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Kagome stayed home from school the next day, and completely gorged on food. She ate everything her mother put in front of her, and her brother could have sworn she would have eaten a cow. She wore her fluffy purple pajama's and slippers. Sometimes she would watch a corny romance movie, but they simply reminded her of the times she had with Inuyasha. Her little brother was the best company she could have at the time. He stayed quiet, and listen most of the time. Very mature for his age. Of course, he did have to go to school.

About half way through the day, Kagome was through sulking. She went into her room, and got a dress from her closet. It came about to her knees, and was tight around the waist. It was a baby blue with a white short jacket. She snapped on a pair of white sandals, and walked out the door. The well was the next stop.

She lifted one knee on the well, and an image of Inuyasha flashed before her eyes. She closed her eyes, and jumped into the wells' open pit. It was strange to venture into the past, knowing that the one she had kept going back for was no longer there. She heard him whispering once more, but it was simply her mind hoping that it had all been a bad dream. The blue light swam over her, and she slowly drifted down into the past.

Kagome lifted her head, and was greeted by a bright yellow sun and brilliant blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds. Kagome began to climb out, when a strong arm came around her waist, and heaved her up to the top in one bound. A half demon obviously, and Kagome's heart began to flutter.

"Inuyasha?" She whispered with a smile on her face.

"No, my love, it is me, Koga." A triumphant voice rumbled in her ear. "That mutt hasn't been around for a while." that irked Kagome, but she bit her tongue.

"I think that trash dog finally realized that you were meant for me! He hasn't been seen for two days, leaving you to cry on my shoulder! That son of a bitch mutt, not an ounce of courage in him." It was the last thing that pushed Kagome over the edge. She twisted out of his grasp, and glared hard at him.

"Go away, Koga. Inuyasha has more courage in him that you ever will. He didn't leave me to you, he died so that I could escape safely! If I ever see you again, so help me, I will rip you limb from limb, do you understand me, mutt!?" Kagome screamed in rage. Her eyes became a strange yellow color, and her teeth sharpened, and grew into fangs. Her voice became nothing more than a low growl by the time she had gotten to the final insult. Koga cringed in fear, unusual for him, and tried to smell any difference in her blood. None, she was still completely human . . . and she was not carrying a child, so it wasn't mood swings.

"He died." Koga said, a statement more than a question. Then he walked off, and left Kagome to herself. She knelt in the high grass, and allowed tears to flow down her cheeks, and fall onto the ground. Maybe it was a mistake to come here. She should have stayed at home, and finished school. She never should have came here in the first place, never should have removed the arrow, and she should have jumped back in the well as soon as Mistress Centipede was killed.She should have done a lot of things, but she knew that if she had the chance, she would do it all over again, just for those precious romantic moments with Inuyasha.

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Where am I? What is this...feeling. It's almost empty. I know that there is something missing. There has to be. I felt my fingers wrap around a small, bounded book. I remember this. I also felt blood. Lots of the damned stuff. But the blood was protruding from underneath bandages. My head hurts. My arms hurt. My...well...that hurt. Hell, EVERYTHING HURT!!!!!!! I heard a voice coming from close by, but my ears made it sound like the person was talking through an old bowl of oatmeal. So, I tried to open my eyes. Now that hurt.

"Damn it!" I yelled. But that made my ears hurt. I am sick of this pain!!

"Down boy. You do want to see her again right? Or do you want to die here?"

"Ugh...ow." I managed to mumble.

"Ow is putting it lightly. Do you have any idea how long you have been out, big boy?" I shook my head gently. ow. "Two days and counting. That was simply because you had no soul for the longest time. Then this woman came up, and she had these flying demons. Well, they had that thing you used to kill Naraku. Your own soul. You'd love her. Don't worry, by tonight, you will be healthy enough to go see her. You can be with her."

"Who are you?"

"You already know me, doggy. Haiku. Or did you forget me that easily. Don't blame you. I did die right?" The person winked, and she looked at me. How could I miss it? The features? The healing. The lack of knowledge of demons. This was her. Haiku.

" were..."

"I was meant to be cremated, yes, but let's just say that I found a slight advantage to death. I was fully human at the time of death, but by the time you got me to Kio, I was fully demon. I was taught a thing or two when I was with Naraku. Nice way of killing him, by the way. He literally died a thousand deaths, each time more painful than the last. Now sleep. I promise, that tonight you will see her."

She poured a sweet tasting liquid down my throat, and all my muscles relaxed. The last image before I completely lost conscienceness, was her. Kagome.

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Kagome was found by Sango and Miroku somewhere in the tall grass. She was asleep, and was carried back by Kilala. Sango looked back at her, and smiled.

"We weren't expecting so soon."

"I couldn't stand to stay still."

"Understandable." Miroku muttered. He was forced to run along the giant demon cat's side. Kagome smiled, and closed her eyes. She leaned her head back, and allowed the wind to run its fingers through her hair. It felt wonderful. She leaned back until she was nearly off of Kilala's back. She felt a sudden twinge of memory hit her, and she shot back upward.

"Having fun?"

"Not anymore." She mumbled, then she caught something out of the corner of her eye. "Turn around!" Kagome cried. Sango swung Kilala around, and back-tracked slowly. Kagome jumped off, and ran over to a large tree, known to you as the God Tree. The vines that once held Inuyasha were intact, and an arrow lay in the trunk. Kagome walked over to it, and climbed onto one of the roots as she had done nearly a year ago. An image of him flashed in front of her, eyes closed, muscles relaxed, looking as if he were in a deep sleep. Or dead.

"Kagome?" Miroku asked quietly.

"Go on ahead. I'll stay here for a little while. Kaede's hut's not too far off from here. I can walk." Sango nodded silently, and dragged Miroku on back to Kilala. They took off quickly, leaving Kagome to her better memories of the man she loved.

When Sango and Miroku re entered Kaede's hut, they found a boy sitting there as well. One that was frequently thought of by a certain girl, and one that should have been dead by now.

"Good afternoon, Sango." He said, a smile plastered all over his face.

"Glad to see you are well...Kohaku." Sango replied, her voice quavering. Miroku slinked an arm around her waist, and pulled her close.

"Yes, he is well. He will live a normal life, with the exception of a few memories lost." Kaede answered.

"Which ones?" Sango asked.

"The worst ones." The old woman replied, and Sango sighed in relief.

"Sister, where is the dog demon? I wanted to learn more from him." Sango hung her head, and sank onto the ground, Miroku following close behind.

"He is dead. He died so that one of our friends would escape safely."

"I am truly sorry to hear that."

"He also defeated on of...our...biggest foes." Sango said, her words slowing with realization.

"Miroku, take off your prayer beads!" Sango cried, not waiting for him to comply. She yanked them off, and tore at the cloth around it.

"Are you crazy!?" Miroku yelled, snatching his hand back, and pulling at the prayer beads, when it hit him. Well...they hit the head...thrown like a whip by Sango. He looked down at his hand, and found that it was gone. He no longer held the burden of the Wind Tunnel.

I awoke after what felt like hours. I haven't slept that long since...I stayed with Kagome for a weekend. Kagome.

" have to calm down. You have to wait until nightfall. Only then can you go see her." Haiku said at my head.


"Because I can use the light of the moon to help complete the healing of you wounds. Then you will feel like you were under thirty again." Haiku laughed at her own little joke.

"I still do not understand how you could still be alive."

"Do not? What happened to those contractions I taught you?"

"I'm too damn tired to argue! Just answer the question!"

"That's better. I learned a renewable trick from Naraku, and merely used it once my full demon blood returned."

"Won't he use it on himself now?"

"No. You used an ultiminate type of sacrifice. He won't return. You can be certain of that. Don't worry. Only a few more hours sleep, and you can finally see her." I smiled, and closed my eyes. I was tired.

Kagome lay asleep by the God Tree, and she dreamed of Inuyasha. She dreamed that he walked up to her, and he had never been hurt so badly, and he was by her side.

What she did not know, was that the sun was inching its way down onto the horizion, and even now, at the climax of her dream, it was spraying orange and red light onto the sky, then slowly the pink and purple hue of twilight, and then the gentle black of early night as the stars and nearly full moon were high in the sky. She did not know that soon, her wish would come true.

The sun is gone. The moon is up. The moon! I can finally be healed and get to Kagome. I want her to know that I am alright, and I want to make sure that she is alright. She has to be.

"Alright, I need you to stand up, Inuyasha." I heard Haiku say. Standing, I can do that. I hope. I gripped a nearby limb, and pulled myself up. I can stand!!

"Good. Now hold still."

"Okay." I murmmered. My next retort was cut off by a blinding light, then a flash of pain. I had hoped that I had gotten rid of that.

"There , now you're all better!" Haiku exclaimed.

"I don't feel all better. I feel like crap."

"Not for long." Sure as the sky is blue, I soon felt like I had never been hurt before. It was a wonderful feeling. Now, to go to her. I have a pretty good idea where she is.

"Go get her." Haiku reassured, and I went. I just wanted to hold her again.

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Kagome woke to darkness. Complete and utter darkness. Not exactly a welcoming committee. She shook herself off, and she looked up at the tree, and at the arrow. Sudden tears sprang into her eyes, and she didn't even bother to try to stop them. She didn't care anymore. Nothing mattered to her. She was once again alone. Even if she was in a crowd of people,she would still be alone. Without him, it was like she was nothing. So she sat in the tall grass, and cried, and cried, and cried.

I smelled something fimiliar, and welcoming even in the pitch blackness. Lavander. It was also mixed with water and salt. Tears. Kagome was crying. I hated when she cried. At least I was right about where she was. The place we first met. The God Tree. I landed on a soft portion of grass, and began walking. I didn't want to scare her. I wanted to let her know that I was alive.
Kagome was so engulfed with her sobs and her memories that she did not hear the soft crunch of wet grass in front of her. She whimpered out his name a few times, and when she finally looked up, it was meant to be to stare into the moon. Instead, she looked at a red clad man with silver hair and beautiful golden eyes. He had his sword on one hip, and a soft expression on his face.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome whispered, rising to her feet. "It's impossible." She said, even quieter.

"Kagome." Inuyasha said. He smiled at her, letting one of his fangs peek through his lips. Kagome's knees shook with shock, and her eyes hurt with the need to cry. She looked at him once more, and noticed that his movement forward to her had stopped. Afraid that her legs would not hold her, she ran to him.

"Inuyasha!" She screamed, pulling her arms around his neck, and pressing herself close to him, scared to let him go.

"I thought you were dead." She sobbed into his kimono, and he drew his arms around her waist, pulling her even closer. He inhaled her scent, and closed his eyes.

"I never thought I would be able to smell this again." He whispered. "I am so sorry, Kagome. I really am. I just wanted you to be safe."

"I can't be safe unless you are here to protect me." Kagome countered, still refusing to let go. Inuyasha drew back only slightly, then pulled her into a long and passion filled kiss. He put one hand on the back of her head, and gently stroked her hair with his claws. Kagome reached up, and knotted her hands in his hair, and allowed him to win the slow battle within their mouths.

When they broke, Kagome pulled Inuyasha into a sitting position on the ground, and she climbed into his lap. She leaned against his soft clothing, and curled into a loose ball. He put one arm around her knees and the other he used to keep her upright, and to brush her hair with his fingers at the same time.

"I love you, Inuyasha. Never make me think that I lost you again."

"I love you so much, Kagome, and I wish I never did the first time."



"Tell me our story."

"Our story?"

"From when all this first started. When we were fighting that Poison Demon Thingie." Inuyasha laughed, and pulled Kagome tighter, and took a deep breath.

' "Ok, it's dead?" 'You asked from your perch by the nearest tree.

"Yes it is. Now, where are the jewel shards?" I asked in an irritated tone. You had been more skittish then ever around the demons. You used to be almost unafraid of them..."

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