Chapter 1

Draco looked around his surroundings and smirked. Just like home. His blonde locks fell gently across his forehead until a cool draft came through the open window. It was dark out… as it always was. Dark shadows clouded his once flawless features. His silver eyes drew all attention to him and pierced fear into the hearts of the onlookers. He was no longer a foolish student… no… Draco Malfoy could barely be considered human.

He had entered the cage.

He had chose to.

He was a Death Eater.

No Order member saw it coming. And no Order member was willing to face him. He was easily the most feared Death Eater that had without doubt killed half the Order members. In fact, had he crossed any of them, they never came back.

Draco examined his fingernails lazily, scraping some dried blood from beneath them. It affected him very little that he had just murdered a man with three children. He glanced at Goyle.

"Take care of this mess," he said, gesturing to the body that lie lifeless on the stone. Goyle immediately obeyed.

Suddenly Blaise entered the room and beckoned over to Draco.

Blaise was seemingly just as dangerous as Draco, but seemed to be a bit more there. Blaise had noticed the change in his best friend since the end of their 6th year. Something had simply snapped in Draco. He was invincible.

"What." Blaise looked at him taking note of his appearance. He looked like he hadn't slept in a few days… only because of the way his eyes looked so dark... but Blaise was never sure if they just naturally looked like that now or not…

"You should come see this," Blaise said and Draco nodded slightly, following him out of the chamber.

The corridor was long and dark, but Draco could see. His stride was steady and disturbingly at ease for a man who still had blood on his hands. Something about it made Blaise uncomfortable.

"Draco, are you alright?" Draco didn't do anything to show he even heard him for several seconds.

"Of course," he finally replied. Blaise glanced at him sideways. He was definitely not alright.

They finally got to the dungeons where Blaise had been taking Draco.

"Go look in the third dungeon," Blaise said.

Draco went inside the dungeons and followed the dark, damp corridor to the third set of heavy black iron doors. He dispelled the locks on it and pulled it open.

There was no light in the dungeons, but Draco did not light his wand. He did not need it. He glanced around the cell and found a girl leaning against the wall. When he entere,d she stood up quickly.

She obviously hasn't been here long, Draco realized due to her ability to move agily. He smirked darkly… not for long she won't be.

Draco drew closer to her, her features slowly becoming clearer, but it was her voice that he recognized first.

"Who are you, show yourself," she yelled, frightened. Draco smirked, his eyes narrowing as he recognized Granger's voice.

He approached her and it couldn't have been clearer she couldn't see him.

She looked like she had just come from a battle, her clothes were torn and her cheek was cut with fresh blood still dripping from it.

Draco noticed she was breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling quickly, creating a very provocative scene. She looked around frantically trying to locate the person right in front of her.

He reached out his hand and touched the side of her face where the blood lingered. It was hot.

She shuddered visibly at the nearness of him.

"Shh…" Draco said, enjoying seeing her in such a state.

Her dark luscious curls falling into her face made her look exotic. She was pressed up as far as she could get to the wall, scared out of her mind. Something about it was terribly satisfying to Draco.

"Tell me Granger, how did you get here," Malfoy said, his voice dripping with malice. The shock on her face was evident as she stopped breathing.

"Malfoy," she whispered in fear. Draco let out a hollow laugh.

"Scared… tsk tsk Granger, I would have expected more from you. Weren't so scared of me in third year now were you," Draco said tauntingly. She tried to calm herself, but failed miserably as tears leaked down her face.

"Malfoy… what happened to you… we thought you were going to join our side… but instead you bathe the streets in blood…" Draco looked at her coldly.

"You wouldn't understand mudblood." She shook her head and closed her eyes.

"Now answer me, how did you get here?"

When she ignored him, Draco gripped her arm painfully until she spoke.

"I was on patrol… and Blaise found me… he cursed me and brought me here within the hour." He let go of her.

"How is Potter's horcrux search going?" Draco said quietly. Hermione looked up at him suspiciously, even though she could barely see his silhouette.

"How do you know…" Draco sighed audibly.

"Answer me mudblood."

"Good." That was it, but it seemed to satisfy Draco.

"What are you going to do to me?" she spoke, her voice trembling. Draco stepped back and looked at her fully. She had become incredibly attractive. It was hard to believe she was a mudblood. She was intoxicating and intelligent. Draco couldn't understand how she had survived this long actually. The Weasel had died long ago, her and Potter had only just got away from him.

Suddenly a brilliant idea came to Draco. He smirked inwardly as he closed in on her slender form. He leaned in close to whisper in her ear.

"Tell me Granger… did Weasley ever get the chance to fuck you before I murdered him…" Draco felt her breaths increase as he pressed his body closer to hers. Her heartbeat was nothing short of raving and it was slowly irritating him.

"Answer me," he said warningly. She looked up at him, seeing him for the first time this close and saw the dark shadows around his eyes. She shook her head, scared he would snap if she ignored him. Hermione wouldn't normally submit to this kind of cruelty, but she knew what he was capable of…

He looked at her strangely, as if he was thinking of something important.

She distinctly heard him mumble, "She's just a fucking mudblood," before he left her alone in the dark.

Draco left the dungeons seeing Blaise who fell in step next to him.

"Well," Blaise said. Draco looked over at him and nodded.

"Do it." Blaise turned at the next corridor as Draco continued to his own quarters.

Blaise entered his room and walked immediately to his bookshelf and pulled out a silver locket from a book. He dangled it in front of him for a moment before returning to the dungeon.

He opened the doors and Hermione clutched her knees to her chest tightly.

Blaise cast a curse on her to knock her out until he revived her, grabbed her and used a portkey to take him to London.

He found himself holding Granger tightly in a dark alleyway. He laid her down and placed her wand in her hand and woke her.

He whispered, "Obliviate," and instilled a false memory of finding the horcrux and erased the memory of him ever capturing her. As he was sure she was all right, he touched the portkey, leaving her alone in the place he found her.

Draco sat down on the balcony of his flat in Amsterdam. The air was chilling to the bone, but Draco didn't mind. If anything he preferred it. He closed his eyes tightly for the first time in days. They burned as the darkness encased him. He wasn't used to not being fully aware of his surroundings. It made him vulnerable.

He opened his eyes suddenly aware that he was very vividly seeing Granger. He tried to shake it off, but her image wouldn't leave his mind…

She had been so weak… so scared… and so innocent

"Dammit," Draco cursed aloud. He stared out into the night, trying to rid his mind of her… but she kept coming back.

He remembered her in school, always so full of that bloody Griffindor pride, her nose up in the air, or in a wretched book. She was so god damn perfect… and then… when Draco had approached her, she cowered.

He had never seen her do that. And something about it was simply the most arousing thing Draco had ever experienced… her submission… it was like a breath of fresh air… and he wanted more.

Ever since he left Hogwarts, he had started to realize how ridiculous the idea of blood purity was. The simple fact that wizards like Crabbe and Goyle were considered in the same light he was, was what made him decide it was flawed. And then there was Granger. She had outscored him… and she was supposed to be less than nothing??

It hardly mattered at the moment though. Draco had a storm brewing and it was about to strike.

Hermione looked at Harry in triumph after she explained how she had found the last horcrux.

Harry was still very skeptical, but glad she had found it nonetheless.

Harry looked over to Remus, "Call all of the Order members immediately, we have a battle to plan."

That evening, the Order planned out the final attack on the dark side that they hoped would end the war.

Blaise and Draco sat in a dark parlor near the blazing fire. The flames danced eerily, casting shadows around the room and hiding Draco's eyes from Blaise's view when he spoke.

"Blaise, I think I have changed my mind about something," Draco said, not looking up. Blaise glanced at him, trying to read his expression, but couldn't see his face properly.

"What," he replied, knowing he would dread Draco's new line of thought.

Draco shifted his gaze and looked at him.

"It's Granger… I can't get the mudblood out of my head. It is driving me mad… I just want to tear her apart… break her down… I want her to submit completely to me… I don't want her dead anymore. I want her after the battle… after Potter and the Dark Lord are dead…" Draco looked up at him, "You kill Potter… I will take Granger."

Blaise couldn't believe what Draco was saying. For so long he had been adamant about killing Potter himself… but it didn't matter. Soon, it would all be better. Draco would be in control and he would be right there next to him. It didn't really matter if the mudblood lived or not.

"Whatever… it doesn't change anything."

Draco stared at the fire. No, it didn't change anything.

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