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Chapter One…

The loud music blasted into the night as a group of black clad patrons left Troy's. The door swished closed behind them with 'Thank you for coming' and 'Please come again, soon' from the waiters and the door Host. The last two, a young woman and a boy, both in dark denim jeans and black shirts slowly made their way down the block. The cold air made her quickly slip a bare arm into her jacket while the music though muffled inside of the restaurant was still loud enough to hear. The group of people ahead were laughing and talking as they headed toward their cars voices blending in with the traffic on Arroyo Lane.

It was a four lane street that resembled more of a highway since the traffic lights were more than a mile apart and cars just sped by. There was a center lane reserved for those too stupid or lazy to drive to the next light and make their turn. This presented the option of causing a major traffic accident because said idiot wanted to turn into one of the side dark streets that provided the only parking for Troy's. The five blocks surrounding the restaurant were always busy especially when the clubbing crowds let out. Then again the pre-club crowds tended to stop by Troy's before they headed out for a night of drinking, dancing and for some a little more than that.

The only option for non-clubbers was to get there between crowds in order not to have to wait in lines a mile long. That meant a 2am dinner and Troy's Thai cuisine was worth it. A once a month sin could be forgiven even at her age. Besides, she'd been eating there for the past year and by now the waiters and the host knew her. The running joke was that they'd have to get a plaque to put on her table. Getting there at 2am didn't guarantee her usual table would be available but the guys always made sure she got to sit on the balcony with a view out the double paned windows.

Now at half past three in the morning it was definitely past both their bedtimes. Her brown eyes looked down at her son, his shirt was rumpled and his black hair stood on ends like a little porcupine. He rubbed his eyes stumbling along then yawned shivering at the same time. It was so ridiculous it brought a smile to her face.

"Tienes frío?" she asked and not waiting for his answer began taking off her jacket. She felt the cold air raise goose bumps on her arms and shivered herself. Reaching a delicate hand to the band holding her hair in a ponytail she pulled it off letting the inky waves flow down her back shielding her a little from the cold.

"Yeah but I can wait till we get to the car." He said wrapping his arms around himself and picking up the pace. They were only halfway down the main block and it was still another three blocks to get to the car once they reached the side street. He was regretting having left his own jacket in the car but it hadn't been this cold when they got there and he was wearing his long sleeved shirt, not to mention the undershirt his Mom made him wear. She had a thing about undershirts not to mention she was right about him being cold. She'd never let him forget this, never…

Dayne raised a dark eyebrow and sighed at her son's stubborn machismo. She didn't know where he got it from, he certainly hadn't learned it from her Dad but maybe Témoc was more Emiliano's son than she realized. Sighing she dropped the warm jacket on his shoulders as they turned down the side street.

"Mom." Témoc scowled shrugging out of her jacket. He held it out to her and seeing the stubborn set of his jaw Dayne stopped under the branches of an old twisted tree.

"Témoc." Her voice though low carried the steely tone of authority only a mother can produce. She knew they were still three blocks from the car. The silence and eerie darkness didn't register as she crossed her arms and ordered him to put it on.

"But it's a girl jacket." He exclaimed holding it out to her again.

"Ay, Cuauhtémoc." Dayne threw her hands up and looked away because she didn't want him to see the smile threatening the corners of her mouth. The look on his face was horrified at the thought of some one seeing him in girl's clothes and slightly offended that she would make him wear it. "There's no one out here so just put it on. I don't want you getting sick."

"Ma, I'm not going to get sick." He scoffed lowering his arm. "We're not far from the car besides I'm the man of the house and I'm supposed to take care of you. You're a girl you're supposed to wear the jacket. You don't have long sleeves. See?" She was sure that in his mind his argument made sense. He plucked at the sleeve of his black button up shirt to make his point.

The shirt had arrived in the mail almost a month ago. The package had been addressed to Cuauhtémoc DeVega-Leon. His grandmother had also sent pictures of Emiliano as a child and some of his 'toys'. Things Emiliano had kept in an old trunk Sra. Leonora had unearthed from one of the many storage rooms in the old house. She told Témoc all this in a letter and though it was written in Spanish the nine year old boy had no trouble reading it. He had a knack for languages, like Dayne. Sra. Leonora had also asked when he would visit again. She missed him and it had been years since his last visit.

'Yeah, five years.' Dayne thought remembering the one and only time she'd let her son visit his fathers family; that was one mistake she refused to repeat again. After a month long visit where Sra. Leonora was supposed to return her grandson the old woman refused saying she wanted to keep him, wanted to raise him in the house his father had grown up in, in the same town and school. Nothing Dayne said would make the old lady budge and finally under the pretense of moving down there she got on a plane to retrieve her son. Five years later Témoc was finally over the rebellious fits of rage Sra. Leonora had cause with her lies and over indulgence.

Dayne could understand the older woman's grief over loosing her second youngest son. After all, Emiliano had been her first love. He was quiet upon first impression but once he got comfortable he opened up and let you see his sweet side. He was hardworking, responsible in that he took care of his parents. He was always joking around making people laugh and Sr. DeVega said treated 'his daughter like a lady'. Emiliano always made sure Dayne was taken care of, watched after her almost as bad as her Dad. No one had come close to earning Sr. DeVega's approval and Dayne had kept most of her boyfriend's away from her house and father in order to avoid 'unnecessary sermons'. Sr. DeVega could've asked for no better a son-in-law than Emiliano Leon.

Dayne snapped out of her reverie when a scream rent the early morning air. She jumped looking down both ends of the dark street unable to find the source. She felt Témoc's hand in hers, cold and clutching at her fingers. He was strong for a nine year old and tall for his age. He'd probably be as tall as his father over six feet at the very least. She jumped again at the sounds, twin pops, like fire works sans the brightly colorful exploding lights and felt the blood rush out of her head.

"No way." Dayne muttered through numb lips realizing some one was shooting a gun. "No fucking way." her face twisted in fear and rage as another pop went off much closer. Without thought Dayne pulled Témoc down the street making him sprint to keep up with her.

The sounds of running feet reached her ears and looking over her shoulder saw five menacing shadows turn the corner. Fear gripped her and she ran faster practically carrying Témoc the last yard before turning into the alley. The car was too far to make especially if those thugs had seen them which she was sure they had. Another pop broke the silence and Dayne froze looking at the mouth of the alley.

"Mom." Témoc's voice was pitched low sensing her fear as she stood staring at the dark street. "Mom, are those gun shots?"

Dayne jerked out of her fear pushing the paralyzing emotion deep down and forced her body to move. Another pop made her gasp and taking Témoc's hand ran down the alley looking for a place to hide.

"Mom!" Témoc demanded puling on her arm.

"Yes, now come on." She pulled him over to a gate which happened to be locked. Cursing under her breath Dayne looked for some where else to hide from the loonies apparently out shooting people. Why were people constantly shooting at people? Why were guns ever invented? Guns were evil. Guns made bad things happen. Guns made good people dead. Guns… guns…

"Mom?" Témoc watched wide eyed as his mother hyperventilated. He hadn't seen her like this before not since Grandpa was buried last year. He wasn't sure but maybe his Mom was having a panic attack? He wasn't sure what to do, there was no where to go get her a glass of water like Aunt Luc had told him. He'd left them alone so he hadn't seen what happened after but by the time he got back with the glass his Mom had been crying silently.

"Mom." Dayne jerked as if she'd been slapped her hands coming up to protect herself when Témoc's voice pierced the fog of memories clouding her mind.

"Wha-w-we ha-have to hide." Dayne panted. Her eyes went up to the fire escape of the buildings fencing in the alley but up was not the way to go. Bullets could go up a lot easier than they went down. No, what she needed was a low spot to hide in.

Halfway down the alley she found two metal trash bins side by side reeking of waste.

"God, Phew!" Témoc pinched his nose flinching as another pop broke the silence. There was a short scream abruptly cut off and then he was engulfed by the reeking stench as his Mom shoved him between the bins. She huddled in front of him using her body to hide him in case they were found.

"Don't say a word. Not a sound Cuauhtémoc." She warned and by the tone of her voice he knew not to even answer that.

Dayne scooted further back wincing as her fingers touched on some mysterious pasty substance. The thought of worms or maggots somehow made her stomach roll and the spicy curry she'd had at Troy's threatened to rise up. The smell didn't help her keep it down either.

A rapid set of pops broke their harsh breaths. Metal screeched as the bullets tore into the trash bin and a flare of light blinded them. Dayne gasped in fright but Témoc let out a squeak before clamping both hands over his mouth. Dayne reached back gripping his leg to reassure him.

Voices echoed in the darkness, the closest ones taunting, laughing…


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