Raaah. For the Bleach Asylum IchiRuki FC Ichigo's birthday week contribution thing. Set in Soul Society, 13th division's office. Happy day.

July 11th- Letters

"Hi Ichigo-" Rukia fumbled with her pen, hastily dipping it into ink before starting again. "I'd like to say that I- no, no, no!" She snatched the paper and crumpled it into a messy paper ball.

"Once again, To Ichigo, I'll be happy to b- ugh." She scribbled a picture of a bunny on the rejected letter and crumpled it and threw it into the pile. Rukia took another piece of paper. "I'll finish it this time. Dear Ichigo..."

But before she could finish writing, Ukitake came into the office, wondering why his subordinate was acting so hastily today, and doodling away on his desk. "Hey, Kuchiki! What's going on? You look worried about something. Why are you on my desk instead of yours?"

Rukia stood up immediately. "I'm sorry, Ukitake-taichou!" She bowed profusely. "I was just... well, writing something. I did not intend to use your desk, but Kiyone insisted because she... and... he..."

He grinned. "I was kidding. Go on and use it, I don't have any paperwork anyways." Ukitake leaned closer, peering at the sheet of paper Rukia was working on. "So, what'cha writing?"

She squealed, her reflexes making her grab the paper and hide it behind her back. "Ukitake-taichou!" She blushed profusely, clutching at the now crumpled paper. "It's personal." She looked away.

Ukitake nodded in agreement. "Well, okay then. I'll just sleep on the couch or something." He dragged himself on his couch and laid there, unmoving.

A few seconds past, and Rukia started her letter, this time, not reading aloud. After a few yells, scratches, and scribbles, she proudly held the paper into the air and smiled.

"Done! This is perfect." She smiled at herself, folding the paper neatly and placing it on the desk. After Rukia stared at her masterpiece for awhile, she remembered something.

"I need an envelope." Rukia stood up and looked around for one, walking out of the door. "I guess I'll go ask the 12th- no, the 11th- well, I'll go ask the 10th division for one, then!"

Ukitake, who wasn't sleeping at all, opened one eye carefully once he heard the door slam shut. She was gone.

"Tsk, tsk, Kuchiki. Always keep your guard up, and your things safe." He walked up to his desk. "Otherwise, people can see your stuff." Carefully picking up the neatly folded paper, he opened it.

"Now, I wonder what we've got here." He said, clearing his throat. "Dear Ichigo, You're not my age yet, but you're getting close. Happy birthday, you fool. I'll see you then. Love, Rukia."

Ukitake laughed. It seemed that Rukia had a little trouble writing the word 'love', because he could see that she had pressed the pen a bit too hard, and the ink seeped through.

"Well, well Rukia." He chuckled to himself. "As your captain, and a master of forgery, I think I should add some flair to this letter." Grabbing the piece of paper, he dipped the pen into the ink, and started.

"P.S. ..." The forgery began.

Several minutes later, when Rukia came back, Ukitake was 'sound asleep', and 'her' letter was still in the same spot, in the same nicely folded position.

"Whew. Ukitake-taichou didn't take a peek." Rukia smiled, taking the folded paper and stuffing it into the envelope and sealing it quickly. "There we go! Now, to send it. I'll go and give it now."

Inwardly, Ukitake grinned.

Back on earth, Ichigo had recieved the letter, and looked at it. "From Rukia, eh?" He raised his eyebrow in surprise, since Rukia usually didn't send letters. But he was happy too.

Almost tearing the envelope apart in anticipation, Ichigo opened the letter and looked inside. His eyes widened in question, and in deep, deep, deep surprise. He gripped the letter.

"... since when does Rukia refer to me as her little chappy bunny?" Ichigo was bewildered. After thorougly reading the letter over and over again. "Eh, I'll ask her later."

Placing the letter down, he walked out of his room, hands stuffed into his pockets.

"Her chappy bunny, eh?"

Dear Ichigo,

You're not my age yet, but you're getting close. Happy birthday, you fool. I'll see you then.

Love, Rukia.

P.S. I really can't wait to see you, my little chappy bunny. Get the bed ready.


Yay for plotting!Ukitake. You've gotta love him. More of the Ichigo in IchiRuki, but nonetheless Ichigo and Rukia fluff. Notice how Ichigo didn't comment on the bed thing. Gasp.