Hey guys

Hey guys. I know I really suck for not updating, but I have been working on original material since I stopped updating. This past week, I got an agent to ask to see my manuscript. I have little hope that they will want to represent me, but I will find out. Either way it was a big step and I real a sense of accomplishment. If you guys like my writing, you would love this story.

Again, I am sorry for not updating. I do have (and have had for a long time) the rest of the outline for this story, but with college and writing and finishing a 100,000 word manuscript, I haven't had the time nor patience for it. I really, really hope to finish it, but if I do, it will be summed up fairly quickly. Sorry! I promise my original story has all the angst and dark tones to satisfy you, if it ever sees the light of day.

My fanfiction writing is sloppy and free flowing thought. So don't assume my manuscript would be unedited and not proofread like it is. 

Anyway, I am off here. Oh, and lately I have gotten addicted to Naruto and may just be writing a Sasuke or Itachi related story if you're a fan.

SORRY if you thought this was an update!! My apologies! I appreciate all you guys for liking my stories!!


PS, if you ever see a YA book called, Eternal Night, that is from yours truly. (HAH! In my dreams, huh?) ;)