod and watched as Naruto's mind put the pieces together. Naruto wished he could smack his forehead to show his utter naivety.

"Don't worry." Sasuke reassured the blonde. His free hand stroked Naruto's cock lightly as his finger continued exploring Naruto's entrance.

"Will it—Is it gonna hurt?" Naruto asked with a deep voice. He hated having to act so clueless. Sasuke shot him a small smile.

"Would that be a problem?" Naruto listened to the friendly yet smug way that Sasuke presented the question.

"No." Naruto smiled happily and closed his eyes, awaiting some feeling of pure ecstasy. "Besides…..I guess I'm expecting some pain….I did ask you tie me up after all." Naruto chuckled lightly.

"Just relax dobe. If you tense up, then it might hurt. But, if you relax, it's gonna feel really good." Sasuke stated in a strangely soothing tone. After a few moments, Sasuke's finger bent slowly inside of Naruto. Naruto could feel it moving and exploring, until suddenly a shock of such exquisite pleasure shot through him that he gasped out loud.

"There it is." Sasuke exhaled and smiled in success and amusement. He stroked whatever he had found and watched Naruto buck and moan.

"What the fuck are you doing to me? What was that?" Naruto croaked out in wonder and pure pleasure. Sasuke scoffed again.

"That, Naruto…." Sasuke stopped and stroked the same spot yet again. "…Is your prostate." His voice was full of smug intelligence. "I guess you've never had it stimulated before, dobe." Sasuke reveled in Naruto's reactions. "Does it feel good Naruto?" Sasuke asked the obviously rhetorical question as he massaged the gland another time.

"Yesssss." Naruto moaned out in a husky voice.

"Hn. Then this is going to drive you wild." Sasuke began shifting himself. The Uchiha rose to his knees and lifted Naruto's legs slightly into the air. He inched his hard cock closer and closer to Naruto's somewhat loosened entrance. Naruto's thighs rested on Sasuke's forearms. The head of his length tapped calmly against Naruto's puckered hole.

"This is ok…..right, dobe?" Sasuke asked permission one last time. Naruto groaned loudly and slid himself closer to Sasuke's cock, hoping to swallow it whole.

"Stop stalling and teasing with me! Just do it already, teme!" Naruto's voice cracked. Sasuke was a bit wary of diving right inside of the blonde. He had barely spent any time preparing Naruto and had only used one finger to do so. He didn't want to hurt Naruto. The difference between one finger and a throbbing cock could be too much for Naruto.

"Come on…." Naruto's voice edged on. Sasuke felt the warm, moist muscles surround his cock's head. He hissed through his clenched teeth and slowly eased himself deeper into the rings of warmth. Naruto felt his eyes roll into the back of his head involuntarily. His breath was stolen from his lungs as his soft inner walls clenched and caressed Sasuke's length. They boys sat frozen in their position for a moment. Each of them was gasping, their knees and legs buckling and stretching.

Naruto couldn't seem to breathe for a moment. His torso forced the air from his body by tightening his stomach and chest involuntarily. His abdomen and upper body was still coiled and compressed strongly. He began to fear that he'd never breathe again. As soon as his mouth drew in its first shaky breaths of oxygen, his brain registered the tearing pain inside his body. He cried out silently, unable to supply his vocal chords with enough air to create the desperate cry that tried to escape his throat.

The natural air loss and the piercing spikes of pleasure created a self induced high that flowed through Naruto's boiling blood. It rushed instantly toward his head and sent splotches of darkness and dizziness into his shimmering blue eyes. Sasuke's mouth hung open just slightly. He watched the boy below with an undeniable craving and fascination. Naruto's tight muscles constricted and squeezed Sasuke's rigid length. He wanted to get harder and his cock tried again and again to do so, only succeeding in throbbing instead. The feeling of being completely binded and held by Naruto's soft, clenching muscles could cause pure sexual insanity.

The boys seemed to decide to move at the same time. Naruto pulled away slightly and Sasuke followed. Sasuke listened to the skin of Naruto's fists stretch and tighten with each slow thrust. Sasuke's cock would twitch and send pulsating pleasure spiking through the blonde. Naruto waited to see if the intense, dizzying spears of pleasure would ever subside, but, Sasuke had seemed to strategically glide over the sensitive bundle of nerves inside of him with every stroke and thrust. Naruto let out a cry through his hoarse, tight throat. Sasuke's shoulder shook involuntarily at the sound of the pleas for mercy.

Sasuke's entire body pulsed and wiggled as he passed through wave after wave of white hot intensity. The gravity in the room seemed to get thicker. It created imaginary barriers that Sasuke would have to pass through to reach the climax he desired. Naruto felt it as well, and began bucking wildly, urging Sasuke to prod his way to pleasure.

Their orgasms were close, they both knew it. Sasuke made one coherent decision before letting himself spill inside of Naruto's body. He listened to Naruto cry and murmur, indicating how close he was to cumming. Sasuke grabbed the blonde's twitching cock and placed his thumb and forefinger tightly over the head. He made sure to make no other contact with Naruto's cock. Naruto sensed Sasuke's cruel plan and began struggling and whimpering wildly for the Uchiha to stop.

Sasuke ignored the blonde and continued thrusting faster inside of Naruto. He felt all his pleasure center itself tightly inside of him. It pressed itself together into one mass of tight energy and suddenly propelled itself forward. Every bit of distance it traveled sent exquisite, euphoric waves resonating through every inch of Sasuke's body. It erupted finally and shot itself free from his cock. The release removed every thought from his mind and all feeling but pleasure from his body. It was as though Sasuke had been exorcized and he was now free.

"Bastard….Bastard……Iwas…..I-Iwas….ssso. cc-close…." Naruto whimpered and grunted; He struggled under the strong, orgasm denying grip that Sasuke still had on his cock.

Sasuke closed his eyes briefly, still enjoying the last few moments of euphoria he had left. Conscious thoughts began forming again within his mind. He sighed and released Naruto once the blonde's cock stopped throbbing. He knew Naruto would be pissed now, but knew in about twenty minutes that Naruto would be crying his eyes out with pleasure.

"Bastard…….bastard…..fuck…." Naruto sobbed again. He looked for anything to rub his cock against, craving the orgasm he had been denied desperately. Tears slid from the blonde's eyes; He pulled angrily at his restraints.

"Relax, dobe." Sasuke whispered out when his breathing had returned to normal. "It may seem cruel right now, but just be patient a little longer." Naruto felt Sasuke approach his ear yet again. "What I'm going to do to you is going to make what just happened seem insignificant." Sasuke stretched his arms around Naruto's head and neck and gave the boy a short, chaste kiss. The bed shook slightly as Sasuke moved away from Naruto. He stretched another time and ran his hands through his dark hair.

"I need to wait a few minutes for you to calm down, Naruto." Sasuke stared down at Naruto's length. It stood straight as a tree in the air. "It looks like you'll explode even if I breathe on your cock." Naruto grunted heatedly. "Stay right there, Naruto. Don't go anywhere. Just wait a little bit longer." The blonde writhed in his bondage; Muttering and cursing Sasuke silently. "I'm going to take a quick shower, dobe. Hopefully, by the time I'm done you won't be so…….." Naruto's cock twitched as if on cue. "Sensitive." Sasuke hissed and moved toward Naruto's bathroom.

"Get back here you bastard!" Naruto yelled toward the bathroom. His ears picked up the soothing sound of falling water. His mind immediately began filling with images of Sasuke; His body glistening and gleaming through the warmth and steam of a hot shower. "Dammit….." Naruto shut his eyes tightly, wishing he could be bathing with the other boy and letting his hands slide against Sasuke's moist, fervent skin.

Sasuke's cum control had been complete torture. The thing that was driving Naruto the craziest was that it was turning him on. Everything Sasuke was doing was making Naruto horny as fuck. A small moan came from the shower. Naruto cursed Sasuke again, realizing that the Uchiha was still teasing him. The sound of the ceasing streams of water caused Naruto's heart to skip a beat as well. Anticipation and adrenaline once again flowed into his body. He twitched and shuffled, waiting impatiently for Sasuke to finish him off.

Sasuke's wet feet glided across the floor. He appeared before Naruto and toweled himself off in a rather sensual manner. His skin was slightly red and flushed from the water that Naruto suspected to have been extremely hot. Sasuke glanced down at the blonde. Sweat poured from his brow sluggishly. His whiskered cheeks had turned crimson, yet the rest of his face was pale.

The soft look of desire that smoked in his foggy, half lidded blue eyes made the usually energetic boy appear fragile and pitiful. Sasuke imbibed the image before him; permanently saving the look of melancholy longing that was very unbefitting of Naruto's usual personality. He may never see the hyperactive blonde like this ever again; so he took his time appreciating the momentary portrait that no one else would ever experience. It was like seeing a pure event of beauty in nature, like a sunset or constellation. It was something that was only appreciated because no one else would ever see it the way Sasuke had.

"Damn, Naruto….I took that shower hoping you'd lose some of your enthusiasm. But I think that now you're harder than you were before." Sasuke disappeared into the bathroom, causing a grunt of sexual frustration to shoot from Naruto. The Uchiha reappeared before Naruto holding several strange items.

Sasuke sat on the bed again between Naruto's shaky legs and placed the miscellaneous articles below Naruto's cock. There was Naruto's electric toothbrush, a couple of clothes pins that Naruto had used to hang his training clothes out on after missions, and lastly, there was a small bowl of ice cubes that Sasuke had to have taken from Naruto's freezer.

Naruto scoffed and sobbed angrily at the contemplative look on his friend's face. "Come on, teme…..How much longer are you gonna make me wait!? Stop being such an evil bastard and finish me off!" Naruto sighed dejectedly. "What are you going to do with all that junk anyway, Sasuke?"

Sasuke didn't speak. He crawled up toward Naruto's chest and allowed most of his weight to fall on the blonde. Sasuke took each of Naruto's nipples between his fingers. He twisted and pinched the flesh continuously, earning silent groans from the blonde. Naruto protested a bit, but decided mentally that the sensation was actually quite erotic. When Sasuke had finished working over Naruto's nipples, he reached downward and retrieved two of the clothes pins. Naruto eyed the Uchiha warily.

"Don't you dare……" Naruto whispered as he watched the wooden pins open above his sore flesh. They closed themselves around Naruto's nipples. "S-Stop it, Sasuke…" Naruto winced as he adjusted to the new pain on each side of his chest. Sasuke stood back on his knees and again glared down at Naruto's persistent cock.

"Dobe…." Sasuke muttered unsuccessfully. "You seem to be enjoying all of this a little too much. You're still hard." Sasuke muttered and flicked Naruto's length, Naruto moaned loudly in response. He watched the erect flesh bob back and forth, vibrating slightly until it returned to its vertical stand still. "I guess I have to resort to my next option." Sasuke picked up one of the slightly wet ice cubes.

"You are so dead Sas-" Naruto's words jammed themselves in his throat as Sasuke ran the icy cold object along his cock. The intenseness of the numbing, biting chill ran down his length and along his balls. They tried to shrink back inside his body, and his cock suddenly lost some of its solidity. Naruto yelled out, but it was in neither pain nor pleasure, just at the sheer intensity of the sensation. "BASTARD!"

"Shhhh….Naruto. Not so loud…" Sasuke actually chuckled slightly. Sasuke crawled forward and rewarded the frantic blonde's patience with a fiery kiss. Naruto's lips tried to consume Sasuke's for the second time that night.

"Now, make this fun for me too." Naruto grumbled as the kiss broke.

"You mean it hasn't been fun so far?" Sasuke taunted back cruelly. The Uchiha reached for the last item he had brought with him, the electric toothbrush. He hovered it above Naruto's cock. "Sorry, dobe…But you're gonna have to get a new toothbrush after tonight." Sasuke paused. "Though I doubt that you used it often anyway."

"Teme! I do too!" Naruto stopped speaking instantly at the rhythmic hum of the toothbrush. "I..I…I…..h-hat…hate…. you…." Naruto sobbed each word with a staccato tempo. The brush glanced over Naruto's shaft. For what seemed like hours, he'd longed for a touch at the head of his cock, preferably Sasuke's firm grip, but now there was something indescribable happening there.

The brush tickled his flesh with constant stimulation. Sasuke ran it along the top and sides of the glans, teasing the blonde in an excruciatingly horny manner. It stoked him, up and down, making his orgasm approach with deadly swiftness. Naruto tried to scream, but found himself so lost in the overpowering sensation of continuous vibration. He could feel every fiber on the brush's head, cruelly buzzing and quivering across his twitching cock. He was close, so very close to releasing what seemed like an infinite mass of tensions. Then it was gone, the brush floated slowly back into the air.

Naruto banged his head backward repeatedly against the soft bed in aggravation. Sasuke had already applied another ice cube, dulling Naruto's feelings a second time. When the arctic biting ceased, Naruto sighed in relief. However, this relief was short lived when the blonde realized that as the skin on his cock returned to normal temperature, it was ten times more sensitive than it had been before.

"Bastard! Bastard! When I get out of this…" Naruto ripped at the ropes that held him in place.

"Naruto should be able to break those ropes off without exerting much chakra…..If he wants this to end so badly then why doesn't he just rip the ropes?" Sasuke smiled to himself. "He must not want it to end."

"Ok, dobe….We're almost done." Sasuke said as he prepared to bestow Naruto with more of a feeling of intense ecstasy than any human being had experienced in the history of the universe. Sasuke slowly placed two of his finger inside of Naruto's entrance and his other free hand directly above Naruto's cock. He centered his chakra with expert control. He could focus his chidori throughout his entire body now, and had even learned to manipulate its intensity.

Naruto prepared his body for the familiar feeling of his stimulated prostate. However, as Naruto felt Sasuke's finger scrape across the sensitive organ, something inexpressible occurred. It was a gentle tingling, and his cock rose in response a though it were on a string. He closed his eyes, focusing on the electricity on the small bundle of nerves inside him. He felt Sasuke's hand looming above his growing cock and waited for the Uchiha to jerk him off. Instead, Naruto screamed in shock.

As soon as his cock had touched Sasuke's hand, a snap of electricity poured into him. All thoughts of an orgasm shattered, and his cock lost its rigidity, moving it away from the contact of Sasuke's chirping, electrical hand. The buzzing on his prostate ceased as well. Naruto cursed his tormentor as the shock to his system receded and the need for climax returned unabated.

And then Sasuke went back to work on Naruto's prostate. Naruto clenched his fist. Sasuke intended to repeat the cycle again and again! Naruto's penis performed Sasuke's wishes on cue and promptly began to increase in size. The pleasure inside his inner walls was too much to ignore, and Naruto's cock made its way closer and closer to Sasuke's palm. Naruto groaned, unable to make himself cum and unable to stop himself from being Sasuke's puppet. Still, he had to admit that the pleasure was undeniable.

The cycle repeated. Naruto's cock would make contact with the chidori chakra on Sasuke's hand and lose its hardness. Then, the Uchiha would begin to stimulate Naruto's prostate until the process occurred again.

Naruto needed to cum. His mind refused to encompass any other thoughts whatsoever. He had to cum. It was a compelling, driving need that refused to be ignored. He reacted exactly the way Sasuke wanted him to. It continued, and literally began to drive Naruto insane.

"This has to be timed just right." Sasuke thought as he watched his cycle occur for the sixth time. He wanted this orgasm to be one that Naruto remembered for the rest of his life. He judged that Naruto was extremely close to cumming by the way the blonde's cock twisted and turned as it twitched, as though it had a mind of its own. "Time for it to end."

Sasuke increased his chakra along Naruto's prostate. Naruto cried out for Sasuke to let him cum. Little did he know, that was exactly what Sasuke was about to do. The over stimulation of Naruto's insides caused his cock to spring toward Sasuke's hand. Naruto felt the shock of Sasuke's chidori, except this time, he stayed hard against the hand. He bucked and moaned, realizing his seed was about to erupt. Every one of his muscles locked tightly.

Sasuke watched Naruto's cock quiver, ready to explode with cataclysmic force. Intending to make Naruto faint with pleasure, he increased the intensity of his chakra on his hand against Naruto's cock. Surely enough, Naruto's spunk shot from his length and physically struck Sasuke's cheek. Naruto's voice cracked as he screamed one last time. He fell limp on the bed as the last few pulses of his cock subsided. He stared at Sasuke's cum covered face. A small chuckle shook in his throat.

"Take that you bastard…." With that, Naruto fell limp against the bed. His muscles releasing themselves and sending the blonde into unconscious thought.


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