I got this idea for this fan fic from my friend who had a dream about this plot. I hope you all enjoy the first chapter of Congratulations! Meet your new parents.

Ch 1

"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride"

"It's about damn time!" Hughes yelled. Roy shot a glare towards his best man who was standing in front of the altar steps with a grin from ear to ear. Riza chuckled. She was finally happy. The man she had fallen head over heels in love with was now her husband. Of course it took a few years for him to finally admit his feelings to her but it was well worth the wait. Now she would have Roy all to herself.

"Are you going to kiss her or not? How long have we all waited for this wedding?" Hughes said with a laugh.

"Shut up Hughes! You're ruining the mood!" Roy said sternly. He looked back at Riza who was laughing a bit. She looked gorgeous in that long white wedding dress. Roy grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in closer to him. That's when he kissed her. The whole church erupted with claps as the newlyweds finished their kiss. Roy took Riza by the hand and led her down the steps and up the altar. Now that the ceremony was over it was time to celebrate!

At the reception hall many of the military officials had gathered around the couple to congratulate them on finally getting married. Of course Hughes was all over Roy about finally getting hitched.

"So ya finally did it!"


"Now all you have to do is make a few kids and become a doting parent like me!!"

"No Hughes I will never become like you… If I do have kids I will teach them to love Miniskirts!! But that is a big IF."

"Did you hear that Riza! It doesn't even seem like Roy wants to have kids!"

"Now I never said that! I-"

"I heard him Hughes. I would love to have kids someday." Riza said with a smile.

Roy began to blush. Sure of course he would like to have kids but… Not right away. First he needed to become Fuhrer. Then he needed to start liking kids. Roy was never fond of children. They were always whining and wanting things.

"Ah, look who finally decided to show up. Hey, Edward!" Hughes yelled as he spotted Edward and Alphonse entering the room.

Ah perfect example of why Roy didn't want kids. Edward Elric. How did his mother handle him? He's so…so rude, vulgar, and most of all he never listens.

"Hey Hughes!" Ed replied with a wave.

"Lieutenant Hawkeye. Congratulations. Sorry we couldn't make it in time to the church… We kind of got side tracked…"

"It was Ed's fault. We were getting off the train and Ed ran into a traveling fruit cart vendor. Well he broke the fruit cart and all the fruit."

"Hey Al! I thought we decided to not tell anyone that!"

"Well we should be honest brother…"


"Well looks like you can't even be civilized at a wedding party." Roy chimed in making matters worse.

"Why you!! Just because it's your wedding day doesn't mean that I still won't punch your face in!"

"Ah looking for a fight are we?" Roy said standing up from his chair and looking down at Ed.

"Well if you're asking." Ed said getting ready to roll up his sleeves.

"Well then, at least I'm not short and I can hit my target in the face." Roy said with his famous smirk.

"Why you!! Who are you calling so short that an ant can step on!?" Edward yelled.

"Ah brother!! No don't ruin the wedding!!"

Riza sighed and smiled. She knew that this wouldn't be a normal wedding. Not with her fellow comrades being there. Still it was an interesting reception afterwards. Edward and Roy almost destroyed the whole place, and yet Riza was ok with it.

The next day Riza awoke to Roy cursing and attempting to make breakfast.

"Damn stove… Alright I'll just cook this food with my flames!" Roy said as he snapped his fingers and small flames erupted under the pan.

"Ha ha whose got the advantage now?" Roy said happily.

Riza laughed. Roy noticed her and almost fell over his own feet. He blushed as Riza began to laugh more.

"Good morning Honey…"

"He he, Good morning dear."

"I uh am making you breakfast." Roy said as he looked down at the burning food erupting into flames.

"Oh No!" Roy exclaimed as he hurriedly tried to put out the fire. He picked up the pan and looked at what was supposed to be pancakes. It was burnt to a crisp. It didn't even look like a pancake. It was all shriveled up and black.

"Well I tried to make breakfast… Turns out that we'll be having burnt crisp things…"

"Aw, it's ok. We can just go out to eat. Thank you for trying. It was very thoughtful." Riza said as she hugged Roy.

"Ok let me get dressed. Then we can have some non burnt food."

Roy nodded. He put the burnt food into the garbage and grabbed his coat. 'Well at least I tried to make food. I feel bad though… I can't cook.' Roy thought.

"Ready to go?" Riza asked as she grabbed her light tan coat and took Roy's hand.

"Uh huh." Roy replied as he opened the door and left their room.

The two were sharing a tiny apartment for now. They really didn't need a bigger house until something better came along or if the family expanded. Whichever one came first. Riza was thinking about the family she wanted to start. She really wanted to have children, but another thought had crossed her mind. Adoption. They could adopt a child or two and then they could have their own. In Riza's mind it was a great way to give back to the less fortunate children that had lost their parents. Riza was going to spring this on Roy during breakfast.

The two had finished eating and now they were enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

"That was a nice breakfast."

"Yup." Roy said as he sipped on his cup of coffee.

"Don't worry Roy I can teach you how to cook." Riza said with a smile.

"That would be great. Then I wouldn't be burning food."

"Aw… maybe not as often."


"Ha ha I'm joking. Roy… I was thinking about starting our family."

"Yes… I'm listening." He replied as he set his cup down.

"Instead of having kids of our own right now… I think we should adopt."


"Think about it. We would be helping kids with no parents."

"Do you think I am qualified to care for a child?"

"Well… not at the moment, but you will learn. What do you think?"

"I think that if I'm not ready now then we should wait."

"Really? I think it would be a great idea. And I would be there to help you out."

"Well… if you will be there to help me out then I guess we could adopt a child…"

"Thank you!"

"I guess we can go to the orphanage later today and pick out on-"

"Oh well I have already taken care of it. I had two children in mind before I even talked to you about it."

"Wait… you said two. I never agreed to two children. One alone is going to be hard enough… but two?"

"Well they are siblings. If we adopted one we needed to adopt the other. It wouldn't be fair to separate them."

"I guess that makes sense. Alright when do we pick them up?"

"I am awaiting the paperwork to come through the mail. It should be at H.Q. today."

"But we have got two months off for our honeymoon. You mean we have to bring these kid's along?"



"Don't worry Roy. I am taking care of everything. All you need to do is sign your name on the papers and we will have our children."

"Ok. Well then Let's got to H.Q. to get those papers signed."

Back at H.Q. Roy refused to sign the papers.

"No. I won't sign them."

"But Roy!"

"No, I didn't know what stunt you were trying to pull up till now. And that is cold Riza. It is very cold. Only one full day of marriage and your trying to make my life a living hell already?! I won't allow it."

"Roy come on now. You are being very unreasonable! You were all for the idea this morning! But now you are refusing! Please. They need some parental guidance and well I already feel like a mother to them…"

"…" Roy sighed he really really didn't want to do this anymore. But if he backed out… then Riza would just keep nagging him and nagging him about it.

"Fine… I'll sign the damn papers… I'm not happy about this though." Roy said crossly as he put his signature down on the paper.

"Thank you darling." Riza said happily as she kissed Roy on his head.

"Well now you can bring them in."

A few minutes later a knock was heard at the door. A stern "Come in" Was heard from inside the Colonel's office.

"You wanted to see us Colonel?"

Roy glared at the boys and had a 'I really hate your gut's' scowl on his face.

"Ah Lieutenant Hawkeye. It's good too see you again. So how is this bastard treating you?" Edward said jokingly.

"Edward, Alphonse… Roy and I have something important to tell you two."

"And what may that be?" Ed replied.

"We have decided to adopt you two."

"What the hell?!"

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