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Ch 6

"And so… Peter Pan lived happily ever after with the wild boars and cannibals thus becoming the new king of Cannibal Island."

"What the hell kind of a story was that?" Edward yelled as Roy closed the book.

"What do you mean? It was a bed time story. I read it just like Riza forced me too…"

" You expect me to believe that Peter Pan became king of the Cannibals?"

"Yes, I do."

"Brother… can't you just accept that that's how Daddy Mustang decided to end the story?"

"… Damnit! You can't just change the ending!" Ed yelled as he threw his pillow at Roy's face. Roy ducked managing to miss the pillow.

"Read something else!" Ed said as he stole Al's pillow and prepared to throw it at Roy.

"… Fine" Roy mumbled angrily as he threw the Peter Pan book down on the floor. He picked up another one. It read The Little Mermaid… 'Why the hell do I have to do this? Damnit Riza…'

Well when we last left our happy little family. Riza was furious that Roy who was supposed to be a father to the boys had locked Edward down in a homemade hole in her kitchen. First off you can't lock your child in a hole, because it's some form of child abuse… or so Riza read. And secondly you still can't lock your child in a hole, because according to this one author the child will have anger issues or something… and yes it's still a form of child abuse. (But Ed already has anger… er some sort of issues, maybe a short complex?) Since the hole in the kitchen incident which happened about a half hour ago… Riza grabbed all the books she borrowed from the library which were about a dozen or so… and she picked out random passages from a book called

"A hundred and one ways to not be a child abusing father."

That made her point about how children aren't supposed to be locked in a hole. Riza really didn't read all of the books. She just opened to a random page and picked a few interesting passages that stated all of the dangers of child abuse… Riza was pretty proud of herself for springing all of her newly found information on a very clueless Roy… (Or so she thought.)

Anyways Riza scolded Roy abut the dangers of child abuse and under no circumstances are you EVER allowed to lock your child in a hole NEVER EVER. That's what Roy got out of Riza's lecture. With all of that said Riza then instructed Roy to go in and be a "good" father to the boys. She then pulled out another book which was titled "A hundred and one ways to be a good (non child abusing) father" It's a sequel to the other book. Go figure…

The two argued for about fifteen minutes and finally Roy gave up… er… was forced to give up because of circumstances… Riza pulled out her gun and pointed it at his head. That was clear enough to Roy that he had lost this argument. Riza smiled and pushed Roy into the boy's room. Where Edward was waiting with a bucket of water to douse the flame alchemist with as soon as he entered the room. And needless to say that Roy was indeed doused with water and quickly got into another fight with Ed. Which ended up with Riza firing more bullets into the air and her forcing Roy to read a story. 'I swear… one of these days, I am going to get rid of her gun…'

Edward threw Al's pillow at Roy's face. Roy snapped back to reality. He glared at Ed.

"Come on! Read the next story!"


"Fine… The next story is called The LITTLE mermaid." Roy said putting much emphasis on the word little.

"What did you call me?" Edward growled.

"I didn't call you anything Ed. The story is called The LITTLE mermaid. That's all."

"… Brother… please let Daddy Mustang read the story, I want to hear it…"

"Fine if it's for you Al. There better be no funny business."

"Alright, Once Upon a time there was an under water city called Atlantica. Where the Mermaid king Triton (AKA Roy) ruled with an iron fist. The king had a daughter named Ariel(AKA ED) who was one of the smallest mermaids around. Ariel always obeyed her father until one day she decided to swim up to the surface. Her companions a crab named Sebastian, and a fish named Flounder said not to go but she didn't listen. S-"

"Pfft… That's lame. Gimme that book." Edward grabbed the book out of Roy's hands and continued reading it.

"So Ariel made her way to the surface hoping she could at least see the walking people who lived among the land of the air. So Ariel poked her head out from underneath the ocean water and to her amazement saw a fiery ship sailing on top of the water. Ariel was amazed that such a thing was allowed on the surface. It seemed so… Evil. Ariel liked it. All her life everyone was making fun of her for being small and weak and how she couldn't do anything. Well they were wrong… Ariel would over throw her father and become the ruler of Atlantica, and then she would take over the walking people and the land of air.

Ariel made her way back down to Atlantica to search for the evil octopus lady, Ursula (AKA Riza) Ursula was known for being nice and sweet, but then when things didn't go her way or just when she didn't like things the way they were she would turn into some sadistic person making everyone obey her will. Ariel told her about her plan to overthrow her father and then take over both worlds. Ursula smiled and said she would help the little mermaid. U-"

"Brother… I don't think that's how the story goes… or is supposed to go…" Al said.

"Fine then! You read it." Ed complained as he handed Al the book.

"Okay, so Ursula told Ariel to come back in a day after she had really given the plan some thought. Ursula didn't know what to do! She really was a nice person but since she gets mad easily her anger side always showed. She didn't want to help take over Atlantica or the land of Air. Bu-"

"Boring!" Ed said as he stole the book back form his brother.

"Anyways Ursula who took a nap had just woken up, she told Ariel that she would be happy to oblige. Ursula gave Ariel some magic potion and said that if she drank this potion then Ariel would transform into a giant who could take over both worlds at once. But there would be a price. And she would find out the price after she agreed. Ariel could care less about the price and she agreed. So Ariel drank the green bubbly potion and she started to grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, until she sprouted up from under the water and into the sky in the land of air.

Taking the book off of Ed, Riza randomly showed up and began reading the remainder of the story.

Ariel was about to crush the little city of Atlantica with her fin when suddenly Ursula Sprouted out of the water and into the sky next to Ariel.

"What are you doing?" Ariel yelled.

"I said there was a price to pay. Since you used my potion I have every right to take over this world. And it will do quite nicely. And first I must get rid of you!" Ursula said. She used one of her tentacles and picked up the fiery ship and picked up one of the cannons. She aimed the cannon at Ariel and POW released a cannon ball. Ariel fell back into the water. Turning back into a small mermaid… but wait when she reached her original size she kept getting smaller and smaller until she was so small that she couldn't even be seen by her father. And so Ariel learned a valuable lesson the small and weak will always lose to the bigger more powerful eviler people.

The End.

"…. Riza, I am really sure that is not how the story ends." Roy said staring at his wife. Ed and Al just looked at each other and then at Riza. One thing was sure none of the guys were ever going to make Riza extremely pissed off anytime soon.

"So what's next?"

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