A Very Small Wish

By Tsukisamu Sayako

Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies. I do not own Sora, Roxas, Kairi, or Riku. They belong to Square Enix.

Author's Notes: Four short stories on wishes inspired by Fragrant meadow's "Hundred Paper Stars". No special rating needed since there's nothing that merited a T or M rating. Seriously…

Summary: When a birthday wish comes true…

It was on a Saturday that Sora's 16th birthday would take place. The morning came with cool breezes and warm sunshine. The day was so beautiful that Sora couldn't help but go outside to run about the island celebrating his youth. He went skateboarding, rowed to the Paopu Island to draw in the Secret Spot, and ran a lap on the sandy beach around the island. By the time he returned to his home for the birthday party, his mother was surprised that the sixteen-year-old boy was still as energetic as ever.

Of course, it shouldn't be surprising when her son had battled continuously against evil for the past two years. But his mother doesn't know that.

Kairi was the first of his friends to arrive at Sora's house. When she entered the cozy home, she first handed Sora his gift, hugged him to wish him a happy birthday, then joined Sora's mother in the kitchen while Sora greeted Riku at the doorway. Selphie came after Riku, bearing a platter of fruit that her mom had arranged for the party. Sora's mom thanked the curly-haired girl with gladness before taking the plate from her hands. Tidus and Wakka were the last two to come together and carried two empty buckets with four bags of water balloons in their hands.

It was obvious what the group of teens had done first that afternoon.

After they had gotten dried off, they went to Sora's room to play a game of "Fortunate Person" (1) and "Monopoly". Three hours passed by before they completed both games with Riku losing at the game of Monopoly and Selphie losing at the game of Fortunate Person. Riku was thus deemed the poorest man of them all while Selphie was the most unfortunate girl of them. Although Sora won neither game (Kairi and Wakka won the games), he was crowned the most fortunate man alive for it was his birthday. He gladly accepted the title.

"Of course I would be the most fortunate man alive," he grinned. "I have the lot of you as my friends."

With the board games completed, the group of happy friends entered the dining room for dinner. Sora's mother, being a great cook, managed to whip up a table full of savory dishes that wowed even the critic of her cooking: her husband, a professional chef at a well-to-do restaurant on the Island. Indeed, there was so much food that Sora's dad called up Riku's parents to join them at dinner.

While they ate, the teens sat on the carpeted floor in front of the television watching a movie that Tidus had brought with him: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Sora watched with fascination as the movie depicted another realm in which his acquaintances from Hollow Bastion battled the same evil as always and looked at Riku and Kairi to see if they too were surprised by the movie.

At the conclusion of the movie, Sora scratched his head, wondering if the pasts of Cloud, Tifa, and the rest of the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee (with the exception of Leon of course) were the same as those in the movie.

"It would make a lot of sense," he said to himself as he thought back on the day when Cloud Strife and Sephiroth battled before disappearing into thin air and Tifa Lockhart left Hollow Bastion to search for Cloud.

"What would?" asked Kairi softly.

"That the movie would explain Cloud and Tifa's animosity toward Sephiroth and the reason why Sephiroth said that Cloud is the only one who can beat him," he replied quietly.

"They never did say that they were from Hollow Bastion either," added Riku, overhearing their conversation. Sora only nodded silently at the comment.

"Cake time!" called out Sora's mother as Wakka turned the lights to the living room back on. The teens made their way back to the dining room and cheered when the dining table was cleared of all dishes. A stack of plates and utensils sat on the side of the table near the kitchen and Sora was forced to sit down on the only chair left at the table. They dimmed the lights and Sora's mother entered the room with a cake lit with 16 candles as they began singing.

"Happy birthday to you." The cake had chocolate frosting as Sora duly noted.

"Happy birthday to you." The cake was now in front of Sora's face.

"Happy birthday, dear Sora." The top of the cake had strawberries and the handwritten message was distorted by the candles.

"Happy birthday to you!" Sora smiled happily at the last line and looked about at expectant faces.

"Make a wish, Sora," said his dad and Sora closed his eyes, knowing exactly what to wish for.

"I wish that Roxas can be a Somebody."

Sora blew out the candles and loud applause and cheer met his ears as he finished the wish making. He opened his eyes and a small part of his heart ached with disappointment when his wish did not come true. Still, he smiled widely and began cutting the cake, making each portion relatively equal to that of his own. The Keyblade master noted that the cake was indeed chocolate cake with strawberries and cream, a triple delight in his book and he savored the taste of the sweet cake with happiness.

The birthday boy conversed happily with his guests as they ate the sweet delight and soon, all traces of the delicious cake were gone, even the last crumbs of the cake had been eaten. The party moved to living room where a small pile of presents awaited the Keyblade master.

Sitting down beside the pile of presents, Sora happily tore open the wrapping paper, grinning widely as he inspected each present. Wakka gave him a gift certificate for the local ice cream parlor, having been there multiple times with Sora for sea salt ice cream. Tidus gave him a wooden sword like the one that Sora had used the first time he fought against them all more than two years ago. Selphie gave him a sketchbook with a familiar crown shape embossed in the cover. Kairi gave him another good luck charm, this time made of nickel with a touch of silver. Riku gave him a keychain familiar to him and Sora gasped upon seeing the keychain of the Oblivion Keyblade, wondering where Riku managed to obtain such a treasure.

The birthday boy hugged each of his friends with glee and almost cried with joy when the presents reminded him of the great adventures he shared with Donald and Goofy, who couldn't make it for obvious reasons. At the conclusion of the gift opening, a series of soft knocks came from the front door. Riku got up from the floor with a wide smile to get the door while Sora laughed with Kairi at the jokes that Tidus was making. Riku opened the door and gasped with surprise at the presence of the two people in the doorway.

"Riku, is it my mom?" asked Selphie as she looked at the watch, noticing that it was almost nine o'clock.

"N-no," replied Riku, stuttering a bit as he struggled to recover from the shock of seeing the newcomers.

"Then who is it?" asked Sora. The room became silent as a blond-haired teen with brilliantly blue eyes walked through the door into view followed by a tall man with flaming red hair and green eyes. The shorter teen had a smile on his face as he carried a small gift bearing a card with a familiar stamp on it. Sora could only smile happily as he laid his eyes on the two.

"I hope you got us memorized."

"Happy birthday, Sora."

If you don't know who those last two people are… I have nothing to say to you.


(1) "Fortunate Person" is a literal translation from a Monopoly-like game that's somewhat well-known in Taiwan. Prior to the game, each person is given a piece of paper and they have to predict the amount of "wealth", "fortune", and "friend" they would have at the end of the game. The game ends after all of the "chance" cards on the board have been used up if I recall correctly. Whoever finished the game with closest results as his or her predictions wins the game. (The Taiwanese translation of the game is "Happy Man"... which is kinda... eh)

I do want to mention one fact why I decided to use the lyrics for "Sanctuary" instead of "Passion" in the first story because it was awkward to have Sora sing in Japanese when they're speaking English... although I do sing in Japanese but speak only English.

And thus concludes the series of short stories... for now. Thanks for reading. :D