Title: Because there is nothing else for her left to do
Author: Shadow/Phantomness

Pairing: Light/Mikami (vaguely implied)
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Death Note belongs to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. This non-profit, non-copyright infringing fanfiction belongs to me under international copyright laws and taking it is plagiarism. Don't steal and don't sue. Thank you Phantomness bows

Warnings: SPOILERS for end of DN. Insanity, and religious fanaticism

Summary: Mikami's mother reflects on her son

She cries, because no one else will. No one else cares – he didn't have friends when he was a child, an innocent child with justice shining in his eyes, and his social skills never managed to improve with age. Now her child's eyes are mad, bloody red, seeing haloes of numbers and names above every face, and his justice is broken into bits of illusion and dreams.

She wishes she could have helped him, been there for him. She wishes that she hadn't died – she thinks her death was the turning point, the beginning of his insane crusade, and there's a difference, she thinks, between protecting other children from bullies and mercilessly slaughtering criminals in the name of Kira.

She hates Kira too. If not for him, Mikami would be…!

When death happens, she wants to comfort him, to let him know that he isn't alone, but before she has a chance, he's whisked away from her, and she screams and claws at the gates as she sees him laugh, eyes permanently red now, skeletal wings growing in on his shoulder blades as he stares at Kira in adoration that shouldn't be given to such a false god!

She cries, in the end, because there is nothing she can do to change the path he has chosen.

End Fic

Completed 6/17/07

… I have no idea why I wrote this. Mikami's mother has seriously no personality…. So I gave her one! Or at least a bit of one…