Wow. It's been about three months I think. Three months. In that three months, I've written my first fanfiction. I still can't believe looking at the "Stats" and seeing 36 Chapters, 216 reviews, 31, 412 Hits, and 27 favorites and alerts. Right there. That's insane.

The chapter I just updated today, will be my last. I'll only write a sequel if you guys want me to. It's pretty sad, actually, ending this fic. I really was proud of myself.

Thank you so much to my readers, the people who have stuck with me as I wrote it myself. I hope you've enjoyed the journey, as I have myself. Thanks to Beth, Anna, Jenna, Ally, Manda, Hoes over Bro, and all you girlies who have helped me with it. I love you guys! XOXO