6ft Under Chapter 13

3 weeks later

The wind blew in Dean's face and hair. It was cold and sharp against his skin. The flowers he was holding moved harshly in the wind. He breathed out heavily, a tear rolling down his cheek from his delicate green eyes. Walking past groups of people, he brushed away the tear and carried on walking until he found the place he was looking for.

'You can finally rest now.' Another tear started to form.

'Tell me about it.' Sam winced in pain still, holding his stomach with the one arm he had free. 'Dean, all I want to do is sleep for about a week. Are you crying?'

'No, the wind is making my eyes water, the weather out there isn't pleasant.' Dean smiled and handed his younger brother the bunch of flowers he held. 'It seems you made quite an impression on the ladies. This is from Hannah Kersey?' Dean shrugged and done his eyebrow thing. Sam just shook his head and started to walk out of the hospital.

'I have bottles and bottles of pain killers, take them please I cant hold them.' The brown eyes flinching as his brother helped him along. 'Dude, could you have taken any longer to find me?'

'Erm yes, your lucky I found you when I did. Any later and you were a goner.' Dean opened the door of the impala and gently held his brother, easing him into the passenger seat.

'I guess. Honesty, the only thing I remember was your smell and muffled voices. And the blood.'

'So you don't remember not breathing and crashing on me 3 times. Then having complications during surgery? Dude, you nearly died on me again-and I wouldn't be able to help this time.' Then Dean remembered the deal.

Sam's eyes shifted, he knew something about the deal and Dean could tell. His green eyes bore into Sam. 'What did you do Sammy?'

'Nothing. How could I of, I was in a box remember, then in a coma.' Sam hoped that was enough to get Dean off his back.

'You did something, about the deal.' He knew he was right.

Sam just turned his gaze away and looked out the window. 'C'mon just start the car. We'll talk later.'

'No, now. What the hell did you do?'

'Why are you so eager to know?' Sam snapped back, his brown eyes wide with fury. Why did his brother care so much?

'Because… because the demon said that if i wormed my way out of it at all, then you'd die. No question about it.' He swallowed a lump in his throat. He didn't want Sam to know.

'What, you sonuvabitch. How could you have done that. You're lucky that the deal is broken.'

Deans eyes were wide with fury. He was contemplating hitting his brother rather hard in the face but his phone started to ring.

Reaching for it, he started at Sam. 'Hello?'

'Is this Dean Winchester?'

'Yes it is, who is this?'

'Its Arlington hospital Virginia.'

'Well what can I do for you?'

Sam watched as Deans eyes just stared into nothing. He couldn't make out what the person on the other end was saying but didn't think it was good. It was about 2 minuets later when dean hung up the phone; but still stared into nothing. Sam leaned forward, wincing in pain.

'Dean, what is it. Whats happened.'

It took awhile for Dean to respond. When he did, he wasn't all there any way. 'Erm...it…it was the Arlington hospital, Virginia.'

'What did they want, is everything okay. Talk to me man!'

'Its Olivia, she's been admitted.'

It was Sam's turn to look at nothing, All of this was racing in his head. 'Dean, is she okay, why did they call?'

'They said that my name and number was found on a piece of paper in her pocket. They took it and used it to get in touch. It had In case of emergency-Dean Winchester and my number.'

'And, what was it. An emergency?' Sam tried to get more information out of his brother quicker than he was.

'She's in a coma.'