6ft Under Chapter 1

Breathing was all he could do. Panicking didn't help, but he was doing that as well. Darkness made where he was seem more sinister, and real. Moving wasn't easy, but staying still made im panic more. His feet touched something hard, the noise echoed in side his head.

His head hurt, it made the slightest noise sound bigger than it was. He could just about get a muddy hand to touch his head and feel for blood. Dabbing, the pain made him blink. Looking at his hand wouldn't help, so he smelt his hand. That familiar metallic smell haunted his head. Blood was definitely there.

Along with sweat. Never mind the fact that it was winter, all the panicking and his thick winter coat made it feel like summer. But. Unlike summer; no fresh breeze to cool him down. Just stale air he had been breathing in and out for who knows how long.

Just then he thought-do I still have my phone on me? He tried to manoeuvre his arm to get into his jeans pocket. The pocket was tight and rubbing against his hand as he gripped onto his phone. He smiled thinking it would all be over as turned on his phone. The bright light only made the surroundings more smaller and scary. The time was 12:30 am. Thinking of what the time was last time he checked; he had been in the box for 2 hours.

He went to look in his phonebook, but all the numbers had been deleted. The only help he had was the phone number he desperately tried to remember. He knew the old one, but since then, a new phone was purchased and he hadn't gotten around to remembering it. That's when the realisation kicked in. He was alone. In side this box, 6ft under ground. Buried. Alive.

The thoughts of how the people before him felt flooded in his mind. The fear that must have been racing in their heads. The urge to scream and panic and let all sense of sanity go. The tears because they never got the chance to say goodbye to the ones they loved or even declare their love. The memories of family members and friends would have entered their heads. The laughter shared and tears shed over times in their lives. He closed his eyes and saw only one face. Had countless memories about his life, but only one face was there. The tears were beginning to fall because of this one face. The faster breathing began because he knew that this was his funeral. He desperately wanted to see that face again. Hear that voice. Breaking down, he screamed, tried to fight out of the box, kicking but to no prevail. After that brief meltdown, he closed his eyes and started to control his breathing. The air was running low, and he only had a few hours left. It was over, but he wanted to see that face one more time.