Chapter 12.:

When Tudy hears this she smile reel big at Harry and forgive him. Now she feels like her hart is flying to.

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Later in the day she (Marimtuda) got and owl in her breakfast. It fell down the window into her bowl! Marim smile and grin at Harry who loves her. The own is white with spots only it's not Nolael. It's a diffident owl. "PICK IT UP!!" Hermoine says but Tudy ignore her because she ugly and reel mean. She takes the owl to her room and washes it from cheerios and unties the not and read the letter. It's from Dublesore.

"Dear Marimta," His rites.

Please join me for lunch today because we have important thing to talk about, like Bil and your special classes and how you turns in to feenixes!

Love from
Albis dumbleodo "

Marimtu is surprise but also a lot worry. Why Dumbelro want to talk to her now? She remembers how early he tells her about her mom but don't tell who her mom is. Maybe now he tells her? She gets reel exited and start to count down until time to talk. In fact, Marimtu is to exit to go to class so she decides to skip and come early to Dumbledo's office. She walks long way and final get there!

But instead of open door she hears voices behind the door it sound like Snap! And Dumdreo. Are arguing! Now Maritmuda has a reel dilemma. She no it's not good to lessen to people when they don't no you listen, but she reel wants to no what they say because maybe now she learns about her mom!

So she goes to the door. And listens. The talk she hears it go like this;

"... (Because she come in mid of suntans) but you can't tell her truth!"

"And then Dumbeldo say "but we need to tell her! Other wise bad things happen!"

"Snap: no! Dumbedloe, the grill can't deal with knowing this! It will break her hart!"

Then there were big gasps from Dumbedlor. "Your rite Snap." he said final. I have to lie to Rimti. I reel don't want to but if we tell her true then she wood be heartbroken and nobody wood want to be friends with her."

Just then Marimtu here that Snap get ready to leave room so she hide behind statue of gargle. Snap comes down the stair and leave and then pretend that she don't here, Marim unhide and clime up stairs slowly.

She opened the door it was large and circle inside and a feenix like Harry sat on the desk and squeaked loud. Then Dumborle says to her, "Hello child it's time for our meeting! Aren't you exited? Have some Bettie bots!"

Maritmu say "no thanks Album, I am watching my wait."

"OH well let's talk then what is on your mind Tudy?" (A/n this is how my councilor always starts our meetings to make us more comforted.)

Tudy thought for a long time and then said, "I want to know who my mom is! And why I am feenix and Harry too, and why no one likes me!"

"And why you talk with Snap and Dumblore before I come in!" she thought but she didn't say because then he nose she spies!

Dumderro's eyes stop twinkle. And now he looks reel serous. "Oh Martims" he say to her reel serious. "This is reel hard for me to tell you but basic you need to no this because you'll be reel disappoint other wise."

Marim eye got reel big and she was shock. Maybe Demblere wont lies to her?

But then she got sad again because Dembledor says "Basic, Maritma, I'm not going to tell you because I don't no who your mom is. I was just kid that I no. I want to see what your reaction would be."

Now Marim gets angry! She jumps up and start scream at top of lung "I HATE YOU! I can't believe YOU DID THAT TO ME1! I hate you!!! So much!!!! And she starts to break Dumbeldores stuff! Just like that! Because she so mad at Dumbledro it's like a bug when its reel annoying and you run after it and scream I want to kill you!!!"

Now it's DUmbleros turn to get mad and when he gets mad he gets reel mad like my Dad or Hermoine. He jump up and start roaring "NOW YOU DID IT!" Now your get expel you ugly fatso!"

And as he roar lightning start to flash through him and he blinks and sudden everything go black and when Marim open her eye she is lie in hallway and Harry is look at her.

"Are you O.k.? Marimtu? Come on its time to learn sickness with Pomfie." Harry says.

As Marimtud lift her head a thought flash through her mind. "What just happen?"

The hospital where they learn sickness is big and white (like the one where I went before, it had lots of beds except no curtains even though when I went it had curtains so you didn't see other people.)

She didn't see any other people and then she and Harry were alone waiting for Pomfie to learn sickens.

Harry says "Marimtu why were you lying like dead outside Dumblesre's office?

"Oh" she says, "because I don't remember."

"Hamm" Harry thinks hard! "Maybe you fainted? Maybe it's good we have sickness now!!"

"Yeah! I think it's good. Says Tudy. "We can ask Pomfie."

Then the nurse comes in she is large and fat but she has a nice face and similes a lot. Then other kids are behind her. Then she teaches them. She teaches them about magical sickness called acne. "Oh" says Tudy," that's what wrong with Ron who is fat!"

"Yes," said Pomfie. "That is what is wrong with Ron. He is acne. And fat."

When Ron hears this he cries and Ron cries and leaves the room!

So Maritut feels bad so she runs after even though she hates Ron because he is fat but he is Harry's friend so she fools him so Harry will love her. "Ron?" she called. "Ron where are you? I no mean to make fun. Of you."

She leans over the toilet stall to see if Ron is there, but all of a sudden Ron stomps from behind the other stall! Marim is shock! And Ron attack!

"You aren't so special now MARIM!" he sneer evil.