Authors Note: This is a Sequel to Time as Always time. This is written by a different person but same author is posting it.

4 years have passed since Time as Always time ended.

Ages: Tai, Sora, Matt and Mimi are 37. TK and Kari are 34. Saria, Davis, Mina, and Kevin are all 20. Li, Maiko, and Michael are all 11. Lillie is 10. Reena and Honoka are 9. Hope is 6. Yuka and Ren are both 4.

Summary: Like it says its a new beginning of life for some of the characters, but especially Saria and Davis, along with Mina and Kevin. And in this I will dwelve a bit into what life has been like for Maiko now that she is reunited with Sora and Tai after 7 long years. Chapter 1 is basically going to deal with Saria and Davis going on a date with Davis having some special planned. Not going to go into further detail.


A New Beginning Chapter 1,

August 1, 2028

Saria woke up at 8:00 that morning thinking about what she is going to do today. But then she remembered that Davis and her were going to spend the whole day together. Hang at their house for a while and eat breakfast together. Maybe go see her parents and have her birthday party with them before going out with Davis to see a movie and go to a romantic dinner. "Oh boy this will be an excellent day I wonder what will happen tonight after the movie," Saria said to herself as she headed down the stairs to the kitchen to get something to drink. Just then she heard someone coming down the stairs and saw that it was Davis.

Davis woke up and saw the clock it said 8:00 on it. He groaned and got up. He then remembered that it was Saria's birthday and smiled. He had a special night planned out. He was going to go with her to her parent's house for them to celebrate her birthday then go see a movie, probably going to go see a movie and then going out to a fancy restaurant, were he would give her his birthday present. So he decided to go down after he got dressed. When he got down there he saw Saria was already in the kitchen getting something to drink while waiting for him.

"Good morning Davis," Saria said, smiling happily.

"Good morning, and Happy Birthday Saria," Davis exclaimed then went over and kissed her on the lips.

"So does bacon and eggs with hash browns sound good to you?"

"Ya it does."

"Good coming right up then," then Davis went off to go cook the eggs, bacon and hash browns. When they were done he served the food to Saria and sat down and ate also.


Yagami Household Kitchen….

"Daddy, Li took my favorite shirt!" Hanako Cried.

"I did not! She is just trying to get me in trouble," Li cried.

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Both of you stop it!" Tai yelled.

Both Li and Hanako stopped and looked at their dad. Tai was rubbing the temples on the side of his head. "Both of you need to get ready because your sister is coming today. Go and find Maiko and Reena and tell them they need to get ready also."

"Okay dad," They both said and left to go look for their siblings.

Just then Sora came into the kitchen and put her arms around Tai, "So they had the favorite shirt fight again?" She asked.

"Yah I remember when they first had that fight" Tai said.

Just then the doorbell rang, "That must be Saria and Davis, I will go get the door," Sora said.

She went to the door and found Saria and Davis there smiling, "Hi mom."

"Hi Mrs. Kamiya,"

"Davis I told you before you can call me Sora."

"Yes Mrs... I mean Sora," He said.

"Okay well come in the other kids will be down soon and your Uncle Matt, Uncle TK, Aunt Mimi and Aunt Kari will be here soon," Sora said.

"Hey, Sora can I talk to you and Mr. Kamiya privately really fast?" Davis asked.

"Of course you can. Saria we will be back out in a few moments."

"Okay mom," Saria said and went and sat down in the living room.

"Tai, Davis wants to ask us something"

"Okay go ahead Davis," Tai said.

"Well I wanted to ask for your blessing to ask for Saria's hand in marriage tonight after dinner," The response was instantaneous.

Tai looked like he was going to knock Davis out and Sora was holding him back but smiling, "What did you do to my daughter Davis! You had better not have gotten her pregnant before marriage or I will kill you!" Tai said.

"Tai calm down I doubt Saria is pregnant."

"No she isn't pregnant, I just love your daughter so much that I want to marry her," Davis said.

Tai seemed to calm down after that and smiled, "If that's the case then yes you have our blessing to ask for Saria's hand in marriage."

"Okay since that is over with lets go back out there Saria is probably worried that Tai killed you Davis," Sora said.

So they headed back out and they see Saria talking with Li, Maiko, Reena and Hanako.

"Hi girls and Li," Davis said happily.

"Hi Davis," They all said together.

Saria got up and kissed Davis on the cheek. Davis blushed a bit. Just then the doorbell rang, "I will get it mom," Li said.

He got up and walked over to the door and opened it, there stood Kari, TK, Matt, Mimi and their children. "Hi Li" Matt said.

"Hi guys how are you doing today?" Li asked.

"We are doing great."

"Well come on in Saria and Davis are both here right now."

So Matt, Mimi, Kari and TK all came in and followed Li to the living room where Tai, Sora, Saria and Davis sat together talking, while the kids played on the floor.

Odaiba Movie theatre

7:30 PM

"That was a good movie," Saria said.

"Ya I know they left it open for a sequel, so now let's go to the restaurant," Davis said.

"Okay so were are we headed?"

"Olaries" Davis replied.

Saria gasped, "But Davis that is the most expensive restaurant in Odaiba!" She exclaimed.

"I know but you are worth it," Davis replied back, smiling happily.

Saria smiled, "Thank you Davis I love you so much."

"I love you also Saria," So they got into Davis car and drove away.


7:50 PM

"Okay we're here," Davis said.

"Thanks you so much for bringing me here tonight Davis," Saria said to him happily and she kissed him on the lips. Davis got out of the car and opened up Saria's door for her, "Thank you." Saria Replied.

"Your welcome come on lets go in."


So they went inside and walked to the person at the front of the restaurant, "Reservation," The waiter said.

"It will be under Davis Ichijouji."

"Very good please follow me sir." They followed the waiter to a table and Davis pulled Saria's chair out for her to sit down and when she did he pushed her chair in for her and then he went to sit in the chair across from her.

"Good evening sir and miss. May I recommend the special tonight, Sirloin steak with a side serving of Scallops and Shrimp with a choice of toast or salad?"

Saria and Davis both ordered the special, "Thank you sir and miss."

So the waiter went off after writing their order and getting their drinks. Saria and Davis both looked at each other and smiled.

Saria leaned back in her chair, "Davis this is such a wonderful place thank you for taking me here."

"Its not problem Saria, like I said you are worth taking to this restaurant," She smiled and leaned forward and kissed Davis on the lips. They continued to talk about stuff until their food got there and then they started to eat. After they were done eating, Saria stared out the window at the water outside, "Hey Davis do you mind if we go out and walk by the water."

"Yah lets go."

So they headed out after paying for the meal. After a little while of walking Davis and Saria stopped and just stared at the water.

Then Davis turned to her, "Saria I have a question for you and I will understand if you are not ready, I will wait for your answer."

"Okay," Saria said.

"Saria we have known each other for ten years now and we have been dating four of those years. What I am about to ask you will change our lives and relationship," He said then got down on one knee and got out a black box and opened it, revealing a diamond ring, "Saria Kamiya will you marry me?"

Saria stood there motionless and unsure of what to say. Thoughts were crossing her mind. But one thing that crossed her mind was 'I love him so of course I will say yes' Saria thought. "Yes Davis, yes I will marry you. I wouldn't want to spend my life with anyone else!" She exclaimed. He put the ring on her finger smiling and got up and pulled her into a tight embrace.

Yagami House

Living room

August 2nd, 2028

8:30 AM

"So Saria how was your night out with Davis?" Sora asked.

"Yah, mom look what Davis gave me," She said showing her the engagement ring that Davis used to ask her to marry him.

Sora gasped, "Saria is that what I think it is?"

"Yes mom Davis proposed to me last night next to the water by the restaurant we went to."

"That's great sweetie! I am so happy for you," Sora replied smiling brightly.

"So where's dad?" Saria asked. "He has to work today. But we both knew about Davis asking you to marry him, because he asked us yesterday morning while we went and talked to him in the kitchen. Your dad freaked out because he thought you got pregnant and that was why Davis asked."

"Mom you don't have to worry me and Davis are waiting until we get married to have sex. I do want kids though. We both do," Saria replied smiling dreamily.

"Saria I know you will make a good mother when you do have your own children. And you know me and your father will both be here for you when you do have your own kids."

"I appreciate that a lot mom."

"So have you and Davis decided on a date for your guys wedding?"

"Yah we want to have it on November 18."

"So that gives us 4 months to get everything ready. So what kind of wedding do you guys want?"

"Well we want to get married here. We want to have a small wedding with our friends and family."

"Okay dear well I got to go get your brothers and sisters off to school. I will tell them the good news."

"Thanks mom, love you."

"Love you too sweetie, bye."

End of Chapter 1.