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Smash Mind Finale

-Player 1-

To Smash

I just have to ask.

How do you sleep at night?

Do you know what you do?

You are pulling heroes from their own worlds.

All for your twisted little game.

Senseless violence.

Do you know the good they could be causing if they weren't here?

Instead, you have them fight each other.

What is the point, really?

They certainly don't like doing it.

But your word is law.

They always do what you command.

I bet sometimes they wish they had someone else in command.

"What makes you any better than me?" I bet you're asking.

Well, I'm different.

I'm the Smash Mind.

I know everything.

See everything.

The masters.

The footsoldiers.

The punching bags.

The clones.

And of course, the Smashers.

There is much more going on here than what you see.

There are triumphs.


Hopeless odds.

Unbelievable victories.

True heroes.

Diabolical villains.

But you don't care, do you?

You have no desire to enter their hidden world.

You just want a battle with no cause or purpose.

Quite frankly, you disgust me.

But at least now it's ending….

What was that?

You've got to be kidding me!

You're going to do it again?!?

They've barely had time to recover!

Oh well.

I suppose it was inevitable.

I guess I'll be back for it, too.

If only you could understand.

To Smash is a very simple task.

But to understand the world beneath it-

That's much harder.

I'll return whenever you need me.

I'll still have most of the same faces.

There will be some new ones, too.

A primitive race.

An enigmatic leader.

An obedient android.

A monstrous plant.

A benevolent goddess.

And many others still hidden.

For now, we will wait.

The Smashers.

And the Smash Mind.

Waiting for you to smash…

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