Chapter 1:

Disclaimer: I don't own Rowling or Harry potter, but I!DO! Own Mârimtudâda (A/N: Isn't it a wonder-full name? I wish my parrots named me that and I got that by putting my name into a ME name generator. But Harry rocks more! I Love HARRY POTTER HE IS SO HOTT)
Oh yeah and also Rowling own Harry (A/N: I WISH I owned him! Mwaha!) And J. J.R Token owns all of Middle earth (A/N: But if he didn't then I would take HARRY! to ME and have secks with him and wed have BABIES together!)

Oh and by the way some people dint get why I wrote 'secks' like that, and no its not because I'm little and don't know how to spell its because I want this story to be g-rate. So don't laugh and instead be happy because I'm making this story g-rate for all the little kiddies out their!

End of Disclaimer

Chapter 1: Mârimtudâda Once up on a time their lived a hot! Girl named Mârimtudâda, and she was special because she was born in Middle earth. But she was human and mortal not an elf even though her mom was an elf) so her age was matured in human years. But when she was one, and a fairy came to Give her mother the prophesy of her life, she said to her (that was the prophesies)

"She will grow up dutiful and fall in love with a prince who is destined to defeat the DARK LORD and when she does they will congeal and become 1 and then she will defeat the DARK LORD!"

So her mother was worry and she said "she will not be safe here! And I am afraid that when she goes to defeat the DARK LORD then she will die and I will lose my only daughter!'

Because the mom was worried that Mârimtudâda her daughter would be killed. So because the mother Was not very smart and she thought that the DARK LORD was SARON (Thanx to prophet song for pointing that out!) since she lived in Middle earth but really the prophesy was talking about the magic world, really it was VOLDERMORT and so she said

"hey I will send her to another planet, another world another time and she will be safe!" so she (the mom) cast a magic flying spell and sent 3-year old Mârimtudâda to Earth, next to Hogwarts, the school of Magic and Sorcery.

And the way the magic worked was that her mother seed "Openius portalius touis hogwratarius" and a blue portly open it was a round blue portal and Mârimtudâda step in and disappeared. Actively her mom push her in because she was only 1 and could not wok, remember?

Now I'm going to took about Maris' history because its important, ready.!

10 years later...

Tudy (her mom, Gladladriel caller her that)(A/N-I'm not shore that's the way you spell her name is it? And I was to lazy to right her real name so I'm going to call her Tudy form now on: oh, and yah, I got a new beta reader and my dad instilled spell check, say Hi to my new beta reader thanks!) Anyway, she was in her neighborhood working a round the block and her 18 year old chocolate hare swept around her when suddenly she saw HIM. (A/N this was before she went to Hogwarts or Goth her letter)

Rimtu (her dad called her that but I won't tell you who he is yet because it mite be important later) looked at HIM with her dutiful gray/green eyes like the see. HE was the most hansom boy ever! HE had an unrulier black hare and eyes that looked like she was drowning in wells.

"Hello" He said. "My name is Harry (A/N-OMG he is so HOTT in the move!) Who are you?"

A/N: I NO the chappie is a leeeeeeeeeeeetle bit short, but till be longer next time, I promise! PLEASE REVUE, FOR ME!"