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Chapter 5- A Meeting of the Canine Kind

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"Thinking is the greatest torture in the world for most people."


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Harry Potter was troubled. Not that this was anything unusual. He had plenty of time over the previous summer to himself, so he was no stranger to brooding over complicated matters (with Voldemort being a frequent visitor to his thoughts). However, he had lost an entire night sleep over this latest subject and he was sorely miffed. A full eight hours of puzzling and puzzling had earned him little in the way of results. His body ached terribly from lack of sleep, and his eyelids drooped dangerously low as he dressed for the day.

Harry's problem was the two people he had met the previous evening in front of the fire. Even if he didn't know what the problem was, exactly, and that just made it all the more frustrating.

They were dressed as muggles, yet they had arrived by Floo Network, which was often tricky for wizards to navigate. It had probably been their first time using the powder, judging from the way they fell all over the place (not that he was one to talk). If they were muggles, and not just a duo of clumsy spellcasters, who were they? How had they gotten Floo Powder? Did they have friends or relatives who used magic? Were they students? Tourists?

No, Harry reasoned, not tourists. When Professor Lupin spoke to them they behaved like soldiers reporting for duty. But what duty? Where?

His mind immediately jumped to the new Hogwarts guards, but that seemed unlikely. The two of them were young, perhaps only a couple of years older than Harry. Would Dumbledore really hire teens for such an important job? When asked, Lupin only shook his head and said distractedly, "It's nothing you need to worry about" then bid Harry good day and promised to see him again soon. Just from that, he knew something was up, but what…?

…Then again, perhaps he was just thinking too hard, reading between the lines when there were hardly any lines to begin with. Harry rubbed his temples in slow massage as he left his an Ron's room to join the rest of the Weasleys in the drafty hallway. He sighed. Thinking in circles like that always gave him a monster of a headache.

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"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."

-Marcel Proust

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Back downstairs…

Sasuke, finally at the end of his rope, called out his Kekkei Genkai in hopes of finding some kind of gap or clue to the stupid portal thing that was their latest adversary. What he saw surprised him, though, and it must have shown on his normally passive face for Naruto asked, "What's up? What do you see?"

Releasing the Sharingan, Sasuke answered somewhat sharply, "This barrier is a complete mess. There are at least three different layers to the spell blocking the entrance here, and they're all… moving… flowing… in different directions. It's kind of hard to explain. Not only that, but they're all interlaced as well. Kind of like a huge lock, but a lot more complicated." He sighed and ran a hand through is jet-black hair in a highly aggravated way. "I don't know any jutsu that can undo it. There has to be some kind of trick to it that re-aligns the energies, but…" he trailed off, muttering to himself quietly.

Naruto could practically see the gears turning in his head. Leaving his teammate be for the moment, the blonde Jinchuriiki began running his hands slowly up and down the rough surface of the wall, taking special care to pick at the mortar for a loose brick or a trigger-switch. He made his way meticulously from bottom to top (he was too short to reach all the way up comfortably), but was disappointed until he reached a section about shoulder-high. At first glance, it was just another brick in the wall (forgive the pun), but as Naruto brushed his fingers over its surface, he noticed it had a slight dip. Also, the color was slightly different, a mere shade lighter in the center than its neighbors.

Excited, he said, "Sasuke, look at this I think I found some…thing… huh?" He turned to see that he was talking to himself. The dark shinobi was no longer standing behind him. Naruto bristled slightly (How could he just up and leave without telling me like that? What a jerk!) and called out loudly into the short alley, "OI, SASUKE!"

"Quiet down, dobe," came the familiar voice from above. Sasuke appeared, standing comfortably atop the wall. Presently, he jumped down and landed impeccably, as always. "I'm right here, don't throw a hissy fit."

Naruto pouted and crossed his arms. "I wasn't gonna."

Sasuke pulled out the smirk he saved especially for teasing and said slyly, "Oh, really? I was gone for all of two minutes and you were calling after me like a lost child."

"Aw, put a sock in it, will ya? What were you doing up there, anyway?"

The Uchiha dropped his smirk. "Seeing what's on the other side of this thing." He rapped the bricks on the portal with his knuckles.


"Nothing. Just a huge empty warehouse. Even if we destroyed the wall, I doubt we would be able to get into the Alley."

"Ah," said Naruto brightly, "but that's okay, because I found a clue!" He motioned to the out-of-place brick he had noticed earlier. "Look close and tell me what you see."

Sasuke took only a moment to scrutinize rough surface. "It's been worn from use," he analyzed.

A nod of agreement from Naruto. "I've already checked for switches and trick locks and there are none. We probably have to use magic on it to open the portal."

"But we don't have wands, or access to one right now," Sasuke said, frowning.

A long moment of thought, then, "You're right, but we do have chakra. Do you think that would work?"

A shrug was all that Sasuke could offer. "I honestly have no idea, but it's worth a shot." He activated the Sharingan once again. "Push some chakra into the brick and I'll tell you if anything happens, okay?"

"Sure." Naruto turned to the wall and charged up a small amount of chakra into his fingertips. Making sure to be extra careful, he slowly fed some energy into the brick.

"Woah, woah, stop!" Sasuke warned, waving his hand in the air. Naruto complied. "Geeze, that was nuts…I wasn't expecting a reaction that strong."

"Eh? What happened?" Naruto asked quizzically.

"One of the layers of energy started vibrating, then realigned and locked into place, but almost got pushed out again. I think you forced it a bit too hard." Sasuke flicked a glance at his partner. "Try it again, but just a tap this time. It should be plenty."

"Sure." He did so.

"Good, that's perfect. The second lock just slid into place. Just once more should do it."

As Naruto's finger came into contact with stone, he knew instantly that the seal was undone. Suddenly, the wall folded back on itself, brick by brick, and molded itself into perfect archway. Naruto, who had been startled by the motion, pocketed the kunai he had drawn and whistled appreciatively at the sight. "Ne, Sasuke," he said grinning, "I think we found Diagon Alley."

Indeed, before them lay the strangest place either of them had ever seen (and that was saying something, considering). The Alley was narrow, and the streets and stores were crowded with people wearing robes and pointy hats. The smells, oh the smells in the air! Naruto's nose went crazy with every breath, each sampling so very different and so much stranger than the last.

"No, you think?" came the Uchiha's reply, dripping with scathing sarcasm.

Naruto paid no mind, however, and practically bounded forward with excitement. "C'mon, sourpuss, I want to look around and have some fun before we get to work!"

Sasuke growled at the 'sourpuss' comment and released the Sharingan. He contemplated the archway warily as if expecting it to close on him before quickly stepping through.

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"May we be fearless... from friends and enemies...from known and unknown ... from night and day...May all the directions be our allies."

-Atharva Veda

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Albus Dumbledore looked up cheerily from his Pensive as the door to his office opened and Remus Lupin entered, looking quite distraught.

Dumbledore smiled, "Ah, Remus! How nice of you to visit this fine morning! Lemon Drop?"

The werewolf glanced distractedly at the yellow sweet and politely declined. "Albus, I need to speak with you seriously. About the guards you hired…"

"Of course, of course!" the Headmaster interrupted merrily, "Have a seat, then, and we'll have a proper chat." He waved his wand and an almost ridiculously cushioned purple armchair appeared in the empty space in front of his desk. Lupin sighed at the older wizard's theatrics and took the offered chair, sinking a few inches down into the overly plush seat.

"So, what about our newest guests? I trust they have arrived safely?"

"Yes, sir," said Lupin, "but something troubles me about them."


"Yes…They are so young, Albus! From the way you spoke of them, I figured they would be experienced fighters, not a couple of teenagers!"

Dumbledore stroked his beard thoughtfully. "I petitioned the Lady Hokage to send her best fighters. Even if the ones she sent are a bit young in our eyes, I have complete faith in her judgement. There is a saying in their village, 'One must look underneath the underneath.' If we think of them only as children, I am afraid we may be sorely underestimating them. Give it time, Remus. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised."

Lupin sighed, looking unconvinced. "There is something else…" he began.

"Fire away."

"One of the boys…there was something different about him. As soon as I began speaking to them, he tensed up, and there was something… odd about his aura, like there were two presences within him at once. It's difficult to explain." He pinched the bridge of his nose. "The wolf is hard to interpret sometimes. Anyway, when we sat down for the breifing, he named me as a werewolf out of nowhere. And when I asked him about what I was feeling from him, he said his situation was similar to mine, except with a fox." Lupin raised his eyes to Dumbledore. "I don't know about you, Albus, but I've never heard of a werefox before."

In a sudden flash of comprehension, Dumbledore's eyes began twinkling brilliantly. "Oh, she sent him? Very bold of you, Tsunade…an interesting choice."

"Albus? You know something?"

"Indeed." A serious look from Dumbledore caught Lupin off guard. "However, it is certainly not my place to tell. It's his business, as you should fully understand. Perhaps you will find out for yourself one day, but do not worry, Remus. He is not a threat to us."

"Can you really be so sure?"

Dumbledore nodded. "Yes. In fact, I have met him before, when he was a small boy. I was on a diplomatic trip to his village and passed by him on a riverbank and we exchanged a few words. The encounter was brief, however, and he was only a small child at the time. I doubt he remembers me."

"And you remember him?"

Dumbledore only smiled, his eyes twinkling fondly at the memory. "Oh, yes. He was quite memorable. He possessed an… interesting verbal repertoire for a four-year-old. And beyond that, he is very well known in his home village, not unlike our own Mr. Potter."

"…so you are sure? Can we trust them?"

"Yes. There is no one more trustworthy than a shinobi who has been hired to protect you."

Lupin paused at that and frowned thoughtfully. "Yes, sir. Thank you for clearing this up."

"Anytime, my friend. You know my door is always open."

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"We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves."

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Though Sasuke agreed with Naruto that Diagon Alley was amazing, he would never admit it out loud. No, he was much to prideful for that. Instead he merely gazed evenly into the store windows as they passed, his face held perfectly straight. This was easier said than done. Wizards had some alarming wares out for sale (Are those chesspieces moving on their own? Did that picture just wink at me!?). On the whole, though, Sasuke's opinion on the credibility of magic (or lack thereof) was changing for the better. He had to admit, silently of course, that it was all very impressive.

It was a fact that Naruto saw fit to inform him every five second as he flitted from store to store like a crazed hummingbird. "Hey, look at this!" "Wow, that flower's glowing!" "Kami, those pictures move!" and "THAT'S A HUGE SHOE!" were but a few of his more… eloquent commentaries.

Normally this wouldn't bother Sasuke too terribly, but his Captain was drawing quite a few stares. Most of the shoppers in the Alley shook their heads amusedly at Naruto's antics and went about their business, but a few of them were looking a bit to close for comfort. Some stares turned to glares and Sasuke's jaw clenched in irritation. He hated…loathed being watched.

One particularly pompous-looking wizard across the street sneered at the two, "Bloody muggles." Sasuke caught his eye, activated the Sharingan once more, and growled a low warning promising severe pain if he dared to come any closer. The man promptly stiffened, turned, and fled, barely managing to keep from bolting outright.

Sasuke snorted contemptuously. The wizard's will had been pathetically easy to crush, even from that distance.

Confrontation solved, Sasuke came up behind Naruto, gripped his elbow tightly and dragged his off to the side of the Alley. Ignoring the blonde's protests, he ducked into a gap between two shops for a bit of privacy.

"OI!" Naruto shouted as he jerked his elbow away angrily, "What was that for!?"

Sasuke whipped around, frowning deeply, so that they were face to face. "You're making a scene," he said harshly in Japanese. "Chill the fuck out or I'll hog-tie you, lock you in a hotel room, and investigate on my own." He jabbed a finger into the center of his best friend's chest. "You're going to get us found out before we even get to the damned school! Were supposed to be under cover for pity's sake!"

Naruto growled and shoved Sasuke's hand away. "Hey," he retorted, also in Japanese, "you're the one who needs to chill! And we've already been found out, dumbass!"

Sasuke blanched, "What? How!?"

"They saw us as soon as we came through the archway. I wouldn't have even noticed, but Kyuu sensed them watching. I don't think they have any idea who or what we are, but they're definitely interested."

"Who're 'they'?"

A shrug from Naruto, "Them. The Enemy. Hostiles. Kyuu wasn't being specific."

"But if we are under scrutiny, why were you being so… noticeable?"

"I want to throw them off our scent. The crazier I act, the less likely I am to be thought of as a real threat, you see? To a certain point of course."

Sasuke could only blink owlishly, embarrassed. He had never considered and alterior motive behind Naruto's behavior. "Aa, I see. Gomen, Naruto. I wasn't thinking."

Smiling wryly, Naruto said, "Don't worry about it. Ya gotta remember, Sasuke. 'Underneath…'"

" '…the underneath.' Yeah, I know," Sasuke answered grudgingly.

A short huff of laughter at his friend's apologetic tone escaped Naruto's lips. He touched the other man's shoulder gently. "C'mon, we need to get to the bank soon so we can stock up and rent a hotel room." He turned to leave the side street and Sasuke slowly followed, smiling slightly as Naruto burst out about some amazing new discovery.

Who knew someone so hyper could be so skilled at deception? Amazing.

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"Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is."
-German Proverb

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Unnoticed by the two shinobi, a dark cloaked figure stepped from the shadows in their wake. The figure clenched his fists in frustration. After all of that trouble tailing the red-eyed kid, the conversation he had eavesdropped on had been in another language altogether. Infuriating!

Damn it all! He tore his hood back to reveal the fair hair and skin of Lucius Malfoy. He sneered in the direction the two foreigners had left.

Lucius had been sure, so sure! that he had finally made some headway in the task his Dark Lord had set before him. That spy was to blame for this, he knew it. When he informed the master of Dumbledore's new guards, every available Death Eater had been sent out to watch for them and eliminate them if possible, but months had passed with nothing to show for it. Until these two, that is. But really, there was no evidence that these people were no more than mere tourists. They certainly didn't look the part…

Except for the red eyes, and the instant of complete, consuming horror Lucius had felt as he gazed into them.

Well, at least now he had something to report. Hopefully his Dark master would be appeased.

He shuddered involuntarily as recent, bloody memories were dragged to the surface of his mind.


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"The name we give to something shapes our attitude to it"

-Katherine Patterson

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The tip to Gringotts was fairly uneventful, though the biukding itself was very beutiful. Sasuke laughed a bit at the warning poem on the door, which to him sounded more like a challenge than a threat to stay out. Once inside, they exchanged all of their Ryou for Galleons and Sickles. During the entire transaction, Naruto's nose had been wrinkled unpleasantly at the goblin teller. When later asked why, he replied, "He smelled like sulfur."

Now armed with the local currency the two made their way to the shops for supplies. To their disappointment there wasn't a single smithy or weapons dealer in sight. They would just have to make due with the weapons they brought with them. At Naruto' insistence, however, Sasuke reluctantly agreed to buy wands for the both of them. They were fairly expensive and nearly useless to a couple of ninja, but they would serve a purpose if only to help in understanding the enemy's arsenal.

…Or at least that's what Sasuke told himself.


A bell jingled merrily overhead as Naruto eased open the door to Ollivander's. Immediately after closing the door behind him, he tensed, the feeling of being watched pressing down on him from all sides.

"Ah," a raspy voice said to his left, startling him backwards into Sasuke, who steadied him, "customers. Unusual ones at that." A white-haired aging man stepped out from behind the shadowy haphazard rows of boxes. He stared at them blearily through pale and fading eyes. Naruto shuddered. Those eyes reminded him of the Hyuuga elders.

Ollivander (Naruto assumed) placed a withered had on his chin and leaned closer to Naruto as if he were a scientist and Naruto was a particularly intriguing specimen. Naruto gulped nervously and leaned away from the scrutiny, pressing his back flush against the relative safety of Sasuke's chest. Behind him Sasuke blushed faintly at the contact.

Ollivander tapped his chin thoughtfully. "That's odd, I don't recognize you at all, can't place a name." He backed away and moved behind the store counter. Naruto relaxed somewhat. "Curious, curious…"

"S-sorry," Naruto stammered, "we're not from around here. My name is Nathan Fox, and this is my cousin, Sam Crowe." He recited the cover story that was agreed on earlier. "We're tourists from America."

Ollivander brightened. "Oh, is that it? I see, come to sample the best wands Europe has to offer! Come, then, let's see what we can find for you. Allow me to call my assistant. ABIK!"

From deep within the shop there came a startled yelp and a loud crash, like someone had fallen off of a stepladder or some such. "Coming, sir!" a voice called. A few moments later a figure, "Abik", messy brown hair the only feature visible behind the mountain of boxes he was carrying, stumbled out into the main room. Settling his load down in front of the desk, he turned to Ollivander. "Did you need something, boss?"

"We have some customers from your neck of the woods, Abik. Attend to them, would you? I'll gather the wands." At his assistant's nod, Ollivander shuffled off into the depths of the shop.

As his employer left, Abik tuned to the two shinobi and froze, eyes widening with recognition. At the same time, Naruto took a sharp breath.

"YOU!" they both exclaimed in unison.


"KIBA!? No way! It's been a while since I've seen you, man! How've you been?"

Abik, or Kiba, brought a finger hurriedly to his lips, "Shh! I'm under cover, baka! Call me Terry Abik around here!"

Sasuke smirked, "You need to think of a better codename, dogbreath."

"HEY!" said Kiba indignantly.

Naruto gave Sasuke a shove. "Stuff it, you."

"Yes, Captain," Sasuke answered with playful sarcasm.

Ignoring that for the moment, Naruto turned to Kiba, " So, if you're under cover should we call you Terry or Abik? And where's Akamaru?"

Kiba thought on that. "Mmm, I've been answering to Abik for more than a month, so why stop now? And Akamaru helps out with the cart, you'll see that in a sec." He paused. "Why are you guys here so early, any way? I wasn't expecting you until next week. Come to think of it why are you here?"

"To buy wands, what else?" said Sasuke.

"Eh?" Kiba blinked, confused. "What for?"

"Curiosity mostly," Naruto said. "It's nice to know what kinds of weapons our potential enemies have, ya know?"

Sasuke nodded solemnly. "That, and we'll be spending months at a school for magic. Why not eavesdrop on a class or two and learn a few tricks? Might come in handy someday."

Kiba scratched his red Inuzuka tattoo. "Huh. Yeah, I guess you're ri-" suddenly he stopped and sniffed the air. "Oh, Ollivander's coming back. Quick, what are your cover names?"

"Nathan and Sam," Naruto answered in a lowered voice.

Old Ollivander came shuffling out from the maze of shelves followed by the enormous Akamaru pulling a wooden cart loaded with thin boxes. Akamaru barked a happy greeting at the familiar faces.

Ollivander smiled at the three youths. "Here we are. I've brought a wide variety of wands to get us started. Abik, where do you think we should begin?"

"I'd say the dueling wands, boss," Kiba said, scratching Akamaru's chin and smirking.

"Oh? You think so?"

"Yessir, no doubt about it."

"I take it you know these two rather well to make that suggestion."

"Yeah, were from the same town and went to the same school," Kiba said, which wasn't a lie at all. Well played, Sasuke thought.

"Old friends, then. Wonderful!" Ollivander rubbed his hands together excitedly. "Dueling wands it is. Now who shall be the first?"

Sensing no initiative from his partner Naruto volunteered with a flourish, his previous timidity completely gone. "Me!"

"Ah, Mr. Fox. Yes, I have something special in mind for you. Let's see if we can't get lucky on the first try." He unhooked Akamaru from the cart and selected a nondescript slender box from the pile, presenting Naruto with a warm golden-brown wand. "Just wave it around willy-nilly and we'll judge the reaction…"

Naruto swished the wand in a wide arc and was caught off guard by the powerful reaction. A warm, gentle, red-tined wind rushed through the store and swirled around him in a vortex, before fading harmlessly into thin air. Naruto smiled as he felt the wand's energy course through him.

"Splendid, splendid! Just as I thought!" Ollivander clapped happily. "Oh, I do so enjoy it when I guess correctly! That wand is oak with a gryphon feather core, ten and a half inches, a fairly uncommon combination. The ferocity and raw power of the majestic creature tamed by the calming influence of the oak. A potent yet stable mix, perfect for all types of Transfiguration. Treat it well, Mr. Fox."

Naruto paid happily for his wand and gave the stoic Sasuke a nudge forward so he could take his turn.

"Hmm, you, Mr. Crowe, may be slightly more difficult." Ollivander rummaged through his pile. "Try this one, dogwood with a phoenix feather core. Eleven inches."

Sasuke grasped the wand only to have it immediately snatched away.

"No, no, that won't do. How about this, ash and unicorn hair, nine and a quarter. Give it a wave."

Sasuke did so, resulting in a wild blast that upended Ollivander's cart. Oh shit, he thought. He glanced at the old man worriedly.

The wandmaker waved it off, "Not to worry, happens all the time. We'll find you a wand yet, my boy!"

The process however proved to be rather lengthy. Nine trail wands later and there were still no successes.

"A challenge, eh? Well, we'll see about that. Try this…"

Sighing, Sasuke accepted the new wand and nearly dropped it in surprise. The instant his fingers touched the dark wood, blue sparks emanated from it and encircled his hand, sending a pleasant tingling sensation up the rest of his arm.

"Ooh, good show! And from such a peculiar match! Rosewood and a thestral tail hair core, ten inches and slightly more slender than most. Odd, these materials are usually completely incompatible. This wand will be extremely well suited for rapid casting, but it is somewhat… wild. An ideal tool for a duelist! May it serve you well, Mr. Crowe."

"Aa. Thank you." Sasuke paid for the wand gratefully.

"Hey, Mr. Ollivander, can we borrow Abik for lunch? It's been so long since we've seen him…" Naruto asked, pulling out his signature sugar-sweet innocent act.

"I don't see why not. He's certainly earned a break today."

Kiba turned to his employer, surprised. "For real, boss?"

Ollivander chuckled, "Of course! It's not often you run into old friends. Go on! Off with you! Remember to bring me back the usual, the Original Black..."

"Raspberry Chip!" Smiling, Kiba saluted, "Yes, sir, Mr. Ollivander, sir!" He ran joyously out the front door dragging Naruto and Sasuke with him. "Be good, Akamaru!" he called back as the door shut.

Ollivander smiled contentedly through the window at their retreating backs. "Good lads aren't they, my canine friend?" he mused, scratching the great dog behind his ears. Akamaru barked his agreement.

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You can't shake hands with a clenched fist.

-Indira Gandhi

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Ten minutes later found the three ninja chatting amiably over their frozen treats at Fortescue's. They talked about anything and everything, finding rare enjoyment in each other's company.

"So, Abik, since when do you go anywhere without Akamaru?"

"Well, Nathan, Ollivander is getting on in his years and needs a bit of help around the shop, so Akamaru watches out for him when I'm not around."

"…and no one asks any questions?"

"About what?"

"Akamaru, dude, he's massive! How could people not wonder!"

"I dunno. I just tell 'em it's magic and they leave it alone."

"That's kind of the end-all answer around here, huh?"

"Pretty much, yeah."


"No kidding."

As Sasuke scooped the last bit of his blueberry ice cream into his mouth he decided to turn the conversation to more pressing matters. "Abik, you said earlier that you were waiting for us. What did you mean?"

Kiba puffed out his chest importantly. "Aside from guarding the Alley, I'm in charge of coordinating all the investigative teams in Europe. I make sure they get all of the supplies and medical attention they need. Diagon Alley is kinda like Home Base and I'm base commander. Cool, huh?"

Sasuke scoffed, "They trusted you with all that?"

"Well, not all of it. Hinata is the resident healer. Tenten's here, too. She handles the weapons, mostly."

"Ah. Where can we find Tenten?"

"She usually stays at the Drunken Dragon Inn down the street, but she's makin' a run back to Konoha to restock right now. Team Shikamaru just came through and cleaned us out."


Naruto sighed. "Ah well, them's the breaks. When will she be back?"

"Probably not for a while. She left early this morning. I do have some good news though!" Kiba dug into his pants pocket and handed Naruto a small nondescript envelope. "This is why I was watching for you guys, I'm supposed to give this to you," he whispered. "Don't open it here, but there's a list of profiles for all known active Death Eaters and their kids at Hogwarts. Burn it as soon as you memorize it."

Naruto stared, shocked, at the envelope. "You serious? That's awesome! This will save us so much time! Thanks!"

Kiba waved off the praise, "Be sure to thank Neji when you see him. He worked his ass off to get this info, there's no way I'm gonna take the credit. People might begin to think I'm responsible and organized."

"Oh, the horror."

Kiba only laughed at that. "What're you guys gonna do next? The train to Hogwarts doesn't leave for another four days."

Naruto shrugged. "Dunno, really. Mostly hang out I guess. Might do a little investigating on the side if I feel like it."

"Sounds good." Kiba stood and left the bill for the ice cream on the table. "In that case, I'll be getting back to work. Come and stop by sometime if you can."

Naruto nodded. "Sure, we'll see you around!"

The group said their final goodbyes and Naruto and Sasuke debated on where they should head next.

"What do you think, Sam, can you think of anything we need?"

Sasuke quickly ran through a mental list. "The only thing I can think of is a messenger bird so we can contact someone in case of emergency."

Naruto grinned excitedly, "To the pet shop, then?"

"To the pet shop."



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