Digimon Creators


The scene was a dark room with an unidentifiable person typing on a computer. The light from the computer illuminated the room enough to show that it contained a single bed, and a bookshelf filled with several unidentifiable books among other things. There was also a wooden desk with a lamp and computer monitor and keyboard perched on top, a window with a dark sky outside, and the person sitting atop a chair in front of the desk.

A closer view of the computer monitor showed some kind of computer coding for a program. The mysterious character finished typing in the final line of coding and reviewed it thoroughly.

"Game name?" the character said in a male voice, probably belonging to a teenager. "Digimon: Digital Monsters!"

The character typed in the name and saved the program data. He loaded it up and a title screen featuring several strange-looking creatures and the words "Digimon: Digital Monsters" across the top. Being the creator of the program, he created a main account that would be used to monitor everything else.

"Username?" the character said to himself upon viewing the screen. "What kind of name would bedt suite the person whom created this world? God is just a lame name and too bland."

The character continue to ponder a suitable name for someone whom would connect the bridges that gap the distances separating everyone in the world, bringing them together under common interests to play a game together.

"That's it!" the character squealed excitably. "Y-G-G-D-R-A-S-I-L… Yggdrasil!"