Chapter: Paparazzi

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Ichigo sighed lightly as he sat in the living room to the beautiful Austrian mansion. They had been married in Austria… he thought it was appropriate that they live there… She was still sound asleep with Kaien in his room. He and Kaien had humored her jet lag all night long and the two had ended up sound asleep. He smiled lightly then looked up as his wife walked into the room and slumped down beside him. She smiled at him and leaned against him, curling up in his arms.

"Do you want the good news or the bad news first?" She asked him and he shrugged. "Bad news… Kaien's awake… good news… I'm pregnant…" she yawned and he blinked.

"Run that by me again…"

"What are you suddenly deaf Kurosaki?" She grinned devilishly at him and suddenly found herself with her back pressed to the couch.

"You're pregnant? How pregnant?" His eyes locked into hers.

"Maybe two months…" she grinned.

"So… you… were…" he spluttered.

"Yeah… I've been pregnant Ichigo…" She grinned and Ichigo blinked at her.

"I love you…" He wrapped his arms around her pulling her up against him. "I love you so much." He buried his face into her neck.


"…the news of the Kurosakis' second child came today as a surprise to the entire public… the baby, a girl, is due sometime in July…" The woman stood on the television as Ichigo kissed his wife lovingly.

She was going to stay in Austria for a short period of time until she had to fly to London to live with him there until the baby was born. When they had broken the news the paparazzi had decided not to leave them alone… however none of them knew about their home in Austria so they were able to escape there when they wanted to be alone.

This is a tune for the paparazzi

The who's who and the so and so's

This is a tune for the graven images

Of Marilyn Monroe

We saw your face on the magazine

We heard the song on the MP3

"…Mrs. Kurosaki appeared at her mister's football game against Arsenal last week, the second trimester mommy to be was seen enjoying the game on the sidelines with their five year old son… Kurosaki, after winning the exciting game by taking an assist from Henry and putting it into Arsenal's mouth immediately ran over and kissed his wife… his hand on her now protruding belly. The three were then seen leaving the game together. His son in his arms and his wife walking along beside him…" Rukia sighed and turned off the TV, curling against her husband's chest. His hand resting on her pregnant stomach.

"They sure like you don't they?" He whispered, kissing her tenderly as his hand slid her shirt up. His palm slid along her belly and his eyes softened. The life he had always wanted was finally coming true.

"That's all your fault…" she whispered back and he blinked. The baby was moving a little.

"Doesn't that bother you?" He lifted an eyebrow and she shook her head, resting her face in the crook of his neck.

"It tickles… for the most part… she isn't as mean as Kaien was…" his hand slid across the round protrusion and felt the baby within shift again.

"Why does she move like that?" He was staring at her stomach with bewilderment.

"Because she's human and you're bothering her…" she chuckled as he pushed her over and pulled her back against his stomach. She laced her fingers through his as his large hands covered her belly.

You're stuck in my head

Stuck in my head

Stuck in my head

You can close your ears and your eyes but

Pop will never leave you alone

She found he was completely obsessed with her since she had become pregnant. He took her everywhere with him like she was a possession that he really wanted to show off.

"…the Kurosakis were seen out shopping today with their son in his arms. He looked radiant as they walked together down the streets of downtown London… the two have been seen more together than ever before now that she is pregnant…"

Leave me alone with your social mingle

You try so hard to stay on top

Leave me alone with your little jingle

With your picture perfect pop

We read the article in Seventeen

We saw your video on MTV

He curled around her and she smiled. At seven months and counting she was starting to get uncomfortable again. But with his arms wrapped lovingly around her, his hands cradling her stomach, she didn't think that anything could possibly ever go wrong. His lips caressed her neck and shoulders and she chuckled. "You can't get me pregnant again…"

"I know… but I can try…" he nuzzled her neck and she swatted him away.

This is a tune for the late Nirvana

The teen spirit rock and roll

This is a tune for the velvet Elvis's

On the 90210

"…At eight months pregnant seeing Mrs. Kurosaki out and about was rather surprising. She was seen out with her son grocery shopping… we stopped her and asked her about her upcoming delivery…" Rukia's face appeared on the screen and Ichigo tickled her.

"Stop that… they just wanted to ask me a few questions…"

"At least you weren't showing off your belly…" he laughed and she slapped his arm.

"…Mrs. Kurosaki… why is it that you are so much more conservative than the American and European citizens expect you to be?"

"Because… I'm a dancer not a prostitute. And as for you all's allegations against my husband… he has never cheated on me in my life and he never will… because we aren't just a superstar couple… we were in love long before either of us became famous… now stop butting in on my life…" she waved her hand at them and Ichigo kissed her.

"You are amazing!" He laughed and she nodded.

"Did you just figure this out?"

I thought my eyes were gonna get off clean

Till I read your lips on the TV screen

You were busy saying what you didn't mean

Now everyone's singing along

With your ridiculous song

You got it stuck

You got it stuck in my head

She sat in the stadium watching him play, her chin tilted up as her husband flew past the defenders and scored another goal. He did something of a victory lap and blew a kiss to her. She smiled and Kaien jumped up waving back at him.

"Mommy…" he looked over at her and she nodded. "I love you and daddy…" she wrapped her arms around him.

"We love you too…"

You're stuck in my head

Stuck in my head

Stuck in my head

You can close your ears and your eyes

You can close your ears and your eyes but

Pop will never leave you alone

"…after winning the game against Chelsea FC number eleven rushed off the field with his son… his wife called him earlier in the game telling him his second child was going to be delivered that day… he remained in the game and took Manchester to a come from behind victory against Chelsea 4-3…"


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