Lindsay's Short Summary: It's been many years since Johnny Blaze first became Ghost Rider. Two years later, he reunited with Roxanne and married her. Now, twenty years after their marriage, Johnny and Roxanne have a seventeen-year-old daughter, Angelique Blaze. For her own good, Johnny and Roxanne never told Angelique her father was the Ghost Rider, though now, it may be too late to tell her. Will Johnny have to go to Hell and back –literally- to save his only child? And, of what interest is she to Blackheart?

(WARNINGS: BlackheartXOC pairing, Blackheart/Mephistopheles cooperation, some mild OOC-ness, colorful language)

DISCLAIMER- I don't own any of the rights to Ghost Rider or its characters. Wouldn't that be cool? Then I'd be super rich and Blackheart wouldn't be such an as…I mean meanieface.

Angelique "Angel" Blaze stood in front of her high school, waiting on her father to come pick her up, "Bossy" by Kelis blaring from her iPod. Her dad had called today to say he was picking her up after school.

Finally, after ten more minutes of waiting, Johnny Blaze drove up to the school on his beloved Harley, "Grace."

"Bout time." Angel informed her father, climbing up onto the chopper.

"Better late then never. We gotta go. There's someone I want you to meet." Johnny said as he waited for Angel to get settled on the bike.

"Who?" Angel questioned, searching for a good song on her iPod, one earpiece out.

"You'll see. Hold on." Angel put her earpiece back in and held on to her father as he popped a wheelie and sped off toward the old cemetery.


"Carter? Carter!" Johnny yelled as soon as he and Angel had dismounted the bike. "Hey, Carter, where are you?"

"Where am I always, bonehead?" A ragged, worn looking old man with a shovel was standing next to an old oak tree. He was dressed much like the western cowboys Johnny was so obsessed with. An old had was settled on his head, and a bandana was tied around his neck. He had a silver moustache and beard, and hair the same color. He leaned on the shovel for support and grinned broadly at the stunt biking legend and his daughter.

"Carter!!" Johnny ran over to his old (and I mean old) friend. They shook hands and slightly hugged before Carter gave Johnny a rough pat on the back. "Carter, this is my daughter, Angelique." Johnny motioned toward Angel. "Angel, this is my friend, Carter Slade." Angel moved forward and towards her dad. Carter took a moment to consider the girl. She was lightly tanned and had hair the color of maple syrup. Her eyes were the same stormy, determined blue-gray as her father's.

"Nice to meet you, missy." The old man said.

"Same." Angel said. She liked this old man. He seemed nice enough. Sadly, she was growing rather bored and wanted to walk around the cemetery a little bit as her father and Carter talked. She read the gravestones and soon enough came to a particular grave that gave her a little bit of a shock.

"Carter Slade…" She mumbled. "The old man said his name was…"

"Carter Slade." Someone finished for her. Angel turned around and screamed. A tall, rather thin young man was standing behind her with a wicked smile on his face. His eyes were dark and soulless, his short hair blue-black, his white teeth pointed, and his skin the palest she'd ever seen, with an odd, very slight blue tint. Angel was no idiot. She knew this youth was no ordinary human.

"DADDY!!!" She screamed, dropping her iPod in the process. The man grabbed her throat and squeezed, hard. Angel sputtered and gasped as her air intake was cut off.

"Bad idea. He's too far away to hear you." The man said. He then seemed to think for a minute and looked Angel over. The girl was now clawing his wrist to free herself. She looked a lot like the Rider's girl, only younger and paler. She had the Rider's smoldering blue-gray eyes, and they seemed now to hold most of his attention. She was the daughter of the Rider, all right; she had his spunk, his fight, his defiance, and his eyes…

"Lemme…go…you…freako…" Angel choked out. "My…dad's…gonna…kill…you…"

"Let's pray he comes then! Another reunion for him! Two in one day!!" The man cackled.

Angel still fought against her captor. His grip had slightly loosened, she noticed, when he looked into her eyes, and she gulped for desperately needed oxygen. "Daddy…help…" She choked out again.

"Your daddy couldn't kill me if he wanted to. He failed last time!" The man cackled again.

Last time? Angel thought.

"ANGELIQUE!" Johnny and Carter came running. Johnny had heard Angel call for him and sensed something was very, very wrong. The Rider had, anyway. A great evil was about. He cursed the fact it was still day.

"Ahh, Rider, how wonderful it is to see you again!!" The man turned and now had Angel in a headlock.

"Blackheart." Johnny's voice dripped with hate and venom. "Let. Her. Go."

"Daddy…" Angel whimpered. Her head was spinning now. Everything was haywire. She couldn't see, couldn't hardly breathe.

"So, she is your daughter after all!" Blackheart grinned evilly.

"Blackheart, I'm warning you…" It was still daylight. Johnny couldn't become the Rider.

"What can you do, Johnny? You're just a mere mortal in the day. You can't do anything to me now." Blackheart retained his grin.

"Let the girl go." Johnny said angrily, rolling up his sleeves. Blackheart laughed.

"You mean to fight me?" He laughed again. "No, I believe I'll keep her. We'll be waiting for you." Blackheart and Angel disappeared. Johnny fell to his knees.

"How am I gonna explain this to Roxie?" He asked Carter, who had wisely chosen to remain silent through the whole ordeal. Johnny hit the ground with his fist. "What will she say?" Johnny hit the ground again, harder. "More importantly, how in the hell am I supposed to get my daughter back?!" Carter kneeled beside Johnny and put a hand on his back.

"You'll find a way. There has to be a way to get her back." The old man said, trying to reassure and calm the enraged father. "There has to be a way…" Suddenly, something appeared in front of the two in the dirt. Writing. Johnny began to read it as the letters formed.


I am taking your daughter with me to Hell. –IF- you manage to find your way here and defeat me, I will give her back. Until then, she remains with me.

Oh, and Johnny, I have a feeling I've said this before, but, don't keep me waiting. I detest waiting." The message finished. Johnny sighed heavily.

"Great. My daughter's in Hell. My wife's gonna love this." Johnny said sarcastically.



"Lemme go! Where are you taking me?!" Angel fought against Blackheart. It had gotten to the point where he had to manhandle her just to hold her still. Any other way and there would be bruising. As of the moment, Angel was now slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. (A/N: FIRST AUTHORESS'S NOTE!! I have ALWAYS wanted to use that line!!) She kicked and screamed and punched Blackheart's back, hoping one of her movements would make him drop her so that she could make a run for it, even though she had no clue which way anything was. Still, with that stubborn determination she shared with her father, she fought to get free. "Lemme go!" Blackheart did drop her, but it was to her butt on the ground in front of him, his hands clamped tightly around her wrists, crouched in front of her.

"I'd suggest you shut your mouth before you make me really angry." He said with an angry glare. Angel gave him a glare back. Blackheart chuckled. This girl was fiercely bold, yet stupid, just like her father. His amusement –or any trace of amusement at all- stopped when he spoke. Angry charcoal eyes met with determined blue-grays. "My dear, you obviously have no idea who I am or what I can do to you, and I'm growing rather irritated by you, rather quickly." Blackheart caught both of Angel's wrists in one hand and used the other to stroke her cheek gently. The area he touched quickly turned to a patchy, vein-looking blue. (/N: What a rather odd way of describing it…rather…heh heh heh…Blackheart's quite fond of that word…) Angel gasped at the strange and painful feeling in her cheek. She tried to pull her face away, to get whatever it was to stop. Blackheart was amused at her futile attempts to get away from him.

"What…?" Angel questioned. "What is that?" Her face began to burn. The burn lingered, yet she noticed Blackheart had removed his hand.

"Necroplasm, my dear. Aggravate me enough, and I can and will use it to kill you." He threatened. "Now, we must be going. Father won't like it if we were late." (A/N: "WHEN DID HE BEGIN COOPERATING WITH HIS FATHER?" You may ask, and the answer is "I don't know!" I just thought I'd make him cooperate with dear old Daddy. Spread the family luff, you know? X3) Blackheart once again picked Angel up, holding her in a more gentle position, one arm wrapping around her shoulders, the other under her knees. She held on to his trench coat, not wanting him to drop her. "Let's go." With that, the pair disappeared from sight. An oncoming motorist who had witnessed this blinked and looked out the window. Hadn't a guy and a girl just been there? The motorist looked at his cappuccino and poured it out the window.


Blackheart and Angel reappeared in front of a large, gothic-appearing castle. (A/N: We never really do know what Hell may look like; it's characterized in many different ways, so I'm playing with the idea of Mephistopheles and Blackheart living in some kind of gothicy castle. I like castles…:D Any problems, message me, I'll work on it. It's a concept I liked a lot.)

"Home sweet home." Blackheart sighed, a mock grin on his face. He kicked open the doors instead of waiting for someone to open it. Servants with the appearances of demons ran about, doing different chores. A few stopped to greet Blackheart. None of them said anything to Angel. Several female workers, who had only a slight appearance of human girls, stopped to giggle. Several glared at Angel. She began to wonder why. She then watched a few more stare at her with distasteful and glaring eyes, then look at Blackheart almost….fondly. She looked up at him now as well. Her arms were entwined around his neck now to keep herself up. Blackheart had a rather proud smirk plastered on his face.

He isn't half-bad looking… She mused. Maybe they're…Angel's musings were interrupted when she heard two female servants whispering to each other. Out of instinct, because she was so used to being talked about at school, Angel listened to them.

"Look at the Master…He's so handsome!!"

"But what is that repulsive thing in his arms?! Don't tell me that's who the Master chose as his mate!"

"Couldn't be! The Master is way out of her league!"

Angel groaned inwardly. It was just like school. Handsome?...Maybe. Repulsive, me? How dare they!! Out of my league? Psshh. Right. MATE?! NEVER!!! Handsome………Angel looked up at Blackheart again. He looked down at her and she quickly quit staring at him, her cheeks tinged pink.

Blackheart was unaware of Angel's chancing glances up at him and her silent debate over his looks. Those servants, however, would be disciplined for what they were saying, in front of their Master, none the less. Even if they had said he was handsome. Such nonsense…Mate? Maybe not. And repulsive? Definitely not. Angel was a very appealing girl. Her eyes had been what doomed her. He knew from the moment those blue gray eyes first met his he would kidnap her. He looked down at her and was once again captured by those deep, beautiful eyes. She quickly broke her gaze and blushed, slightly embarrassed he had caught her staring. She was beautiful and thin yet…strangely heavy. He then realized why. She was stiff as a board.

"Relax a little bit. It won't hurt you." Blackheart said almost teasingly. Angel stayed slightly tense, but complied. Her head now rested on his shoulder. She was worn out. Getting kidnapped would do that to a person. Her eyelids drifted closed.

Blackheart felt her mostly relax and get much lighter. Her head now rested against his shoulder. He could feel her warmth coursing throughout his entire body. She was fighting to stay awake, her eyelids drooping, then fluttering open again prettily. Finally, her eyes closed and stayed closed. Angel was asleep. She became deadweight and slightly limp. Her arms retained their tight grip around his neck. He looked down at her sleeping form. She looked angelic, like her name conveyed. She was captivating. He had to give it to Johnny. He and Roxanne made a beautiful daughter. Blackheart continued to carry Angel to his room and half thought about just dropping her on the bed and being done with her. No. That was insensitive. More importantly, SINCE WHEN DID HE CARE?? Instead of dropping her, he placed her lightly on the bed and went to see his father.

Why am I being so careful with her?! Blackheart asked himself. He had never felt this way about anything. He might have to ask his father about this strange sensation…

…He was beginning to care about Angel…


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