Love Lost, Love Found Again

I thought I loved you,

I see I was wrong,

you left me for dead,

so here I stand waiting.

You chose her instead of me,

the dead over the living,

you confused me, and hurt me,

for a long, long while.

These tears that flowed just for you,

had dried up years ago,

from when you hurt me, to when you chose her,

there was nothing left for you.

No love, no friendship, I don't even pity you,

I just wish you had the chance,

to just see this through.

We left, you stayed,

it was your fault,

I found someone living,

when you got someone dead.

I smile more often when around him,

my dearest, my sweetest,


Hey, hey hoped you liked that, it's so good, i surprised my own self,

I love to write, you can plainly see,

I should write more poetry.

Good bye and have fun.