I blew my red hair out of my face as I lugged my trunk out of the boot of our blue Ford. I checked my watch quickly. Damn! I was going to be late! Ten minutes left till the Hogwarts Express leaved. Crap with a cherry on top.

"Now dear, do you have everything?" my mother asked, brushing me down, getting rid of the imaginary dust, and shining the badge on my chest.

"Yes Mum," I cried frantically, "Now will you let me go! I'm late!"

"Calm down, Lily. You'll be fine. Now, stay safe, and don't forget to write. You'll be coming home for Christmas-"

"I know Mum. I really gotta go. Miss you, bye" I kissed Mother quickly on the cheek, smiled and started to drag my trunk towards a trolley, which I dumped it on, all the while muttering frantically under my breath.

"C'mon Lily, go, go, go! Last year, Head Girl, you gotta make it on that goddamn train!"

This had never happened before. You know, the whole 'Lily Evans rushing and shoving through crowds because she may just be late and miss the train and therefore miss the whole seventh year of her magical education'. However, this year, Petunia (AKA bony bimbo with absolutely no idea), decided to switch my parents godforsaken alarms off! So, we woke up at ten friggin' o'clock, with one hour to till the train left.

Female dog.

I almost cried with relief when I saw the barrier to Platform 9 ¾ . I narrowed my eyes at the old lady walking in front of me. Slowly. I scanned my surroundings. A baby in a stroller to my right. An old man with a toothy grin leering at me at my left. And the old lady walking in front of me, blocking my easiest path. There was nothing to it. I swerved to the left, my owl screeching as it was almost thrown off. The old man dodged my trolley, smile thrown off his face. The old lady let out a feeble yelp of surprise as I narrowly missed hitting her backside.

But I was through. My path was clear. The world was beautiful again. The birds were signing, the sun was shining and all was right in the world.

"All right Evans?"

Until now.

I spun on my heel. The sun disappeared, and the birds ceased to sing. I'd know that self satisfied voice anywhere. And lo and behold, it was…

Potter's chest? What the hell? I slowly followed the body to the face. Since when was this idiot so tall?

But what really shocked me wasn't the sudden height bestowed upon the black haired fiend; it was the badge sitting jauntily on his jumper.

The Head Boy badge.

"It's happened." I whispered.

Potter smirked.

"What, you've finally fallen for my good looks and charms, and want to runaway and live in Australia? I'm sorry Evans, as much as I'd like to, I have got an education to complete."

I ignore him. God, no. My brain crunched the facts.

Head Boy: Potter.

Head Girl: Me.

Dormitory: Shared.

"Dumbledore's cracked, hasn't he? He's potty! Giving you Head Boy, what was he thinking? Actually he wasn't thinking! You're…the epitome of all rule breaking. You…Head Boy! And I, I'm Head Girl… shit, shit, shit." I was ranting, trolley and my path forgotten.

"Look, Evans-"

"Don't look Evans me! Do you know what you've done? Think of the children, having to look up to an idiot that's more obsessed with his hair than his NEWTS's. How will there be co operation, teamwork? You and me don't get along! We're polar opposites! Water and fire! Chalk and cheese-"

"Evans!" Potter all but shouted.


"You can yell at me all you want later, but we really need to go!"

"Why? You can't tell me what to do, you scoundrel…you"

Potter swore.

"What now? Did your nail break? Oh you poor dear, would you like me to kiss it bett-"

He held out his wrist. Or, more specifically, his watch.

It read eleven o'clock.

I looked back up at Potter. I don't think I've ever seen him so frustrated. He took a deep breath, and whispered in a deadly voice.

"The Hogwarts Express has left, Evans. Now, normally, the barrier remains open, but due to security measures because of Death Eaters, they've had to close it after eleven o'clock. I have been trying to tell you for the past two minutes, but you just would not shut up. We're stuck here Evans, for at least a day. Nice one."

I gaped.

My brain crunched the facts.

Me, Potter, a whole lot of hate on my part and sexual tension on his, and absolutely no way of getting out of here.