Raaah. For the Bleach Asylum IchiRuki FC. Set on... Earth! Ichigo's birthday, of course. Whee. And yes, I know I'm late.

July 15th- Birthday

"Happy, happy birthday, to you!" The crowd of people sang together in chorus, with Isshin holding up a small, strawberry shortcake cake in hand. "You're 17, 17, 17!"

Hitsugaya rolled his eyes, bringing up his hands to his ear to cover it. "What kind of birthday song is this? This is crap." This promptly received a 'kind' stare from Matsumoto, and a kick on the shin from Karin.

"Ssh! This is Ichigo's birthday, so we've got so stand it," Karin hissed in his ear. "It's not like I enjoy listening to my dad's screeching. Live with it. You're supposed to be a captain, aren't you?!"

Matsumoto spoke up. "Now, now, kids. Just be quiet and enjoy Ichigo's birthday, unless you'd want to spend the rest of the day otherwise!" The two immediately shut up.

"Yosh!" Isshin slammed the cake on the kitchen table, the cake almost falling onto the ground. "Now, to the presents!"

Ichigo growled. "Oi, what about the cake? We're supposed to cut it first!" He brought the knife out, but it was soon swiped away by his father, and the knife stuck to the wall.

"... What about the cake?" Isshin humphed. "First things first. Now, the presents!" He tossed a random present from the pile to his son. "This one shall be first!"

He glanced at the present. It read, in scrawled writing: "From Keigo. Happy birthday, my friend."

Carefully, Ichigo opened it. Soon, his mouth gaped open. "... this... is?!"

"Happy birthday Ichigo! Omedetou!" Keigo grinned, winking at his close friend, who was now steaming up. "I bought this, just in case you'll need... inspiration, buddy. Isn't that right, Rukia?"

Rukia blinked. "Ah, me?" She was confused.

Ichigo twitched, grabbing the book and slamming it in Keigo's face. "Thanks for the present, Keigo. I think it will be of good use."

"You're going to use it?"

"For this purpose only," Taking the book in hand one more time, he slammed in on Keigo's head. "Thank you very much." Mizuiro clapped aloud, because watching Keigo in terror was entertainment.

The rest of the presents were pretty normal; Karin had giving Ichigo a watch covered in a box with lace, Orihime and Ishida both gave him clothing, Hitsugaya gave a normal card, a comb and some gel from Yumichika, and some money from everyone else, including his father.

The present giving was soon over, and Ichigo stared at all the gifts he had received. One from family individually, Orihime, Ishida, Hitsugaya, Mizuiro, Matsumoto, Ikkaku, Yumichika...

... where was Rukia's present anyways?

"Hey, Rukia! Wait!" Ichigo, in the corner of his eye, caught Rukia leaving the house out the back door. "Oi!" He ran after her, to see where she was going. But really, he was also curious to why he didn't get a present from her. That hurt his pride.

All of a sudden, Rukia stopped in her tracks. "Ichigo, you want your present, right?" She turned to him with a smile on her face. "I didn't want to give it in front of everyone."

"... eh, okay, I guess." Ichigo put his hand out in front of him as she tossed a small red box with red ribbons. "Ah."

Rukia looked at him, impatiently watching the birthday boy stare at the gift. "Oi, Ichigo. Aren't you going to open it? The box isn't the present, although I myself think it does look really pret..."

R-rip! Ichigo ripped the wrapper off before Rukia could finish her words.

In the box, a small gold-chained necklace appeared, with a heart shaped locked attached to it. "... to Ichigo?" Ichigo twitched. "Well, uhm. Thanks, Rukia. But... don't girls usually wear things like this? Besides, this chain is a bit small... it won't really hang down my neck..."

Rukia ignored all his comments and stepped up to him. "You can wear it if you want to," She said, tiptoeing to his height. "Happy birthday, Ichigo." Planting a small kiss on his cheek, she laughed, and walked away.

The next day, Ichigo was severely scrutinized by Keigo.

"Guys do not wear chokers!"

Ichigo didn't mind.


Yeah, once again. I'm late. But happy birthday Ichigo. Live long, and enjoy life with Rukia! Not Orihime. -smile-