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Summary:The hardest to crack were the ones who could smile as they killed.

As a criminal psychiatrist the great mind of Raven Roth had always been able to crack down the hardest criminals and easily manipulated even the most conniving. But her brains and truly erotic looks seem to have attracted her newest patient. Is this an advantage or something that can bring her down hard? Euphoria's erupting


The pasty bare complexion of the three walls, one on his left, one on his right, and one right behind him, should've been a symbol that smiling right here was not the desired effect to have taken place. In fact the smudge free one way 'mirror' across from him should've scared him right out of his mind. Even the truly uncomfortable steel chair should've told him this was no time to be smug while his hands were clasped tightly in laser cuffs and his wrists were rotting away under them.

To be frank, his smile made the whole room seem out of place.

Especially when he lifted both cuffed hands to do a swift two finger salute unexpectedly directed to the gruff man who just came through the door. Nonchalantly he then asked "How's it hangin' chuckles?"

Detective Richard Grayson lifted a well trimmed eyebrow disturbed at the show this man was putting on.

"So what... this guy a mutant too?" Next to Grayson his colleague and friend Victor Stone, a tall and built man (not to be mistaken as stupid too) hesitantly asked as he looked down at Grayson with uncertainty washing over his gray eyes.

"Nah, man." The wiry yet boyish charm of Garfield Logan spoke up. Looking up from reading the manilla file in his hands, jade green eyes directed his attention towards them. He flicked away a piece of dark blonde hair from his face and said, "The nurse, Kori Anders, did a whole autopsy thing on the bodies. None of the injuries were done with any sort of mutant/magical abilities. Purely man made..."

"Crap.." Victor sighed and raised a hand to rub his temple. Yup, they were all thinking the same thing. At least with mutants and metas they knew that those powers and abilities they possessed could utterly ruin a persons body quick and efficiently and kill them just as fast. Hell. They expected it. But knowing that this man was probably the same age as them, probably as strong as them, probably thought the way they did, well it just confused them even more. His crimes looked so well thought out. Done so carefully, almost lovingly. The horrid conclusion was making them itch away. He did the same amount or even more to his victims as a person with special powers could.

A moment of dreaded silence went through the air as they stared through the one way window at the man. He was leisurely sitting in his steel chair staring right through them with a pleasant smile on his already handsome face.

Garfield broke the silence.

"Still doesn't explain how he knew Richard was coming in, I mean all he can see is his freakin' face this whole time!" Disheveled he raised his arms frantically to further add how confused he was.

"Eh, c'mon Gar, he probably heard the door opening, ya know. Heightened instincts are needed in his occupation eh Rich?" Victor looked over to the pondering Richard Grayson who was staring blankly into space.

"What? Oh yeah, yeah.." Clearing his throat Richard tried to shrug off the distance he was putting on. "So look guys, I'm gonna have to call it a night. Gar get me all of his files on my desk tomorrow. Vic can I talk to you outside for a moment?"

Victor nodded curiously and reached to the doorknob but not before the smiling man they were observing grinned and said in a sarcastic cocky tone, "What? Leaving so soon? And just when we were getting to know each other..."

A chill went up Richard's spine as he glared hard with his deep blue eyes hatred boiling for the man who dared address him with such simplicity.

Garfield's eyes widened when he heard the man. He grasped the microphone across him that would let him speak to the man who was making him feel so very uncomfortable by the second. "God man! How the hell do you know we wer-!"

Victor cut him off as he pressed the button that would close the microphone thus altering the communication process. "Gar! We're not supposed to talk to him no matter how ticked off he makes us! A response is what he wants so don't let him get to you or else... god just imagine the possibilities."

"So he kills people with his mind now too!!?" Garfield was utterly confused. Never so far in his career had he encountered such a criminal but he knew Victor was right. They did not know what this man was fully capable of, so better to play it safe.

"Whatever, now good-night and get those files, okay?" Richard hurriedly walked out the steel door of the cell observation room with Victor closely tagging behind while waving 'bye' to his still perplexed friend.

As soon as they were a good distance away from the cell Richard turned around to face his partner on the case. "Tomorrow some sort of criminal psychiatrist is going to be here for him." To conclude who he was Richard nodded to the direction where the smiling man was confined.

Victor groaned. "Aww man, I hate it when those shrinks come.. all they do is meddle with the case!"

"Agreed and that's why I want you to keep an out for her just in case. She's known for being somewhat daring..."

"Fine with me but who's she?" Victor asked raising his eyebrow.

"Raven Roth." Richard responded without batting an eye.

Slowly whistling Victor stated "That bad huh?"

Only a hardened gaze to his left was his response.



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