Author: Hello everyone! Here's my first Smash Bros fic!

Link: Hello everybody.

Author: (jumps out of seat) Ahh!!! Where'd you come from?

Link: Well, Shadow's still in the hospital and Marluxia's in therapy...Besides, this is a Smash Bros. fic and I'm your favorite character.

Author: Fair enough. Wait, aren't you supposed to be mute?!?

Link: (sweatdrops) On with the fic!

Smash Mind

-Master Hand-


I am lonely.

My toys will help.

They keep me company.

I like them.

I've pulled them all from their different toy chests.

Just to play.

They never seem to want to play with me.

They seem happier with each other.

Why can't they sense that I only want to play?

Instead, they hurt me.

They keep on hurting me until I'm forced to leave.

I don't get mad, though.

I never get mad.

They're only toys, after all.

I just discard them and move on to something new.

Like the crazy one.

He likes to play with me.

I don't really like him, though.

He only wants to hurt his toys.

I take care of mine.

I like playing with my toys…

Link: That's it?

Author: Well, they'll get longer over time. Just be patient.