Engine Trouble:

Miley and Mikaela sat in Miley's bedroom flipping through a couple of teen magazines. Mikaela told her friend how hers and Sam's relationship was going and Miley would smile every time her friend would sigh and look dreamily off into the distance, which wasn't very far on a count of the Miley's poster filled bedroom wall, but none the less it was wonderful to see her friend so happy. She remembered only a couple of weeks ago when she had thought Sam was the biggest weirdo of them all, but once she had seen his true colours their relationship began to take root.

Miley turned a page in her teen celebrity magazine but her mind was off somewhere else, she was thinking about a certain little yellow bot. Mikaela noticed her friends dreamy look and she smirked, she knew who the girl was thinking about. Keep her cool she looked down at her magazine.

"Y' know I could teach you a few things about engines." she said coolly not looking up from her 'reading'

"Uh, why would I want to learn anything about engines?" she asked in slight suspicion, but didn't look up from her magazine.

"I don't know." Mikaela replied slyly. "I was just thinking you would like to know how to work on Bumblebee's 'engine'." she then added after a few moments; she still didn't look up but rather sat rather nonchalantly as she spoke these words.

Miley was quiet for a moment letting her friends words sink in; she felt her face heat up in the realization of what Mikaela was implying and she looked over to her friend, her mouth agape.

"W-what!?" she stuttered out in embarrassment.

"I was just thinking out loud." she told her very flustered friend innocently.

"I-I can't believe you!" Miley stumbled with her words and then stood up and began to exit the room.

"Where are you going?" the brunette asked.

"O-out." was the simply reply and she heard her friend walk down the stairs, open and close the back do and then start up her scooter and then drive away.

Mikaela smiled and went back to her reading.

Miley set her bike down and slowly began to walk over to Bumblebee who was sitting on the ridge where they all usually hung out, his feet dangled over the edge childishly.

He turned to her, tilting his head to the side when he noticed that she looked like something was bothering her.

She finally reached him but refused to look at him, slowly she placed her small hand on his leg in a sort of suggestive gesture and he looked at her puzzled. Finally she looked up at him, blush evident on her pink cheeks.

"Hey, Bee..." she began and he nodded to let her know he was listening and she took a deep breath. "Would you like me to learn h-how to...to work...to work on...on...y-your e-e-engine?" she stuttered, her blush growing with each word.

He looked at her with surprise crossing his blue eyes and then turned away as if in thought and she waited; the suspense was killing her. Suddenly she began to here radio static coming form him; she stood in shock and embarrassment at the song he had chosen for the moment.

"Give it to me baby, uh huh, uh huh!" blasted from his speakers, he had chosen the beginning lyrics to the song 'Pretty Fly for a White Guy.'

She looked behind her to make sure that no one was in the area and then she turned back to him giving him a nervous smile; secretly thinking of a way to get Mikaela back for all the embarrassment she had caused her; but for now she would have to content herself with trying to get the bot to stop playing that song.